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  1. I will be needing 3 players who will also be GMs.

    Max have just recently met Alice and Bethany, a pair that only wishes to meet others like them. With Alice casting another spell the day after meeting Max, 3 magical beings appeared.

    1. Decent Grammar, and spelling.

    2. No one liners. 4 sentences at least for a post.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: First and Last



    Appearance: Picture or description.

    (Werewolf only) Wolf Appearance: Picture or description

    Race: Werewolf, Witch, vampire, Ghost, Etc.



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  2. My characters will be up tomorrow.
  3. Might be interested. Will have to see a bit more of what you intend for a story though before I join
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  4. The story will be based off what everyone wants, While some problems are gonna rise from my characters pasts.
  5. Name: Max Winters

    Age: 17 (24)

    Gender: Male


    Race: Ghost

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Bio: Max is the oldest of 3, his two little sisters only being 10 and 13. Max grew up in a small Kentucky town, his mother working as a school teacher while he never knew his father. Max was 17 the day he died, making his ruthless Spirit only wonder the world.
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  6. Name: Ahzera Blackclaw

    Age: 16?

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Blonde hair with brown roots. Broad shouldered, and kind of heavily built. Evenly muscled, and covered in small white scars. His right hand is covered by a dark red glove. The clothes on him are as follows; Dark jeans, white t-shirt, and a unbuttoned blue plaid overshirt.

    Wolf Appearance: Right paw is entirely black, and slightly transparent. His tail is fox-like, in the sense the tip is pure white to contrast against the dark red fur. He also has a small white horizontal line across his forehead. The rest of him is dark red, with other small white streaks periodically.

    Race: Corrupt Werewolf.

    Sexuality: Hetrosexual

    Bio: Pain ain't a strange thing. You'll come into the world with pain, and leave it with pain too. Pain isn't something I'm not used to, quite the contrary. I've dealt with a constant pain all my life, then, it ended. I died to a werewolf. Sadly, that same damn werewolf decided to attempt to revieve me. As you could guess by my luck, he failed. I was revieved, but not in the conventional sense. I was brought back as a spirit clinging to a dying body. My said body got taken by other spirits, and demons, so I had to defend my own corpse. A few of the demons I defeated, and beat into submission, the rest of the interlopers were... dealt with. Only time I don't hear spirits and devils knocking on my head's door is when I give in to the wolf. My past ain't important now, I don't remember much. Hell, I barely recall my name. Maybe other people can fill me in, maybe not. Who knows.

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  7. Name: Chalice Lancaster

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Long blondish-brown hair with a red streak going through it . She has a scar going vertically through her left eye. She wears tight fingerless gloves, a blue and white graphic tee-shirt, a black skirt with shorts underneath, and black cowboy boots.

    Race: Fire and Shadow Witch. She's having trouble controlling her power because it often sets off when she's angry.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Bio: Her family turned against her once they discovered that she was a witch of darkness while her parents and siblings were life mages. She ran away the night they found out and has lived in sadness and anger. No one has been able to calm her down yet.
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  8. I like her.

    I like him.
  9. Cool ^_^
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  10. This seems like a fun RP. I cant wait for it to start!
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  11. All we need is one more person! (:
  12. My other two CS will be up later today.
  13. Sadly, I think I'm going to put a end to this sign up and revoke the rp.
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