Seeking 1x1 partners for many Fandoms! (Het-M/F, some M/M)

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  1. Hello, and welcome to my thread! I'm Elfie. This is going to be pretty basic, since I'm more interested in finding roleplays than making this pretty. x3

    About Me: Since it seems it's the thing to do these days, here's a bit about me.

    ~ I'm Elfie.

    ~ I'm 21, recently unemployed and seeking a career as an electrician.

    ~ I recently got back into roleplaying after a hectic few years.

    ~ I use emotes a lot, xD so hopefully you are good with that.

    ~ I'm quite friendly but I don't let people walk all over me.

    ~ I roleplay as a hobby! It's what I do for fun and I hope you do too. x3

    If you would like to get to know me better, just ask! Otherwise, please enjoy the thread and hopefully I will hear from you soon about a roleplay. x3


    Alright, I don't ask for much, here is the skinny when roleplaying with me. x3

    1: I can post anywhere from semi-lit to super advance lit or whatever it's called these days. My preference is to stick around lazy-lit. I like posting anywhere from 2+ paragraphs, and I can mirror post. If you are looking for a more advanced roleplay, just let me know, I can probably match you, and if you are semi-lit and looking for partners, as long as you can post a quality paragraph, that helps the characters interact and moves the plot, I'm fine with that. x3

    2: I will respect the limits of my partners so let me know what those are when you get in touch with me. x3

    3: I roleplay mostly het, but with a brilliant plot I can be convinced to do M//. I'm not a fan of F// sorry. 8/

    4: Characters! Yeah, they are the stuff. I play both male and female, and while for certain things I have a preference, most of the time I'm cool with whatever! Doubling is fun, and so is picking up side characters, but don't leave me to do all the work okay? I'm also cool with OCxOC, CanonxCanon and CanonxOC, and various pairings will be listed below.

    5: I love easy going relaxed partners and roleplays! I also love serious and dramatic roleplays, so come to me with either! I have ideas for both. Also, I love AU plots. They can be so fun and entertaining so if you are up for AU plots within a certain canon, please, please please let me know. I will love you forever. <3 Crossovers are also fair game! Honestly, bring me AUs and crossovers and I will be your dutiful fangirl. <3


    Alright here's the deal. I like tons of genres so I will post everything I can think of here, if you don't see something, suggest! x3

    * - Plot below
    <3 - Craving
    Strike - Not in the mood/already have too many

    So I will lay this out two ways. In the form of characters within a fandom I am comfortable playing and characters I am looking to play against, and then pairing ideas for those who are more romantically inclined


    Legend of Zelda:<3*

    I play: Link, Dark Link, Shiek, Fierce Deity.

    I'm looking for: Zelda, Dark Link, Fierce Deity

    Link x Zelda
    Dark Link x anyone
    Oni Link/Fierce Diety x anyone <3
    (Prefer to use either OoT, TP, or AU. Also very skeptical on OCs )

    Tales of Symphonia:<3

    I play: Lloyd, Zelos,Sheena, Colette, Raine, Genis, Yuan, Botta, Mithos/Yggdrasil, Kvar, Kratos,

    I'm looking for: Kratos, Botta, Yuan Regal Bryant! <3 I would love you forever.

    Regal Bryant x anyone<3
    Regal Bryant x OC<3
    Kratos x OC
    Yuan x Botta
    Yuan x anyone
    Lloyd x Zelos
    Zelos x Sheena

    Trauma Center: <3

    I play: Derek, Angie, Tyler, Greg, Viktor, Kimishima, Prof Blackwell

    I am looking for: Derek, Angie, Sydney, Tyler

    Derek x anyone
    Derek x Angie <3
    Sydney x OC
    Tyler x anyone

    Golden Sun: <3 <3 <3

    I play: Felix, Alex, Issac, Garret, Mia, Ivan, Saturos, Hama, Iodem, Briggs, Susa, King Hydros

    I am looking for: Piers, Felix, Saturos, Alex, Jenna

    Piers x OC
    Felix x anyone
    Issac x anyone
    Saturos x OC
    Jenna x Issac
    (Would like to stick to GS and Lost Age, literally would die for this roleplay to happen!)

    Harvest Moon:<3 (Prefer OCs in original village/town!)

    I play: Rancher, Farmer, Carpenter, Miner

    I am looking for: Mayor, Doctor, Fisher, Bar/Inn owner, Farmer

    Farmer x Rancher <3
    Doctor x Rancher <3 *
    Doctor x Farmer <3
    Mayor x Rancher <3 *

    Star Trek: (ToS and reboot timelines, or AU.)

