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  1. By active I don't mean I expect you to write a post every five minutes, but I'm tired of arranging rps with several people and then they dissapear without a trace. So if you think you're compatible with me, and you'll be able to post at least once a day, PM me. :D

    -My favorite theme for RP is fantasy, but I'm open minded and with an interesting plot I'll be willing to try out any genre.

    -I won't write you a book for each post, but I'm adaptable and can go from one liners to a couple of paragraphs. Just keep in mind English isn't my first language and I might have problems expressing myself in English. :C Also don't be scared of my overuse of smileys, I use them while talking out of character, never while roleplaying n3n

    -If you want a fan-role, I'm willing to rp based on anime, videogames and maybe books. A few that come to mind, the most well known, are Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Yu-gi-Oh Duel Monsters, A Song of Ice and Fire, Shaman King... If you're wondering if I've seen certain series, feel free to ask :D

    -About romance and rp, I don't rp romance usually. But if I will, it's going to be girlxgirl or malexmale. I'm a girl who finds it awkward to rp mature stuff with heterosexual pairings because I feel like I'm having cyber sex, sorry.

    -You're shy and and don't want everybody to see our thread? Then we can rp by mp. :)

    I think that covers everything. If anything else comes to mind, I'll just edit this thread. I hope I get some kind of response here. n____n
  2. I'll be willing to do a FxF with ya if ya want :)
  3. I am very interested in RPing a MxM with you. Though romance will be more subplot and not the main focus.
    If you're interested in knowing about my characters, please feel free to message me.
  4. I don't play male, seeing as I can't play them to save my life lol. :/
  5. I'll PM both of you :) Stil seeking~
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  6. I'm interested in doing M/M with you :)
  7. LOL
    If you want, I'll rp fantasy. I have a tendency to want to be a dragon :DD

    And I notice that I'm the only one that ISN'T looking for romance.
    pfft, too mainstream
  8. If you are still looking I am interested in rping with you!~ Either a MxM or FxF.
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