Seeing You Again

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  1. You and her were best friends. You always had been. You grew up across the street from each other and stayed out every night to watch the stars. As the years flew by you fell more and more in love with. Then one day when she was fifteen, she just disappeared. Her parents forced her to move across the country with them and you never heard from her again. That is until one day she moves back to that small house across from you.

    You both just graduated high school, and you just began community college in late September when your old friend moves back in. But this time, she's not alone. This time she has a baby with her.... Her baby.
  2. Jack had been in the same town as when she had left. He had gone to work for his father at the cafe his family opened and now lives in his own apartment. Jack was working when he saw he was so surpirsed he didnt think she was coming back for collage. He smiled and then looked at her when he saw her with a child. maybe she was just watching the kid but he was not sure. He smiled as he walked up to her and waed." hey yourback" e says to her smiling as he pulls her into a hug" Whats up where have you been" he asked when he looked down at the kid" Whos this little one" he asked her
  3. Hadlee smiled as she looked around the small house she had grown up in. It had been nearly six years since she had last been here, and a lot had changed in six years. Not only had she grown up into a young woman, but she had also brought a new young baby into the world. She was now nineteen and it was her first year in college. She decided that since she had grown up in the small town of Ozark, why not continue the rest of her life there and start her child's life there also?

    She had finally finished moving into the house she grew up in and was now about to start dinner when she realized how exhausted she really was. The girl plopped down on the blue sofa and ran a hand through her long, dark brown hair. Her blue eyes flickered from the baby bed to the clock. She hadn't eaten in nearly a day, she had to eat something so that she could have her full attention on her son.

    Deciding to instead head to an old cafe she had spent most of her time at, she grabbed the baby bag, her three month old son, her money, and her car keys.

    After a short drive, she parked in front of the familiar old time cafe and let a soft smile spread across her lips before walking in. She took a seat at a booth and sat the baby in his car seat beside her before looking around as a man came up to her. She did have to admit he looked fairly familiar, but once he wrapped his arms around her, everything flew back. Jack. Of course. He was still here?

    "Jack! Hey! It's great to see you! I've missed you! I just moved back for college... This is my son, Sean. "
  4. Jack smiled as he looked down at the little boy and laughed a bit" hey there little man" he says making the kid laugh a bit" Hadlee youhave a son now, wow what has it been like 6years since you left and now you have a son" he tells her as he wipes his pen and pad out" What can i get for you two" he asked her wondering what she would want for something to eat." And its on me, so dont worry about paying" he tells her and winks at her for a moment before taking her orders and walking back. He figuerd that he could take his break and speak with her for a bit. Once he came back he placed her food right in front of her as he sat down and sighed" Ah break time, so tell me what have you been up lately Lee" he asked her smirking. It was that old nickname he had for her when they were young. He always called her that even up till she had left. He looked down at the kid" So um lee i see you got your self a kid, whos the father" he asked her wondering now.
  5. Hadlee smiled softly as she told him she just wanted the cafes famous hamburger and fries. She thanked him and then sat down while he went back to work. It wasn't long before he brought back food for her and sat the basket down in front of her. She smiled at the delicious smell and wasted no time taking a bite of her favorite fries in the world. They hadn't changed a bit.

    "Well, I graduated from high school early due to this little guy being born, and I applied to a few different colleges. I finally got enough one to move up here and decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life here and start Sean's life out here. It's a good town and the people here are so friendly! What have you been up to?"

    She smiled as they talked and eventually he asked about Sean's father. She knew he would ask, and it was her old best friend. She didn't mind to tell him, it was just.. hard to talk about sometimes.

    "Well, he was my boyfriend, but life happens and we aren't together anymore. It's just me and Sean now. I just got moved back into the house I grew up in. Are your parents still living in the same house? What about you? Do I have to come here every time I want to see you or can I get a number? We have to hang out again sometime! It's been too long."
  6. He laughs a bit and nodds"Ah for that i am sorry, oh well and ya this is a good town everyone is so friendly so he will do just fine here" he tells her and smiles for a moment looking at her and shaking his head" Nah i am in my own apartment now, i dont have anyone right now" he tells her writing down his number for her and his address" Come over any time you want Lee, it will be just like old times" he tells her and smiles" nd if you need a baby sitter then Just give me or my parents a call they will watch the little guy for you" he informs her. Jack smiled and looked at her" well hell ya it is so good to see you, you look good" he tells her and smiles for a moment before he had to get up" Enjoy the meal alright, if you like we can go out for drinks tonight what do you say" he asked her
  7. Hadlee laughed as she tucked his number and address into her purse. She looked at him and sighed as he asked about drinks. Her smile faded a little and she looked at him softly. "I would love to, but I don't have anyone to watch Sean. I can talk to your parents but I don't know if he would be use to them yet. I haven't spent that much time away from him since he was born. He's kind of a mommas baby."

    She thought for a few minutes before sighing. She needs a night off. She loves Sean with all of her heart, but she needed to relax and spend some time with her old friend. What better could she do than to have drinks with Jack? She gave him another smiled and then nodded.

    "Okay, okay. I'll go. I'll find a babysitter and then call you later, alright? We can meet up or something. Or you can just stop by. You know where I am. Anyway, I should go find a babysitter. I'll see you later, Jack. Bye!"

    She gave him another soft hug and then left a tip for him before walking out with Sean.
  8. He thought for a moment and noddedd"Alright sounds good, I will bring over some drinks alright and then we can catch up" he tells her as he heads back to work. He worked till about 8 when they closed up shop for the night and everything was done. Jack was heading home. as he got in he got into the shower and dressed up as he walked to her home knocking on the door. He wore clean clothing and looked rather dashing as he smiled and waiting for her to awnser as he sighed he had some drinks for them. Jack was a rather tall man standing about 6 foot 2 with short cropped black hair with deep blue eyes. He was a rather handsom man at that fact. He smiled and when she opened the door he smirked" hey lee" he said to her" Same old place manthat brings back memorys"He says
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