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  1. A list of types I am looking for-
    ~Modernish or Medieval.

    Not interested in-
    ~Highschool simulators
    ~Drama simulators
    ~Roleplays based solely in the sheets
    ~Canonized/Fandom Roleplays (Unless we strictly use OC's within the same universe)

    I play males and females. I have a blog here with a list of my characters.

    My One on One plots can be found in the link. I will update them as I go. One plot is open to anyone interested. I wont ignore snub someone from a plot just because I am already doing it with another person.

    I am interested in hearing your plots and ideas as well! Give them to me and I will tell you if I am interested in them and we can see if we can start something up.

    I'm usually adaptable with my role playing style or length but I don't like anything that bunches up several paragraphs before I get my chance to respond. Its just not fun for me.

    I'll role play in Private Messages or Threads, so its up to you. I'm adaptable and I have potential just like an Eevee!
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  2. I guess I should make a few things clear.

    I don't like pre-made character parings. I like to take two different characters and let them learn about each
    other and interact with each other with out any meta-gaming.

    I can pick one of my own characters if I need to.

    My characters are generally bi, and they are interested in either guys or girls. I am not interested in like trans characters though. It just seems pointless, but thats just personal.

    Also, I don't care if my role plays are normal or if they go into adult themes. Thats up to you and if the characters really have that kind of chemistry. But if you aren't old enough, then don't bother. xD
  3. Do you do a little romance? or not really? I don't really care for mature scenes though so that shouldn't be an issue.
  4. I'm fine with romance so long as it fits the characters and the chemistry is there. I don't like to just say "Character x and character y are going to fall for each other". I want them to do it naturally. If that makes sense. And it also depends on what else is at play. I don't care for stories that strictly follow romance. I would prefer it to be a theme within somewhat of an adventurous story or something like that. If you have seen the movie "The Princess Bride", that is sort of what I mean.

    I hope this makes sense, I am a little tired right now.
  5. I also enjoy some natural development between characters, so your good in my book. Feel free to message me anytime.
  6. Sounds good. I am going back and completing all of my character profiles (since I only now figured out that you could do such a thing), and once I am done, I will let you know! I generally prefer my partner to choose which character they like best for me to use and go from there.

    Is that weird? Well... I am weird. So yeah.
  7. Nope, don't think it's weird at all. Makes sense that if your looking for symmetry between characters that someone pick and choose instead of of going off random. Hmm... Wondering if I should make profiles for some of my characters as well.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. And hey, having profiles never hurts. Especially if you are lazy like me and only want to write out information once and then link to it.
  9. Yeahh, I know what you mean. :3 And by the way, I love The Princess Bride!! lol such a good movie!! :D Well, I've been dying to do an rp for the longest time already. I've put up a partner request recently and no one has responded so, yeahh... guess its up to me to look for rps because they're obviously not coming to me... :/ loll. So if you're interested in coming up with a plot, you can message me and we can decide on something cool. ^_^
  10. Well, I am currently going through all of my characters so far and working through the details of them. If you would like, I have a few ideas that we could use if you would like to choose one of my characters you'd like to see me use.

    Also, mommeh named me after Westly.. Though it ended up being Wesley. Either way, I adore that movie. Its my favorite next to Castle in the Sky. XD
  11. Sounds good! I'll look them over tomorrow. I would do it now, but I'm at that point at night where my eyelids have decided to gain a pound each and are refusing to stay open. XD (yay for lame jokes xD) Anyways, I'll check out your stuff tomorrow and maybe we can start something fun! ^_^
  12. Sounds good! Rest well!
  13. Thanks! :D Will do. :3
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