Seeking 1x1 RP + Ideas

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  1. I know I'm being rediculously picky. I can't find anything in RP Talk that I'm interested in, but I can't come up with any good ideas either.

    I suppose I'll list off some dislikes first:
    -Heavy Sci-Fi (A little is fine)
    -Modern (I'll bend on this one)
    -No Fandoms/RPs Based On Anime's, Movies, Books

    Things I like to rp:
    -Magic (No wands)
    -Weapon-Based Combat (The bow is my preference. Just need a senario that would keep the action going.)

    Note: These categories can be combined. Bonus brownie points if you can work something in to psychologically mess with the characters throughout the rp.

    If I think of any good plots to rp, they'll be posted here, either edited into this post or commented.

    Thank you in advance! I really want to start an rp. I can post at least once a day, and I commit myself to one or two rps at a time. Really decent grammar, but not perfect. Have some courtesy: no one-liner's, and let me know if yo want to disband the rp. Romance is allowed, but no explicit content. Must develop in the plot/story, and label it under 'spoiler' to keep us within the good graces of the admin/staff.
  2. Let's go Angles/Demons, Magic, and weapon based. I have an idea that we could probably RP with. Do I get brownie points lol?
  3. Weapon-Based Combat... if you give me a bit to think of a decent story, I've got you on this. :3
    It's like super late at night right now when I'm posting this. But I will get to you in the afternoon if I come up with a story. :D
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  4. Weapons based combat is good with me. I'm willing to join.
  5. Perhaps this can be a group thing then, provided I can come up with a story. :D
  6. Brownie points awarded to: xxDarkest_Asaassinxx

    Kurayami, it would be cool if you could come up with something. Whatever you think of, put it in your own separate thread. I really was only looking for 1x1 this time around.

    Thanks for all your responses!
  7. So what's your idea?
  8. Pm me