seeking a partner willing to play two characters of there choice

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i play most any
Yuki and Lilly are not related they were orphaned around the same time and have grown up together now that there old enough they live together traveling from city to city Yuki plays music to earn money for them they live in different hotels almost every night but this time there in a bit of trouble they pissed off the wrong person can they figure out how to get out of it? or will they need to seek help?....i guess we will have to find out

Name: Yuki Akemi
Personality: she seems like a wild child who hasn't a care in the world she is some what shy around men but pretends very well like she isn't but that all may change as you get to know her.

Appearance:(side note her eyes are very very bright crystal blue)

Name: Lilly Kamieo
Personality: she is very shy an silent at most times she is very polite and doesn't seem very outgoing at all some even see her as stuck up with a too good for anything or anyone type personality but once you get to know her some things may surprise you

Appearance:(side note her eyes are bright violet)
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