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  1. Howdy one and all! I am Calum_LunaNatura, but you can just call me Luna. Welcome to my lovely request thread! As the title implies, you may find some potential fun here (I hope) so without further ado, I will get on with what I am looking for.

    Essentially, I am looking for a few new partners to craft some fantastic stories with. You should know that I am in school and do have a part-time job on top of that, so posting times and speed may vary drastically depending on how busy school becomes. However, this is my stress relief so I will be on at least once each day to, at the very least, send a short “hello, how are you?” message if not a reply. So I ask that if you want to craft a story with little old me that you be patient with me and my posting speed; don’t message me after half a day of no posting and ask me why I haven’t made a reply yet. Chances are I am still in school or at work. I will reply, have no fear!

    Other Things to Consider (open)

    Other Things to Consider

    -I can guarantee at least three to four replies in a week, if not more should I have the time. (Yes, I know that’s not one a day. I can’t guarantee that and would feel bad if I did and couldn’t live up to it).

    -Proper grammar and punctuation. I won’t say “perfect” grammar and punctuation, because lord knows, even I make mistakes but you can expect me to make efforts to limit my errors or go back and fix them afterwards.

    -A solid three paragraphs minimum in each reply. That’s a personal rule; I try not to give less than that. Although, my replies can range from that to… A lot. I have been known to write large replies when my muse is feeling helpful.

    -I play female characters only because I am terrible with male leads when it comes to romance (which is a plot candy for me). As such, I will do M/F pairings or F/F pairings. Some of my already made characters (should you wish to do something with them) have specific pairings for them. So do look at the links and ensure they don’t before asking me about them if you’re interested.

    -I am an active chatter, discussion master, talkative and interested partner. In other words, I do enjoy chatting outside the role play. So please do not be afraid to chat, I find it a good way to connect with my partner and to easily share ideas for plot twists.

    -I will actively try to move the plot forward in accordance with what we plan, but I will not do all the work. If I find that I am the only one moving the plot forward, I will politely say as much and likely lose interest. It’s sort of a no-no in my book.

    -I don’t do explicitly dominant characters or submissive characters. Most of them are a mix of both, as I like my characters with a bit of spunk when it comes to sexy fun times.

    -I don’t mind kinks, I don’t mind an age difference (provided it’s above the age of 20 years), I don’t mind many things. Your best bet is to just run it by me and see. If I like it, we’re golden. If I’m uncomfortable writing it, I’ll let you know.

    What I would Like From You (open)

    What I would Like From You

    1. The same effort to get out replies as I give, with the understanding that while you may have lots of free time, I may not. This goes both ways of course!

    2. At least two chunky paragraphs (at least 8-10 sentences each) if not more in a reply. I care more about quality than quantity, however, so if you feel like you can give me enough detail to work with in one paragraph go for it. You should know, that if you don’t give me enough to work with I will also lose interest.

    3. NO ONE LINERS. None. Zippo. Zilch. I cannot stress that enough. I will drop the role play faster than you can blink if that is what you give me. I can't work with that, so I apologize now. Also, please do NOT abandon me in the midst of our brainstorming. I do not appreciate that and will remember it.

    4. A kind message if you are going to be a while in making a reply if you are able. I will do the same if I am able to or as soon as I am able to get to a computer if I am away.

    5. Help in moving the plot forward. As mentioned before, I dislike being the only one doing this.

    6. Tell me if you are uncomfortable with an idea or the way the scene is playing out. I want us both to enjoy writing the story.

    7. I do not expect your character do be totally dominant or submissive, but if you prefer overly dominant characters, be prepared to be met with an equally feisty character of mine. If you want to be submissive during sexy fun times, go for it. If you want to smoosh both together like I do, then by all means!

    8. Plot with me, make twists, you can even surprise me! I want it to be as much your story as it will be mine, so chat and plan outside the role play. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite… much. Unless you’ve got strawberry shortcake. All bets are off at that point.

    Possible Pairings (open)

    ( * ) This indicates that I have a pre-made character that I might use should you pick that pairing. (!!) indicates I have some plot ideas for that pairing.

    Princess/Thief !!
    Thief/Prince or King* !!

    Human with a twist/Human with a Twist* !!
    God (Goddess)/Demi-Goddess !!
    Millionaire’s Daughter/Bodyguard !!

    Personal Assistant/CEO* !!
    Detective or FBI Agent/Personal Assistant* !!
    Detective/Human with a twist* !!
    FBI Agent or Detective/ Witness and/or Informant !!
    Elf/Bounty Hunter !!
    Assassin/The Mark/Human with a Twist

    Plus any suggestions you might have!

    Pre-Made Characters (open)

    These are my pre-made lady characters. I do not need to use them at all but I would like to use at least one. Only one of them has a personality, history etc. worked out (she will be marked with a ( ** ), the rest can be adjusted to fit whatever the plot may be.

    Melissa Vickers

    Teagan O'Brien

    Marina, The reluctant seer of spirits

    Zosia Deasun

    Kita Dobre **

    Thanks for reading all of this, if you're interested please send me a message!
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  2. I should also add that should I have any well thought out plots that I'm itching to do, I will post them here. If you have plots you're itching to do, please do share them with me!

  3. You into the Walking Dead at all?
  4. I've only just started watching it, (Yes I know, I'm VERY late to the game), but I do like it so far.
  5. well would you be interested in an OC/OC around the Walking Dead?
  6. Sure, I'd be up for that ^_^
  7. I'll send you a PM in just a few (I have a paper to write that is boring as all shit)
  8. Alright then! (I know how you feel, it's March Break and I still have a pile of homework and studying to do XD)
  9. I am interested in the God/Demi-Goddess one, or even FBI Agent/Personal Assistant.
  10. Fantastic! Send me a PM and we can get to discussing the fun stuff.
  11. Could we do goddess x demigod?
  12. Anything is fine with me!!!!
  13. Hey :) I'm really interested in Princess/Thief, Human with a twist/Human with a Twist, or Millionaire’s Daughter/Bodyguard if you are free! Hope you have a great day :)
  14. Hey! Yea, either of those are fine with me!
  15. Looking for one more roleplay, if either of you lovely folks above are still interested just send me a PM.
  16. I've added some new pairings, one of which has plot ideas to go with it.
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