Seeking a 1x1 partner for dark themes. {Still searching.}

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  1. So it's been a while since I've been here. Ended up in a role play hiatus unwillingly, but now I am back, and looking to get back into the game. I'm not going to type up a whole novella of a wanted ad, I'd rather use my time to write for the role play itself. I'll give a little of what I prefer and enjoy, so as not to leave you too much in the dark.

    • I thoroughly enjoy a good story, albeit with dark themes. I can do others if you can give me something juicy enough to bite into, but otherwise I'd like someone with a strong stomach who isn't afraid to get down and gory.

    • I prefer to do MxM pairings, but I wouldn't mind trying out others if convinced. I like someone who has a gripping character and eye catching story telling abilities, someone who can keep me attached. That doesn't mean I need a whole books worth of a response each time, it's just preferable not to get one liners.

    • I don't care all that much for fandoms. I'd like it if we used original characters, though if you prefer to use a picture, it doesn't matter what it's from, so long as you aren't playing that character.

    • If romance happens, it happens, but let it be realistic unless the theme has something to do with love curses or what not.

    • I also prefer to role play in PM.

    So there you have it. Feel free to ask questions, and I hope I don't scare too many of you off.
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  2. *jumps with hands raised* Sorry I wasn't around!! I am here now!
  3. So did you already have a plot in mind or did you want to discuss one? I'm interested~
  4. I have a few in mind already but I'm definitely up for brainstorming.
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  5. Hello there. :}
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  6. What plots did you have in mind? Did you want to discuss over PM?
  7. I would prefer through PM. I have a few plots in mind, but I'm always open to new suggestions.
  8. Wonderful~ Mind hitting me with a PM to start brainstorming?
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