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    Customers' Prespective: You've just spotted a small building for the "GatchaLove" brand which had just been put out by the Obani Company. The building itself primarily contains a lounge room with AWESOME CHAIRS/COUCHES/GENERAL FURNITURE, a television, and bathrooms complete with SHOWERS~ and a couple arcade games and bedrooms to temporarily bunk in (this costs extra for the girls. guys that haven't been chosen to leave will probably live here for a while). It's a great place to hang around, but there's a small toll girls have to pay to get in: The toll is because the GatchaLove building is mainly a place where girls can seek out guys from their local area in person to try and find that special someone.


    *ahem* You're here out of your own will, or more likely, you were kidnapped, and forced to stay in the GatchaLove building for one 'round,' which means that you need to hook up with at least one girl, and they'll let you go…for now. Till then, make an attempt to enjoy yourself, if that's possible...


    So basically, males have been rounded up from various roleplays and such to be put here. Girls will come in and try to relax, and if they want to, try to hook up.

    - THIS IS NOT A STRIP CLUB/SEX JOINT/WHATEVER. Don't be gettin' dirty on me. >.<

    - Boys primarily make up the lounge's roster of people the customers can hook up with. You cannot just walk out and escape. They have to hook up with a girl to leave.

    - Alternatively, exceptions can be made for a gay boy/crossdresser/ETC, both as a customer or one of the lounge boys.

    - Don't fight, in-character or out of character. This is not exactly the best RP area for battling, or getting angry at fellow users. Take both of these things E-L-S-E-W-H-E-R-E.

    - The girls may pick any boy they wish to go out with. They can be looking for specific qualities and interests, or just grab the first good looking lad they spot.

    - Once you get into a couple, feel free to try a 1x1 roleplay together. See where two random characters take you after roleplaying a bit here!

    Let the insanity begin.
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  2. Clark Parker had landed on the floor of the GatchaLove Lounge's sleeping quarters after falling off his bunk bed, having not previously been there before. The caucasian male had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, along with an average build for a sixteen year old with regular exercise, standing at about 5,10. He was presently in the last thing he wore before falling unconscious, which consisted of a black t-shirt under a dark green leather jacket, some dark brown pants, and his jet black/white boots. He had just arrived from the airport, and was looking to find a hotel, when he was promptly bludgeoned with a rather threatening plush toy, and eventually suffocated and brought here.

    He stared at the door ahead, and cautiously made his way outside to find a small lounge, with the television opening upon his exit, some random TV drama coming on, as he hopped over to the couch to change it, as he flipped through the near infinite channels with his new remote.

    "Whoa Bro…"
  3. Deanaria was actually having a very normal day. But it was kinda going wrong because of her clumsiness. She was actually only 17 years of age and starting to go out into the big world in the art genre. She can dance, sing, paint, sculpt, and so many other things that have to do with being creative arts. She lived alone, because her parents had died when she was young, and was financially stable. Today her friends were helping her shop for materials for her sculpting, yet little did she know was that they were actually dragging her to this new place that popped up because of her love life...or more like lack there of. Its not her fault she didnt want a boyfriend or to be in a freaking relationship where the guy could only get in her freaking way of the time she has to be sculpting for her next art show! Finally after a hard time searching, they found exactly the things she needed. Paints and all. She was walking normally until her friends pushed her into a building, making her stumble and fall onto her face. She groans, getting up while her friends easily push her into a living room area, sitting her down next to the male that was flipping about channels and leaving, they had payed already for this apparently.

    Deanaria was a pretty thing. She had long black raven hair which reached her ankles in a very unseen fashion, actually it was in a ponytail but the fact that it reached her ankles made people thing it was fake, but then again it was so THICK. Just so THICK that really it wasnt a lie, the adorable and alluring swirls of the silky hair was enticing. She had nicely arched eyebrows and long lashes which cast a soft yet black shadow over her high placed cheek bones. Her eyes were a very weird hue of blue- so dark it matched the clear blue sky at midday, setting sun. She had a small straight nose and plump kissable pink lips. Her skin tone was a water salivating cream color, which actually made her even more exotic looking. She had on a nice black tanktop that hugged her big breasts, at least double D in size, and small waist plus her flat toned stomach. She worked out. She had on nice gray sweat pants that complemented her fun sized ass and thick full thighs and slender legs. She wasnt that tall actually. She was about 5'1 in height. Maybe 5'2.

