Seeking 1x1 Prompt inside!

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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you I'm Arius LaVari, and I've had this weird craving I'm gonna lay out a few rules and then post the idea.

    1. I'm a female role player...I can't do males for my life. (Though I do need to practice that.) I'm fine with FxF, FxFuta, FxM sadly I can only do females. (I apologize.)

    2. Keep up with me, if I give you 3 paragraphs and you give me 1 with no information to push the plot forward I'm gonna be sad. So just keep up with me! <3 post length doesn't matter so long as it pushes plot forward. (Though seriously I can do 5 paragraphs on a yeah.)

    3. Respect me I respect you. I want to have fun, I want you to have fun too. That's what matters most to me!

    Now if you've made it through that here's my idea...I'm writing it as a sort of story summary.


    She is a college student on vacation with her father, out in the wilds of an island long unexplored by humans, she's always been very outgoing and happy growing up alongside her father for all his adventures during summer at least, she lived alone in the house from a very young age, not because he didn't care but because she needed to get an education, she relishes the time spent with him on these trips, even to this day. This trip is just as amazing, it's hot and sticky but she's having fun exploring, still at some point she needs to rest while her father takes off leaving her behind, right by the most gorgeous spring around the island, waters clear as crystal and cool to the touch. Normally she would be more cautious but she's so tired and hot she decides to go for a swim unaware of eyes on her from within the surrounding jungle. The eyes belong to a wild human raised by animals, they've never seen any animals like them before, they're an instinctual creature though and so they jump from their hiding place and dives for her, they knock her into the shallows pinning her below them, making odd noises that aren't a language she understands, after all animals speak in volumes in body language. She decides best to just try and speak soothingly to them, the soft gentleness of her voice is enough to calm them, but...she's a college student naturally curious and inquisitive, she decides to try and teach them but how are you supposed to teach an animal to talk?! Maybe she's in over her head...


    Sorry it's small but I didn't want to drag on forever, it's a prompt not a starter! XD anyway if you're interested let me know, this is going to be more plot/romance based. PM me or post here then I'll Pm you! We can do this anyway you want thread or Pm? Character sheets or not? Let's decide some of the stuff together okay? ^.^