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  1. Hello there~! It was wonderful to interact with the lot of the site, but I think it was about time to make a 1x1 role play with someone special. I am generally a female, but I can play both sexes properly whenever I role play. because of some Touhou addiction racing through my mind, I prefer girlxgirl role play. All in all, I am very open. Male x male, male x female, female x female, female x male or even intersex x male & intersex x female.


    Here's some of my rules:

    1: I prefer some form of descriptive writing, but I don't just want 3-4 sentence posts emerging every single time. Then, I would just get bored. Additionally, I would really prefer to role play with some one whom I have talked with in the past. Though this is short, I'm busy trying to get my things together to prepare for my private role play.

    2: I'm not a true fan of romance. I can deal with/role-play sultry characters.

    3: Though I am under 18 at the moment--(for one more year!!!) I can deal with mature themes. Anything deemed unnecessarily gruesome... let us err on the side of caution~

    4: With historical fiction and other fan-fiction, I wish to try to make everything as original as possible. I prefer original characters or that reason. This is why I like original fiction over history. The sole exception would be black slaves in a plantation field. However, I highly doubt any RP site would allot such content to this forum.

    5: I wish to have someone who can impress me with everything they have. I also want someone who tells me when they're gone... such as a truly dedicated person. Having Asperger Syndrome, I find it difficult to make a proper first impression. In fact, screw you for making me different~! *Beaming smile*

    Well, here's some things you may want to know before we get started.

    Genres I Like: Most, particularly Romantic Comedy, Realistic, Science-Fiction, and Fantasy (though I can't do much on political-related) I am quite all right with Japanese or European stuff; I'm also all right with post-Apocalyptic stories, including horror; please no popular anime fiction. I'm all right with Touhou, SNK, and Capcom role playing! Ooh! The Tudors! Sure, I can do something (but I'd love original if historical)


    Interests I have: Touhou-related, youkai, vampires, Japanese culture, aliens, Datenshi (fallen Angels) demons, autism, British, Anime (NO POKEMON OR DIGIMON PLEASE!!), SNK, Capcom, psychics, super powers, time warping, comedy

    Pairings: It depends on the nature of the content. Perhaps I can do transgender people or the classic Girl/Guy relationship if romantic. Otherwise, I'm all right with any pairing, provided it doesn't get all too "hide-in-the-bush" or anything.

    Level of Role play: Literate to Advanced (I can get annoyed at misspellings, but I understand; I wish for everything to be spell-checked). I wish to see AT LEAST 4-6 sentences PER POST. I can write up to seven pages of content if I felt like it. I wish to role play with someone who can propagate a paragraph and expound to a couple pages. In layman's terms, the speed of the role play will vary immensely.

    Recruitment URL: I've yet to make one. If you wish to do one with me, don't be afraid to PM me. If you're not familiar with me, it wouldn't hurt to have me know you a bit, would it?

    I can retain the maturity required to play an R-Rated game without violating RPA's guidelines. Now that I'm pretty sure I've handled anything, I'm fine with what you have. But I would like to have at least a paragraph. One sentence rarely moves the plot along.

    I am currently looking for an 1x1 role play since I had lost the compassion to make my own role play (even if I did, chances of gaining players is very slim.) Besides, I'm just looking into the site so take your time and tell me what you think!

    Don't know any of the stuff I like? Ask and I'll gladly tell you.

    Touhou is a popular shooter game by ZUN. You may have been aware of "Bad Apple"--a song actually based on Touhou. Most of the characters are based on Japanese folklore, legends, stories and/or basic imagination. A couple are quite exotic and beautiful while others---look more human than what they really are.

    SNK and Capcom are both game companies known for their famous fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Darkstalkers, and much more.

    And this time, I am very open to requests... whatever you have will be awesome~!
    I shall use that under my discretion.

    Here's the following role play titles I thought at the spur of the moment:

    A Twisted Ionic Bond~ REQUIRES 1 girl and 1 boy
    ((It does not matter; I can take either one))

    Echolocation: The Resonating Howl~ REQUIRES 1 human girl and 1 were-bat/ boy OR girl
    ((Mehh--- it'll die quick, but this can be turned into a group RP if need be)

    The Color Black~((Slavery role play in 1832 in Atlanta, Georgia))~1 boy and one girl
    ((Depends; might have to get approval for that one, I'm afraid))

    P.o.M (The Partnership of Monsters)
  2. I'm still waiting for requests, if you have them!
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