Seeing Red

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We've all had it.

That one day where you're SO GODDAMN FRUSTRATED.

And then that one final thing sets it all off.

What happens when you see red?

Have you ever got into a physical fight?


What's the worst time when you've seen red?
depends on the location and situation. at home i'm calm on the outside and my occasionally send my fist through a sheet rock wall. out on the streets i say "frak the police" and jump across the table at the guy. situations with girls: see "at home".
my temper has since gotten better i can now control my anger more and use it for more constructive things like lifting and sending my fists through walls....the majority is lifting though........still occasionally jump across tables.

Hell yes.

Aside from crushing a cd in my hand badly cutting myself without noticing and mangling other objects along with fists though walls and staying up all night to angrypaint or kicking the crap out of enemies in just about any game imaginable a few instances come to mind.

Attacked my brother with intent to kill. Knocked my dad to the floor as a teen. Nuttapped a guy a school. Almost crushed another guy's throat. Broke a nose and I can't remember what else. The only pattern I see is I'll strike without warning and mess them up with as few blows as possible and once they can't retaliate I walk away. That and I literally have to lose control before I'll hurt someone even if I hate that person. Unfortunately I have a hair trigger at times.
Ummmm I one time yelled at at this kid after a scrimmage football game in 6th grade I was pretty mad then I yelled loud enough my voice gave out for a sec. Other then that I generally focus my anger into crying because that way I won't unintentionally hurt someone.
I explode.

I say things I don't mean to say, my voice become a rumbling roar, like a rockfall. If it's a man, I'm more than ready to rip his head off.

This rarely happens, however. My anger is in a tight seal, carefully checked. I suppress it, unfortunately, instead of dealing with it.
When I get mad my inner bitch comes to the surface!

It usually ends up being me drudging up every skeleton in the other person's closet that I know and using it against them, possibly in public. I go for the emotional low-blows.

Luckily I don't get angry often enough for it to cause any issues~
At first I'm really calm. I don't say much at all. I'm litterally gritting my teeth trying not to say anything I regret. Depending on the situation and who it is one of two things will happen. Either one, I will act like nothing said has bothered me and smile a little bit just to piss them off. Then I'll walk away as to not give them the time of day.

Or two, I will unleash a long chain of statements that has to do with thier behavior. I tell them exactly what has pissed me off, why it's, wrong, what needs to be done, and what will happen if it doesn't change. I rarely get that mad but when I do it's because I've been treated wrong and unfairly. But you don't to get me that mad. And it's when I'm silent that one needs to be scared. If I have nothing to say to someone who has pissed me off that bad then it's probably a relationship that can not be mended.
I usually do a good job of keeping my anger in check. Push it too far though, and someone gets hurt. My fist literally shook beside the skull of the dude I sit next to in biology. He wouldn't stop popping his gaddamn knuckles; I fuckin' HATE that sound. .__. He looked scared a moment, which meant he got the message, methinks. I was ready to pound that bastard's head.

I dislike hurting people, though. If I think pain is necessary to make me calm down, I just get self-destructive. *shrugs* No shame in that, for me. Mostly, I try to just resort to yelling instead. xD My manfriend and sisters do not like my verbal wrath... They get a mixture of fear and shame for making me so upset. Which is what I go for~
What happens when I see red?
Last time I got really angry I blacked out, so I don't know full what happened. Apparently I turned into a human wrecking ball...granted I did have some help.