    Looking around she let herself sigh before turning a quizzical gaze towards the male in total wonder. Finally she speaks up "Where am i?" she had a very thick accent, and of course no one knew where it came from or what other language it was. Yea she still had no clue where she was, why the fuck she was there and lastly....why did her friends ditch her with a guy? Oh god...she hoped this isnt one of those dating thingys. They've been trying to get her to go to blind dates for weeks, maybe years now. She sighs a bit in dismay before letting those weird colored eyes stare at him, waiting for that important answer to be entirely answered.
  4. Chloe blinked and blinked once more. Where was she? God, she didn't stumble into a random place again, did she? She was 17 now and she was never going to become Inspector at this rate! ...Chloe never wanted to become at Inspector. It never crossed her mind. She acctually found herself more suited to the other end of the law, but she always thought her life was planned out for her. Like her life story was written on a wikipedia page somewhere and she couldn't change it. She sighed and came back to the problem at hand.

    She looked around the black boxes for clues. People usually wrote about the thing she found or the place she was in excetera. She found the top box and raised her eyebrow, "The toll costs more for me because I'm a girl who's seeking a date?? It's pratically free for these guys that have been kidnapped and are being forced to hook up?.. Meh.. Weirder things have happened to me... And probably will keep happening thanks to a certain someone." If she could that person, she'd be glaring at them till they dropped like a stone.

    She walked on and then, against her will and to make an appreance paragraph, she took a look at herself in a well placed mirror. She was tall, slim and a little curvy up around where it mattered to most. Chloe herself was surprised to see herself as leather clad, biker chick. Black leggings, a Guns 'N' Roses vest top, (Oh not like another character wears this! Very original!!) a cropped jacket, fingerless gloves and combat boots. Her skin was light, her eyes were slick, defined and a piercing emerald green and her hair was a lushious brown, that waved down across her shoulders and a part of her side fringe covered her right eye. (Well that's kinda cool. Gives me a mysterious feel)

    Chloe didn't want a guy. (Then why did you put me in this?!) She had a string of chain-smoking, alcholic, rough neck boyfriends... But if she was looking for someone (Which a obviously am!) she'd look for someone nice, but not sickeningly sweet nice. Just... A cool kind of nice. Someone confident, not afraid to say what he wants and with a ironic sense of humour. That and he had to smoke... She was kind of turned on by that. (Wait so why put it in the list when mentioning by bad boyfriends?! You're style is messed up!)

    She kept walking and found herself in a room (Hey don't ingore me by jumping to another scene!) with two people, one a girl and one boy. She gave a smirk, but didn't say anything. She wanted someone else to break the awkward tension.
  5. She let her gaze turn over to the female that seemed to show up out of no where. Blinking a bit she used that to advantage and mouths to the girl "Where the fuck am i?" She was bi and really...the female was hot but not her type at all. Maybe personality wise she could be but not like she would know. She let her nicely shaped eyebrow pull up in question before she turned her face back to the male that was just sitting there. Finally sighing in total despair she started to get up. "Never mind..." Walking over to a wall that she just now noticed, beside the beautiful female that had just walked in, she started to read. Her brows slowly ended up coming together until she was frowning in distaste, her arms crossed under her plump breasts.

    Her type of guy, dream guy for sure, was a man that had long hair and had a very problematic passed so she can help him open up. He had to be Sesshomaru or Ulquiora. Very cold hearted looking, long hair, seeming to care about nothing at all but themselves. But on the inside they seriously cared and were insecure and hated the world because of things that had happened to them over the passed years, going through hell and back. Though she liked them on the muscular side rather than the nicely thin side. She wanted them kinda....inbetween athletic and body builder. Right in the middle of that. Cause having a few veins over muscles or going down into their pants along their V line is fucking hot. Ah! She didnt want them with chicken legs either. No they have to have that assassin kind of body.

    She blushes and gently places a hand over her cheek, her cold fingers trying to calm down the warmth that seemed to make her eyes sparkle with even more life. What the heck was she thinking about?! Truthfully she didnt want to be in a relationship. As stated before. No need for them to get in the way of her art life....then again...that would be kinda fun...Sighing a bit she waited herself for someone else to break the awkward tension she forced upon herself.
  6. Chloe blinked at the question the girl in the room had asked her. She put up her index finger and smiled, "One sec, I'll check." Chloe looked around the black boxes, admired the pretty sweet post that person had made with her. Then she read the top post, or the Info post as she called it. She nodded and grinned back at the girl, "Okay, if I read right we're in a place called "GatchaLove". Catchy, kinda." she shrugged. She didn't mention the part about either being kidnapped or coming here on their own free will. She felt that she shouldn't give the story away...

