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  1. Welcome to my interest thread. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tinder, a newcomer to this site who is seeking a partner for a story idea that has been stuck in my mind for awhile now. I'll begin with what I'm looking for in a partner.
    1. I would like a partner who can give me some detailed posts. A good length would be two-three paragraphs, though I would understand if there was the occasional post of one paragraph. Please no one-liners. Also please use your best grammar. Mistakes are fine and I may not even catch them as my own grammar is far from perfect, but just give it your best shot. :)
    2. In terms of availability, I would say I can post more than once a day at the moment, though that will likely change when I head back to school. I would say everyday or every other would be fine, though we can always talk about this one.
    3. As for my limits, I would say I'm a fairly tame roleplayer. Violence I'm not very picky about, so simply abiding by the site rules for that will be fine. In terms of romances, nothing explicit please. I would like the line to be at kissing and not go beyond that. Swearing is fine as well though I would ask that you keep it to a minimum. I just don't enjoy reading things with a lot of cursing in them.
    4. This one's a bit odder, but I really want a partner who can create a strong, interesting character. I like it when a character feels original and really well thought out.
    Alright, that's that then. If there is any part of expectations that you would like to ask about, please do. I'm a flexible person and I will be more than willing to try and accommodate you. I really want to get this roleplay off the ground.

    On to the plot. I'll include the setting and history for you to read, as they are a big part of the plot. Feel free to browse them when you like to.

    Setting (open)
    This roleplay will take place in the fictional country of Orre. It is a fairly young country and is isolated from most other civilized lands. It is located on a mountainous peninsula. I picture the land extending south into the sea with mountains along the western and eastern coasts. There is also a fairly significant mountain range in the north that separates them from the other countries to the north. The capital city of Varie is a coastal town and is the largest city in the country. It acts as the center of their government as well as being one of the largest commercial ports in the area. Major industries including farming, mining and fishing. There is also a large group of merchants in the capital city due to the massive which receives cargo from all over. Also I would describe the climate of the land to be temperate.

    History (open)

    The country of Orre has gone though many trials since they first declared their independence as a nation. They were once a colony of the ancient empire of Larel which spanned the width of the known world. When Larel began to collapse, Orre was one of the first territories to be abandon. Without the empire’s army to defend them, the Zelki people from the northern mountains began raiding the unprotected villages and farms. Over time, the people were driven back as the Zelki retook the territory that had been theirs before Larel had come to settle the land. It was during this dark time that three men rose up: Nolan Keanin, Bryce Marciano and Tasgall Edrich. They rallied their countrymen and created an army from among the farmers and merchants who had yet to flee the country. After a year of bloody battles, they managed to gain a foothold along the coast and slowly won back their territory. Once the last of Zelki had been driven back to the mountains, Orre declared victory and claimed its independence as a nation.

    They decided to name Tasgall Edrich their king for his role during the war. Though Keanin and Marciano fought valiantly, neither could match Edrich’s skill as a leader. Thus began the reign of the Edrich line. Keanin and Marciano were named generals in the king’s army and their families were given places of honor among the people. Orre spent the next century rebuilding. They divided the land up and named lords to rule over the sections, all of whom reported to the king who was left to rule for the whole of Orre. Along with ruling the land, the other lords acted as a council for the king to assist him as he ruled.

    Peace could not last though. Though their neighbors in the mountains remained quiet, a new threat rose from the sea. Narien raiders began descending on the coasts of Orre, disrupting their trade with the other nations as well as killing hundreds in raids on coastal villages. The army of Orre rose once more to defend their homeland, led by General Reith Keanin and General Cadoc Marciano. They took the fight out to sea with the raiders and began battling to push them back from their coasts. During the last major conflict of the war, the unthinkable happened. General Keanin quit the field, abandoning his men and General Marciano to the mercy of the raiders. It is widely believed that he feared they would lose, for he left during a low point in the fighting when the army of Orre was taking heavy casualties, but no one knows for certain. In the end, General Marciano led them to victory.

    After the war, Keanin was found and brought before the king. He was given a trial, though it was a mere formality. In the end, he was sentenced to death and his family was stripped of their stature, plunging them from the rank of nobility down to commoner. They were forced to leave Varie due to the violent outcry against them. It was not until many years later that they dared to return. In the more recent years, the current head of the Keanin family managed to win a place back amongst the nobility, though it is hardly more than a seat among the others. The anger towards their family has not lessened even with the new lord’s attempts to make peace.

    The actually plot will be about two centuries after the last war. A famine has come to the land of Orre about five years prior to current events. It began with a very dry summer and continued on into winter when the land received almost no snow. The drought remained and withered the land, leaving many farmers with no livelihood and many people without food. The government has tried to bring in food, but what is being shipped in is being sold for outrageous prices out of greed and necessity. Without one of their main sources of trade, the economy is on the verge of collapse.

    As though this was not trouble enough, King Bran Edrich has become severely ill. Many fear that he will not live to the end of the year. Due to a series of accidents with his first two wives and a barren third wife, he has no living heirs to take his throne. Without any direct descendants, he has decided to choose a successor from among the nobles of the land, thus beginning a war between the house for the king's favor. The top contenders include the illustrious house of Marciano as well as a few others.

    In the midst of the chaos, two young people will meet. One the daughter of a disgraced family, the other the son of the second most important noble line in the country and a contender for the throne. They find themselves drawn to each other as their world around them begins to crumble.

    So we shall be playing the heirs to the Keanin and Marciano lines. I already have a female Keanin heir prepared, so I need a male heir for Marciano. Note: if you do decide to try this, then you would have full reign over the Marciano family, including family members, history and the name (if you'd like to change that). Also I'd love to hear any suggestions for the plot or world. I want this story to feel like it belongs to my partner just as much as it belongs to me.

    f you'd be interested in giving this a try, let me know and we'll get started. Please help me out here fellow roleplayers. I've been dying to have this story told. ^^:
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  2. I am currently doing a 1x1 with another person (just finished the intro, actually), with a story somewhat similar to this. Of course, not entirely, only the "fight-for-the-throne" bit.

    Anyway, interesting story! Reminds me a lot of the anime, Romeo X Juliet, only lacking the swashbuckling fancy sword fights and flying horse races. Actually, I like a bit of realism more, so this one appeals to me a bit more.

    I would love to try out this male heir of yours, if you would entertain some questions from me:

    1. How many houses are there aside from Marciano and the newly-returned Keanin ? (and do I have free reign to add other houses to that as well?)

    2. What happened to the empire of Larel? Is it still in existence or are they all now divided?

    3. I know I should focus more on the male heir's story, but is it possible for me to have other members of Marciano working somewhere in the background for other intricate plots and whatnot? Unless you have something planned out for that already, then I wouldn't mind going with that.

    I will add more questions if they come to mind, but for now, this is all that I have.

    Also, I am unsure of my "detailed" skills, as I tend to be the type that brush off unnecessary details (I loathe describing how my character looks from top to bottom, in great detail). Thus, I will leave you with a recent post I did from my 1x1 thread, and some character profiles for you to judge my worthiness.

    Nasty, vengeful lord.
    Yet another vengeful person. A lady, this time.
    Happy-turned-bitter knight who tried to get revenge, but failed miserably.

    (I'm seeing a pattern that I need to avoid here. Haha.)

    And a recent post I did, just a sampler for you to see my style. (yes, I like pictures, but I can work around that if you don't want to)

    As for frequency of posts, I can do once every two days. But that also depends how tired I am from work. If anything, I have a habit of keeping people I RP with in the loop of what's happening to me. At the very least, you won't think that I got zapped by aliens in the midst of typing out a reply.
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