    I play: Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Bones, Sulu, Chekov, Chapel, Marcus, Khan

    I am looking for: Spock, Soctty, OCs galor!

    Kirk x anyone(Except Spock, sorry. 8/ )
    Kirk x McCoy
    McCoy x anyone
    McCoy x OC
    Spock x OC ( Craving character development here, not exactly romance. If it happens, cool, if not, cool.)
    Scotty x OC

    Okay, I'm midway through season 7, would love to find a Dean roleplayer, however never tried my hand so somebody willing to be patient with me. xD

    Harry Potter

    I play: Literally anyone. I have played most characters and feel confidant that I could pull just about anyone off with a little research and thought. x3

    I'm looking for: Snape, McGonagall, Hermione, lovely OCs!

    Snape x OC (Again, more character development, romance is fine if it happens, not required)
    Hermione x OC
    Hermione x Harry
    Anyone x anyone Just ask, there are too many dang awesome characters. xD

    Pokemon: <3 OCs only! Except for what is listed not in the mood. x3

    I play: Gym Leaders, Elite 4 members, Pokemon League Champions, Professors, Trainers, Grunts, Organization higher ups, Organization leaders.

    I am looking for: Gym Leaders, Professors, Elite 4, Pokemon League Champions

    Gym Leader x Pokemon Professor<3 *
    Gym Leader x Gym Leader
    Trainer x Gym Leader
    Elite 4 x Elite 4
    Pokemon League Champ x Elite 4
    Pokemon League Champ x Gym Leader
    Pokemon League Champ x Leader of evil organization

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Original, Brotherhood or manga is fine. x3

    I play: Ed, Al, Riza, Winry, Roy, Fallman,

    I am looking for: Alex Armstrong, Roy, Riza

    Roy x Riza
    Roy x OC
    Alex x OC

    BBC Sherlock <3 *

    I play: John, Sherlock, Mycroft, Molly

    I am looking for: Sherlock

    Sherlock x OC
    Yu Yu Hakusho I love YYH but without a great plot I am not up for it at the moment.

    I play: Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Jin, Touya, Chu, Keiko, Shizuru, Botan, Tugoro, Genkai

    I am looking for: Kurama, Botan,

    Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit <3

    Alright, so never roleplayed this before either but I've been a fan since I was a kid, reading the trilogy at 7 and again at 10 and I'm cracking it open again tonight after seeing The Desolation of Smaug. I'm willing to give anyone a shot to improve my skills so I'll just list a few I'd love to play against and feel free to ask me to play anyone!

    I'm looking for: Legolas, Thranduil, Tauriel. (Okay I have a thing for elves, I admit it!)

    Legolas x OC
    Thranduil x OC
    Tauriel x OC
    Tauriel x Kili
    Tauriel x Legolas

    Alright, I'd also like to add a few cross over ideas that I would really enjoy. x3

    Sherlock/Harry Potter

    Ever since I saw this idea floating around Tumblr I've been enamored with it! Would love to do something along the lines of Sherlock, John, Molly and Moriarty as well as others as professors and Mycroft as head master. Something with Sherlock teaming up with students, OC or Harry Potter canons to solve little Hogwarty mysteries would be cute and fun at first until they uncover a dark plot!


    Pokemon masters Link, Zelda and Ganondorf? Rival trainer Dark Link? Yes please.

    Zelda/Harvest Moon

    Mayor Zelda's town is in danger! Will Rancher Link be able to restore the town to it's former glory before the deeds of a ill intentioned traveler(Ganondorf or Dark Link) kill off the Fierce Deity that has protected the town?

    LotR/The Hobbit/Tales of Symphonia

    No exact plot ideas here but I think the dynamic between elves, half elves, dwarves, angels, humans, orcs, hobbits and all the rest would be really interesting to play with! Would love to mix up canons, especially Yuan, Thranduil, Mithos, Kratos, Tauriel, Legolas, Lloyd and many others!

    Trauma Center/Anything!
    Plot Bones!
    [Pokemon] Professor x Gym Leader: I haven't flushed it out yet, but the basic idea is that some anomaly and/or strange new pokemon(whether a natural evolution, or the result of tampering by evil organization or something else) is causing pokemon to act in an erratic and dangerous manner. A Gym Leader discovers this in the local pokemon and decides to contact their friend and mentor from the past, a pokemon Professor/researcher about what is going on. Concerned by the discovery the Professor asks the Gym Leader to accompany them into the field to begin research to see if there is a way to return the pokemon to their former peaceful nature and thus avert a possibly very dangerous situation.