    She looked at the two of them and then grinned. She decided she should go ahead with the introductions (Wait, why didn't I do that in the first post! The poor person after me would have had a much easier time!!) "Well, I'm Chloe. Chloe Marlin. Nice to meet you two." she grinned. She wondered why she kept grinning. It was kind of her default expression and that and it might make the two feel a little more comfortable and relaxed. She raised an eyebrow at the blushing girl, but put it down when she realised what was the matter. She was just having her dream guy paragra---Fantasy. Dream guy fantasy.

    Chloe grabbed a near-by chair and swung it around so she was sitting on it backwards, still facing the two. Her arms rested on the top of the chair and her lips kind of pouted, "So do the two fo you know whow you got here? I just... Appeared. I have a habit of doing that." she laughed and then her lips formed into a grin, as to make them more relaxed. Chloe could do two things. Make people feel pretty pretty cool and confident... Or she could make them feel nervous and scared. She sure hoped she was getting the right feeling across. (Wait, so I can't control it? I could be trying to make people shiz scared of me and they're all relaxed and fun-loving?!)
  7. Deanaria faced the girl next to her and let herself pull up a chair herself and sit on it like a man would, the back in between their legs. Sighing a bit she laid her chin onto the top of the stupid back and introduces herself. "My names Deanaria, pleasure to meet you too...i was actually just shoved in here by my friends. I know right? Nice friends they are..." She states bitterly before huffing a bit and resting her forehead against the soft leather material that actually covered the entire chair. Then she pulled back to a sitting position and stares at the girl intently. She gazed over the girl, one would say hotly, but in truth it was just a very intent gaze. Grinning slowly she states "Chloe...i know this is sudden but is it ok if i get your number?"

    Yea...nice way to make yourself sound like a creeper. Clearing her thought in total despair at how her usual antisocialness shoved itself in the way she continues with what she was trying to say, but yes with a bit more clearance since she didnt want to get the poor girl confused. "You see you can be of great help. I'm doing a project i need to turn in in a fortnight and in truth you are very much like the girl i'm making. You remind me of Athena so much that iwas wondering if its ok to uhm...well..use you as a model?" She had no idea if that worked as an explanation but she hoped that it wasnt stalkerish or creeper sounding. Ah her life sucks. She will never get more friends, she knew this.
  8. The sound of women speaking to each other had given Clark a hint to his current situation: This was that god awful dating service that had just come out. Only a few had escaped its evil clutches, but many more had been taken into the madness against their will. Thankful, was the lad that the girls were busy with each other rather than himself. Only Grud would know what fate would await a strapping young man like himself for some harpy to take hold of, smother and torture for almost all eternity.

  9. Chloe smiled at the girl, Deanaria, "Likewise Deanaria. That's a lovely name you got there! Not like a common as muck name like Chloe." she laughed, grinning. She observed the girl's gaze and didn't feel uncomfortable at all. She was used to weird looks. Her life pratically revolved around them. Then the girl asked her for her number... It wouldn't be the first time a girl asked her!... Well maybe the ones who were drunk as hell didn't count. She grinned at the girl, phone already out of her pocket and in her hand, "Sure!" Was her short and yet surprisingly confident answer. She began to wonder if all girls acted this way when another girl asked for their number... Meh. She listened to carefully to the girls pretty cool reason for wanting her number. Chloe would have thought of something like that... But maybe she would have been a little cooler and "shruggy" about it. Her lips turned into a smirk, "Man, I better tell my sister. She's a trainee fashion desinger... We made a bet that I would never be asked to be a model in my life." Chloe laughed. A piece of paper and oen were lying pretty damn convienently in her pocket. She whipped them out, and awkwardly wrote it down on top of the chair, the numbers clear but looking as though they had had a spastic attack. She handed it over to Deanaria with a bright smile, "Here ya go!" She cocked her head over to the boy... She resisted the urge for some "Mr. Talkative" sarcasm and tried to be the least but social and.... Friendly... Ugh, "Hey. So did youre greatest friends of all time shove you in here as well?" she asked, her lips forming her trademark half smirk half grin. That went okay. As long as she hadn't scared him... She'd have to get that effect she had on people checked out... Nerve-wrecking as hell wasn't a condition was it?
  10. Kyle nervously peered round the corner at the gossiping girls. "Get a girl, get out of here," he'd been thinking, but that plan had soon been abandoned due to the fact he was wearing a dress.

