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  1. Hi there miraculous wonders of Earth!

    Below are a few of the roles that interest me. All of them includes roles where my character is seduced into doing something he know is wrong! For a change. xD If you are interested in any of role plays PM me and we can discuss.

    New neighbor (open)
    Paul and his wife moved into what seemed like a perfect neighborhood right after they were married. The neighborhood was perfect for a couple looking to grow a family, as most of the others in the neighborhood had families. Paul was lucky and got a teaching job at the local high school, while his wife worked for a local accounting business. They have lived in the neighborhood for a few years, when their neighbors decided it was time for a change.

    The couple figured whoever would buy the house would have a family or be a new couple (The person who moves in can be single or married). When the movers showed up one day, the couple noticed a young woman. She seemed more like a model then someone who would want to move into such a family oriented neighborhood. This new woman also was just hired at the high school Paul works at.

    Little did the couple know, that this new woman loved being the center of attention. She also loved the idea of corrupting others, especially men. Her being in a neighborhood with so many married men, gave her an opportunity to have some fun. She also had her eye set on Paul, seeing they also worked together.

    Teacher-student (open)
    A new student enrolls in the school, and she comes with a past. As much as she would like a fresh start, the idea of causing trouble in her new school is something that excites her.

    Fiances sister (open)
    A newly engaged couple heads to the bride-to-be's families house to announce their engagement. While there, the bad girl sister of the bride, decides that her perfect, innocent sister relationship should be tested.

    Co-Workers (open)
    My character works for a local financial firm. He is successful and seems to have the a good life going. One day one of his ex-girlfriends gets hired as a secretary at the firm. This ex-girlfriend always had a power over him, and although she cheated on him a lot while they were together, it took a while before he could break himself of her power. Does she still have that power over him after all these years?

    Best Friends Girlfriend (open)
    BillĀ“s best friend has just met a new girl. She is different then his normal type of girls, as she is outgoing and very flirty. While they all seem to get along, she does flirt quite a bit with him. It doesn't bother Bill so much, but his girlfriend hates it. He begins to notice that his best friends girlfriend is cheating on him, but he refuse to get involved because she makes him happy. Will Bill change his mind when she begins to make a move on him?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.