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    What was he doing with his life? Was this the only thing Sora could do to help support his family to get a few extra bucks? Was this really the only way? Getting tips from strangers because he was in some raunchy girl clothes? Getting his paycheck at the end of the week because of his "great job" at serving the customers in some frilly maid dress and a wig? And what was worse is that he swore that he could feel some of his lovely customers grope him from time to time too... What they didn't know was that he was actually just a high school kid part-timing for money. So he constantly ignored their cat calls and sexual gestures. He was just glad that this was far away from his school so it was highly unlikely that anyone there would come to pay a visit....

    Sora wasn't complaining though. He was actually oblivious to how much he actually hated this job. He was clueless to what those gropes even meant and had no problem with the uniform. In all honesty, Sora was just too innocent for this job. If he wasn't a minor he'd be easily taken advantage of. The poor kid... Well as they say, ignorance is bliss and in Sora's case that seemed to be the only reason why he stayed at such a terrible place of work. But he was at least a little ashamed of it. That's why he hadn't told Riku or Kairi, his closest friends in the world.

    He had know Riku basically the day that he was born. Their mother's were close friend so Riku and Sora were raised together. They'd always play with each other and eat together during lunch. Definitely some of Sora's favorite memories. They did almost everything together. They even shared their first kiss with eachother.... But that was a story to be told another time..... As for Kairi, the pair met her in the Kindergarten. Riku didn't quite like her at first, but Sora insisted that they hang out with her to. And so that was the day when the duo became a trio. The memories still seemed to make Sora smile cheerfully even as he worked. The smile definitely seemed to attract the people he was serving.

    Though the thought of Kairi made his sigh. He still can't seem to forget the embarrassing past of when he used to have a not so secret crush on her. He still regrets it to this day. Riku doesn't let him forget it, so it'd be impossible if he tried. He knew Kairi liked him back, but he refrained from saying anything. He didn't want to ruin their friendship. On top of that he knew Kairi was popular among the male students and so he wasn't completely sure Kairi liked him back that way. The thought made him grimace slightly to himself before he started to smile once again. He was sure that today was going to be a long day...
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    In his honest opinion, it was too damn hot for autumn. Or maybe that was just him... Ha, not. He was attractive, to say the least, but he couldn't change the weather only by his looks- Or at all, really. Riku was what people would say, narcissistic. But it wasn't necessarily the bad type, he just complimented himself from time to time and... Well, stared at himself in the mirror more often than not. But he did know when to stop, and even if it was hard to believe, he could be a normal human being at times. Of course, that was usually only around his two best friends. Kairi, and Sora. They meant the world to him, though he did enjoy Sora's company a tad bit more than Kairi. Maybe it was because he had known Sora longer, maybe because they knew each other like the back of their hand. He honestly wasn't too sure himself.

    Riku let out a sigh as he thought of Sora, wondering where exactly the midget had gone. The male usually disappeared right after school, only to reappear a few hours later looking exhausted. He had asked before, only to get completely dismissed. It pissed him off, knowing that Sora was hiding something from him. They were best friends, and they were supposed to tell each other everything... Right?

    He was probably thinking about it too much. Maybe if he gave his best friend some time, then he'd tell him. At least, that's what he hoped. If Sora didn't say anything, then he planned on finding whatever the other was hiding himself. If it was something dangerous, then he was going to do something about it. Because there was absolutely no way he was going to let that midget risk himself for who knows what, no freaking way. If Sora needed something, then he'd be the one to help out.

    Okay, maybe Riku was a little bit controlling, just a little. Especially with Sora- And maybe even Kairi here and there, but it wasn't like he could help it. They meant the world to him, and there was no way in hell he'd lose one because of stupid choices, or needs.

    Pulling out his phone from his pocket, he immediately began texting Sora, wondering where he was and what he was doing. If he wasn't busy, maybe... They could hang out. Though, that was unlikely. The two of them hadn't been hanging out as much as they use to, with whatever Sora was doing. Yes, it sucked, but, as he said he wasn't going to say or do anything- He'd wait for his best friend...
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