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  1. When it comes to RP, I have two very extreme preferences - either I enjoy massive open-world RPs where invites never close and everybody is encouraged to join, or I prefer a selection of 1x1 RPs with a close friend/partner. I used to have a close friend that I did these RPs with, and we actually had an entire forum site dedicated to our RPs - we had a section for finished RPs that acted like an archive, a section for unrelated discussions and character catalogues/creation, and a section for ongoing RPs. We often had around 10 different RPs going on at once, and whenever one of us got on the computer, we'd go through and reply to each one in turn, then do whatever else we were gonna do - sometimes we'd put one on hold to focus on one that was progressing really well, sometimes we'd just reply to one or two because that was all we had the time for, but it was a lot of fun. We grew apart, though, and stopped.

    Here on Iwaku, I've done the same with my friend disappointedfish over in our 1x1 collection thread, but we both needed a break from RPing and while I'm all set to jump back in, she's not quite there yet. I'm looking for a RP partner/friend to do a collection of 1x1s with me.

    - Please only respond to this if you have high quality literacy skills. If you respond and say that English isn't your first language but you make an effort, obviously I'll be alright with that, but if your writing skills are of poor quality and you don't have a good reason for it, I'm really not interested.
    - I'd prefer somebody who has no preference for which gender their character is. I have no preference, and as such, will choose different ones all the time. I'd rather not play with someone who always plays the same gender character. If you are somebody who prefers one gender and you're interested in trying to venture out and try new things, though, I'm totally down for helping out with that.
    - I ask that if you're interested in RPing with me, you also be interested in being my friend. Let me vent to you when I'm having a bad day, and borrow my ear if you, in turn, need to vent. Tell me when awesome stuff happens to you, let me ramble on and on to you about silly things no one else cares about, randomly message me just to ask how my day is going and vice-versa. I don't want you to be strictly an RP partner, I'd like to get to know you and make a new friend through this.
    - Ideally someone who has similar genre preferences to me would be appreciated. I enjoy fantasy, fiction, fantasy, historical, fantasy, modern, and more fantasy. If you're a hardcore sci-fi fan, I don't think we're likely to make it work - if you'd like to try out sci-fi and you're not sure you want to join the real stuff while you experiment with it, though, I'm totally down with some sci-fi experimenting.
    - A few different ongoing RPs should be manageable. I don't need you to write mile-long posts - heck, my friend who had the separate website with me tended to write just a couple sentences per post so we could keep them moving quickly - so you don't need to dedicate half an hour just to writing one response. If that's what you enjoy then by all means go for it, but it's not required of you. As long as there's enough content for me to respond to and it's properly written, that's all I ask.
    - I'm a huge fan of really smutty and descriptive libertine content, so an adult member who also enjoys explicit content like this would be appreciated. If you're not a fan, though, that's totally okay - just let me know what your libertine limits are and we can work around them. Trust me, I have a good enough IRL sex life that RPing it is not a requirement for my happiness :P

    If you're interested in being my new 1x1 partner/friend, just shoot me a PM or respond to this post. I have a sample RP that we can begin working on - it'll be the same beginning for everybody I start with, just to see how we work together without coming up with a really awesome plot idea only to have it fizzle out when we're not compatible - and if it works out well, we can start coming up with additional content to enjoy together.

    I really hope to hear back from someone soon! I've been really wanting to jump into RPing again since I got back but I've found only a couple RPs so far that caught my interest enough to want to join them, so hopefully having a 1x1 partner will help me get jumpstarted back into it.
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  2. This might be what I've been looking. I started looking for a another person to have a 1x1 with, so I can have ten nice 1x1s for now, due to my college life now. And if you want, just send me the starter and I'll see what I can do with it ^^
  3. Hey! I am new to this site and I am also looking for RP partners but also friends! This sounds really interesting in what you have so far. I am also up for experimenting, I've mainly played male characters, but I have a couple female characters I am excited to have a story for. You can send me a starter if you like and we can see where it goes!
  4. I've found a few really awesome people so far with this thread and we have some cool stuff going on but I'm still open to some more new partners, so bumping this thread for a bit more attention <3
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