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  1. ((One x One for Saren of the Dark Path & Jealous))

    Makoto brushed her fingers through her hair as she stared up at the building before her. It wasn't much - nothing like home. But it was her own place. And with so many windows staring back, she assumed that the place would be rather busy. She would surely run into a lot more people here than at home. There was also the matter that school would be starting soon, and she'd be busy trying to pass her classes.

    But she was looking forward to seeing what would happen this year. She was far away from home - far away from people who had watched her grow up. Far away from anyone who would know her true identity. She had always been more masculine than she had feminine. Which is why she found it easy to play this game. She looked like your average man - which meant she was privelage to seeing a world that most women did not.

    "Thanks," Makoto spoke as her bags were set down beside her. "Tell mom and dad that I'll be fine."

    "Of course, Ma'am," the old man nodded before he climbed back into the slick car.

    With a smile on her face, Makoto grabbed her belongings and began the trek up to her apartment. There was a bounce in her step as she walked, ready to see what the future held.
  2. Anyone who knew Suzaku would have gone into shock when they heard that he was one of the first people to move in for the school year. The born slacker made it a habit to do everything at the last possible minute, what could cause this world shattering paradox? Simple really. Very impatient parents. It was for his own good of course. If it'd been entirely up to him the job would never be done. They'd helped bring his things in, dropped him off, left him with enough money for what he'd need and then left all before noon, leaving him to lay on the couch half asleep.

    As noon came along he was too awake to fall asleep and still waiting to meet who he'd been stuck with for the year. He stared up at the ceiling as he waited, one finger idly twirling a long strand of raven hair over and over again until it began to curl. Suzaku wasn't the most masculine boy -- hell, most would assume he wasn't a boy at all. His features were soft, his eyes wide and his body slim and short. After so long he'd given up going out of his way to look male and instead trying to look natural as he grew out his hair and pierced his ears. He wore loose, baggy clothes for the sake of comfort. It kept people guessing but it'd been ages since he cared what other's thought.

    He didn't stir as he heard the door open and someone step in, not sparing so much as a sideways glance as he stared blankly at the ceiling. For the most part he could do without trying to make a friend this year if he could manage it. He had no problem with people, it was simply a desire to avoid another instance of being hit on by some guy. The housing was co-ed so maybe he'd get lucky enough to have a cute girl walking around.
  3. Brown eyes scanned over the room. It was a decent sized place - fully furnished as well. The walls were stark white, making the place seem pretty empty. There was a small kitchenette in one corner which connected to the small living space. A small hallway spread out to the right, which led to what she assumed could only led to the two separate bedrooms and bathroom. It gave her enough privacy, but the shared rent helped her to pay for the place on her own. While she had yet to put her stamp on the place, she was sure that she would soon be able to turn the place into her own sanctuary.

    As she dragged her items into through the door, she took another look around the place, this time catching sight of the person who was sprawled over the couch. With a click the door swung shut behind her, masking the breath of air that escaped her. She tilted her head as her eyes traced the long hair that reached to the floor. Makoto wasn't sure what she expected to find. Part of her wished that she would be rooming with a guy. It would have meant that she could try to fit in with the guys better. Of course, looking back at things now, that probably wouldn't have gone well. There were far more benefits with having a girl as a roommate.

    "Looks like you've already settled in," Makoto greeted, though the girl showed no wish to move from his spot. "I'm Makato Amano."

    With greetings out of the way, she dragged her belongings down the hallway to the unclaimed room.
  4. The lazy young man let out a deep sigh as he turned his head to watch his new roommate walk towards the hallway. A quick glance was all it took to confirm that there was no justice in this world. He was a guy and a pretty boy from the looks of it, some clean cut figure he already wanted to resent. He looked like the sort of guy who had to be smug and know it all-y about everything. The sort that brought annoying dittzy chicks home after a night out. College was already turning out to be his personal purgatory if this kept up.

    He looked away quickly as the stranger disappeared into the hallway, probably focused on checking out his room now that he was hear. He realized that he was acting like the rude one at this point as he acted like a paralyzed mute and cleared his throat to shout out, "Name's Suzaku," before starting to faze out again. He wasn't a social butterfly an he wasn't about to try and be one. He'd leave the talking to everyone else as long as it left him feeling unbothered and unharrased.
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