    Like I said, it is pretty rough and I'm open to hashing it out with potential partners to create something that suits both of us. x3

    [Zelda] The Shadow Returns: (Ocarina Of Time)
    Even with Ganondorf locked in the Sacred Realm and being kept watch over by the Sages, a new evil is stirring in Hyrule. Zelda had sent Link back to their original time, but that proved to be a fatal mistake. Ten years after Link is sent back in time, Dark Link has had enough time to recover from his fatal duel with his purer self and wants revenge.

    [Zelda] Wounded: (Twilight Princess)

    Ganondorf defeated Link during their final duel. Just as the Evil King was about to deliver the final blow to Hyrule’s last hope, Zelda managed to break the barrier separating her and Link. She managed to save the Hero and with Epona, the both fled the country. Though their escape was not without price, Link suffered a lethal wound and with the two being constantly on the run, it isn’t healing properly. Ganondorf, satisfied for the moment has settled in sending his minions after the duo, thinking with Link being injured, hordes of monsters chasing them would either strain the blonde so much it would kill him or he would die in battle.

    [Tales of Symphonia] Renegade?:

    Instead of Yuan forming the Renegades to oppose Mithos and try and prevent him from resurrecting Martel and creating his age of life-less beings, instead, Kratos is the one who abandons Mithos and forms the Renegades. How will such an action change the course of the story?

    [Tales of Symphoina] The Beginning:

    Before the start of the game, Mithos and Martel are traveling together to escape the persecution of half-elves. Along the way, they met up with a man named Kratos who is injured. After helping him back to health, they convince him to travel with them and teach Mithos the art of swordsmanship. Soon, they meet up with a stowaway on the ship they are crossing the sea on named Yuan and he joins up with the small group. How will they react when they meet a duo who claims with their help, they can end the war and stop the discrimination against half-elves?

    [Harvest Moon] You need to take better care of yourself:

    In the past ten years the sleepy little town has been dwindling further and further away from the prosperous hub of life it used to be. The ranchers have both passed away, leaving their son in charge of the livestock and ranch. He's been barely managing to get by as it is, but he is determined to bring the ranch, and the whole town back to the place of happiness and life it used to be. He works himself to the bone, often injuring himself or making himself sick in his bid to make the town successful again. The Doctor sees him all too often and starts to worry enough that she takes a special interest in making sure he doesn't meet the same fate as his parents all too young.
    Contacting Me!
    Posting here, PMing me, AIM and email are all acceptable ways to get in touch with me. x3
    AIM: Illogical Elf


    Skype: Only for personal contacts but if you PM me and our roleplay looks promising I may give it to you. x3

    If you IM or email me please let me know you are interested in a roleplay, what kind of roleplay and any other basic information, thanks!
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  2. Oh so much to choose from... this is difficult. I've narrowed it down though to
    Legend of Zelda (either the idea you came up with or anything we decide on)
    Harvest Moon (Doctor/Rancher)
    Harry Potter (anyone we wanna play)
    Or the Pokemon Legend of Zelda mix.

    All of them sound good so whichever your craving most works for me!
  3. I would love to do a Harvest Moon roleplay! x3
  4. I'd love to play a Supernatural plot with you and I'd love to play Dean, maybe double up and play an OC as well. I am new to the site, so I'm still getting used to navigating around here. I'm not new to roleplaying, but its been awhile for me, so if you could be patient with me while I get my mojo back.
  5. That would be awesome, I'd certainly be happy to double as anyone as well for you OC if you like. x3 I am new here too but the same as you, not new to roleplaying and back form having not written for a few years so I can most certainly be patient as I will be getting back in the grove myself. ^^
  6. Awesome! Now how do we get this party started, and where in the timeline did you want to begin?
  7. I'd like to do any of the following
    (With me playing the OC, although I'm not against doubling)


    Harry Potter:
    (I won't play Snape, but anyone else is okay)

    (Maybe Kimblee, if you'd be up for that)

    LOTR/The Hobbit:

    The only character I won't play is Snape. I'll give anyone else a try, and I'm also open to multiple role plays, if you are. I'm very active, and I can write anywhere from 2-10 paragraphs, or more sometimes. I tend to make my role plays romance based, because I suck at action scenes, but I don't mind some action.