    Kyle was a tall, lean boy with broad shoulders. He had a honey blond, straight, pixie cut matched with crystal blue eyes. His cheek bones were high, and his lips small, supposedly from lack of talking. He had a long neck, with only the faintest adams apple. He was working towards a six pack- yet he'd never been good a working out. His long legs stretched out like his arms, with awkwardly small size two feet. Even though he was now 16, nobody was able to tell if he was a boy or a girl. Annoying if your a transfer student, or your 'friend' kidnaps you into a dating hotel. He didn't even understand the point of GatchaLove. Still, he might be able to escape wearing his favourite silky, sky blue dress, with twin ribbons in his hair.

    "H...hello," He murmered trying to get attention.
  11. She grinned slightly at Chloes explanation and easily took the number into her hand, whipping out the IPhone 5 and putting in the number and adding her. She would then put the number into her sweats before pulling up a leg onto the chair's leg and just leaving it there, looking a bit to tomboyish but she didn't care much. Maybe this was why she has never had a guy like her before? Meh. She preferred woman at the moment she guessed. Taking in a deep breath she states "I'll text you and see when you have free time so you can come over and all. And i guess everything is turning out in your favor, you would really make the perfect model for Athena"

    She looked over at the silent male herself and couldnt help the chuckle that left her as the female seemed to make slight fun of the man there. Her gaze moved over to something that caught her attention and instantly she raised an eyebrow. Her eyes intently moved over the person form. Of course for most people, they wouldn't notice if the person was female or male but because of her art ability she had noticed almost instantly. She admitted he did a great job hiding his sex. She would hear the quiet and shy hello towards them and she inclined her head a bit "Hello. Whats your name?" She smiles in a friendly fashion. Her older brother was a cross she was used to this.
  12. Kyle jumped, surprised somebody had actually noticed him. "K-Kyle...And yours?" Kyle stuttered. He dragged his eyes from the ground to look at the pretty female. He immediately noticed her shining raven hair, wonderful to hide behind. "At least that's what i'd do with it," he thought. Her cheekbones were as high as his, matching her wonderful eyes. He suddenly wondered if she knew he was a boy, and blurted "I-I'm not a girl or anything". Regretting it instantly his cheeks set alight with scarlet. "Another possible friend scared away," he thought, "At least those intimidating breasts will be gone."
  13. "…" The words had to come together, but it was taking quite the moment to come out of the lad's lips. "I didn't get the pleasure of being duped by some friends. I was beaten savagely, had a bag slapped over my head, and forced to stay here by death threats from the World Crime League and the aliens of the 8th dimension. No, I'm here because I was attacked, and dragged here. I can only assume you're going to take me away to do…Well, just about whatever you demand of me."
  14. She laughs a bit at his reaction before stating gently "Oh calm yourself! I will not eat you." She was relaxed it seemed. Out of no where her phone began to ring from somewhere in the room, but she couldnt find it. And yes she had gotten up to look for it. The lyrics of Sink Or Swim by Falling In Reverse crashing into their ears, over riding the TV's voices. "What if the devil was alive? What if God did not exist? So with all due respect, tell me what is life if death is just a myth? I see the evil in their eyes....i hear the lies behind their grin....wonder in the dark, do not have a heart, let it take you in! Brace for impact!" Then it turned into screamo. She was embarrassed as hell. For one her songs were very very demonic or just plain sarcastic and rude. She didnt want people listening to her perverted or sadistic music.

    Finally she found it under the couch and picked it up. She instantly shuts it off and reads the text message. She had let it drop a few minutes ago after putting the girls number into her phone but had forgotten about it entirely. She sat right back down where she had been last time and licked her lips while texting back the person that had texted her. Pushing her bangs away from her face she looked up at everyone, making sure they weren't looking at her like she was crazy.
  15. A loud noise from by the chairs startled Kyle. He heard the words "What if the devil was alive? What if God did not exist? So with all due respect, tell me what is life if death is just a myth? I see the evil in their eyes....i hear the lies behind their grin....wonder in the dark, do not have a heart, let it take you in! Brace for impact!" sung robotically. Recorded music never sounded as good as it was live. Though for him, this song would never sound good. The girl he'd been talking to rushed over to the chairs, and from underneath one produced a phone. The music stopped, as she glanced around nervously. He respected her choice in music, yet it was a bit too demonic for him. Still, he needed to get with somebody to escape this hell. While the girl a bit odd saying things like I won't eat you, she might be an interesting character. Should he peruse her? Or would it be easier to talk (or squeak) at another girl. He stood there awkwardly, wondering what twisted person made this place.