Seeking a New Life

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  1. "Reed had something rigged up like that for Ben, if I recall. But of course he designed the whole thing. I bet yours could run circles around the Thing-cycle." Jen replied, chuckling. "I've still got your number. And if I can alleviate some of your boredom, it's a small price to pay for the little bit of immortality I racked up due to you."

    She looked back over toward Eisley, wondering what she must be feeling. Did she recognize me or Hercules or the names we were tossing around? Part of Jen wondered if there was just a little too much name-dropping going on.
  2. Another bad dream. It had her gasping and sitting up in bed, readily sweating in her terror. “Damn,” she uttered softly through her still chattering teeth. These dreams had to stop, but with all the stress lately Moria saw no end in sight. The dreams were pushed to the back of her head as she got up, even if it pained her to do so. She shrugged on a loose tunic like shirt and a pair of plain black cloth pants. Its true that she stumbled about funnily to get the left leg on but she got it right and pulled her pants up and on successively after a try or two. She shot out the garden door moments after checking to make sure she wasn’t needed and that people knew where she was. She knew the perfect thing to do to calm herself before visiting her father: a swim! So to the small secluded pond in a deserted part of the garden she went! Quick steps had her there in minutes and she stripped down to nothing in seconds. Moria had always loved to swim, even when she was a child. The fact that she had almost drowned a few times as she was trying to learn hadn’t stopped her…stubborn thing that she was. So stubborn in fact that her father used to joke with her mother that his daughter could show up a mule in stubbornness.

    The water was taken in a childish cannon ball at the deepest area when she worked herself up, a big grin on her face for the first time in a while when she bobbed up to the surface. The water was soothing and cool…exactly what she needed to chase away her stress. Moria swam to a shallow area and sat, leaning back onto the bank, the water just covering her chest. Her eyes drooped slightly in time and she let them close as she sat there thinking of her day.
  3. Yes you wanna see my ugly mug, or yes you don't wanna see it :P
  4. Moria spat out water as she sat up a bit more. She grimaced and slapped at the water childishly...her nose and throat burned. Apparently the area where she was sitting was very slippy, odd how she hadn't noticed this. In her little catnap she had slid down under the water a bit.

    Sand and sediments whirled about her feet as Moria stood up suddenly and walked to the deeper end, she fell carelessly forward into the water when it was deep enough and swam to the middle of the pond. Slipping under the water in a almost inaudible move, she dove and swam a length before popping up at the other side. Her thoughts turned to her father and what his condition would be like today, it wouldn’t be good most likely. The aged man’s eyes were already cloudy in there blindness and it pained Moria to see how sickly he had became. One hand came up to grip the bank as she slid her hair back out of her eyes with the other. She had to get hold of her self and wake up completely or she’d be stuck in a daze all day.

    Steps! A maid bringing her breakfast tray rushed forward and into sight. She breathed a sigh of relief as she realized how hungry she was. The tray was placed on the bank near where Moria was holding on presently. “Miss, would you be needing anything just now,” the maid looked a bit pained as she asked this. It was plain to see that the poor thing was behind in her duties, and uncomfortable that Moria was nude in the pond. Moria placed her other hand on the bank so she could push herself up and out of the water. As she got out of the water she spoke to the maid. “I’m quite fine for now Felicity, you can go and attend to what you need to for now…although I’d appreciate it if you’d come back to tell me when my father is ready to see me.” Moria nodded a dismissal at the girl and bent to grab her tunic, her wet hair falling into her face as she did. Padding over to the breakfast tray with her clutched shirt she shrugged it on just as she reached it. The long green tunic like shirt covered enough to where the young maid wouldn’t look away awkwardly when she came back.

    Sitting on the bank with her feet draped in the water, odds and ends from the kitchen were nibbled on as Moria spaced out. Was what the herbalist said really true…had her father really been poisoned? If so was she next? Whatever poison that had been used, if one had been used, it was weak enough to where it hadn’t killed her father even though he was sick to begin with. A foot was picked up slowly and she let the water drip off it before pacing it back into the water. If her father had been poised they had a traitor to find. A traitor that was a idiot and couldn’t properly poison a man, she wouldn‘t complain though as her father was still alive. Even if the poor man was suffering she couldn't think of a world with out her father in it. Swinging her feet back and forth in the water with her new found worry, it seemed like she couldn’t sit still now.

    Moria decided to swim about some more despite the fact that it might make the maid uncomfortable when she came back. She lost the now damp shirt again before she dove in and started to do laps.
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