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  1. Caroline walked down to the kitchen excitedly, but also ready for disappointment. It wasn't the first time her grandfather had promised her something and then gone back on his word. So why would it be any different today? But still, the young girl decided to trust him and hoped he could finally give in to her request.

    "Good morning papa." She greeted him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

    "Who are you and where is my granddaughter?" He asked almost in shock before smiling. "You're in a good mood. I thought you hated early mornings."

    "I do, but today is a special early morning. You do remember our agreement, right?" She was a bit doubtful and had a pleading expression in her eyes. It shouldn't surprise her if he went back on his word, but it would certainly break her heart.

    "Are you sure you want this? Something might happ.." She interrupted him.

    "Papa, you are going to let be alone today as we agreed, right?" She asked him and saw doubt in his eyes. "Please, I need this." She pleaded.

    "There won't be any guards following you. I promise." He told her. "But if something happens, if you see anything suspicious..."

    "Then I'll call them and they won't be far away. I know." She gave him a big smile and hugged him. "Thank you so much." But unknown to her, there would be guards following her. At least there would be one.

    Shortly after eating breakfast, Caroline rushed out of the house to get to school. Usually someone drove her to school, but today she decided to just walk, and take in the air. Finally she could have some freedom in her life.

    Bio for secret agent (open)

    If you think I forgot something important then tell me and I'll write it in ^^ It's probably lots of unimportant things here too, so just skim through it ;) Most of it will be learnt through the rp anyway :)

    Name: Caroline Viola Clemonte

    Age: 21
    1st year, university student in language and economic

    Important Family Members:
    William Anthony Clemonte (Grandfather) 78 years
    Andrew Hawk (Cousin) 34 years
    Camille Hawk (Cousin) 29 years
    Lucas Clemonte (Cousin) 22 years
    Philip Clemonte (Uncle & Lucas father) 54 years
    Tanya Clemonte (Aunt & Lucas mother) 49 years

    Annette Viola Clemonte (Clearwater before marriage) (Mother)
    Charles Anthony Clemonte (Father)

    Enemies and/or threats:
    Andrew & Camille – wants to be written into their grandfathers testament, has tried to send assassins after Caroline since she is the only one in the testament at the moment. Their parents are not interested in the will and works abroad with their own company.
    Tanya – Wants her child and her husband to be written into the testament. So far hasn’t done anything to threaten Caroline's life as far as we know, has been suspected to be the mastermind in a murder attempt but it was never proven. Could be a threat in the future. Husband Philip has tried to pursue grandfather William to give him the company, but failed countless of times. He seems less a threat than his wife, but might become an obstacle.

    Unknown organisation – An unknown organisation has occasionally tried to kidnap Caroline. So far they have failed. Their motives are not yet known. If they work with any family member is also unknown at the moment.

    Lucas – classmate and cousin, one of the few family members that doesn’t hold a grudge towards Caroline and their grandfather.
    Alice Percy – Classmate, meets often after school.

    After school activities:
    Archery – Tuesdays & Fridays

    Planes (If she has to get out of the country she never takes a plane even though it’s faster)
    Small dark places

    Father and mother died in a plane crash when she was ten. After that her grandfather took care of her. Her grandfather had written Charles as the only heir to his company and fortune, even though he had two other children, a daughter and another son. When Charles died he rewrote his will and made Charles daughter the only heir. That’s when the other family members got to know about the testament and tried to make William rewrite it again so they could get their share. Eventually his daughter gave up and moved away with her husband to focus on their own new opened company. But her children didn’t accept the fact that neither they or their parents were in the testament and decided to get some parts (if not all) of the fortune.

    As news about her being the only heir leaked out, criminals started to target her to force William to pay for his granddaughters safety. This made William very overprotective and he started to give her 24/7 surveillance. At first she also got home tutoring which she fast got tired off since she was a very social child and wanted to meet people and go to an actual school. Even when he allowed it, she still weren’t satisfied since she always needed at least one bodyguard with her (often more). It went out over her social life since very few dared to get close to her with her body guard always staring at them.

    Caroline was kidnapped during many occasions of her childhood, mainly by people that didn’t dare to actually harm her, and just hoped they could escape with the money. Those were before her grandfather started to go overboard with the security though. But there had been some incidents where she got hurt, and could actually have been killed. Once she was run over by a car that seemed to be purposely aimed at her, it took three months to recover completely. Another time she was kidnapped by a gang that had planned to kill her, but was captured before they could execute the plan. The police weren’t able to make them talk about who employed them to do such a horrid act.

    As a fifteen year old she started to learn martial arts, to be able to defend herself better. She also practiced with a gun, in case it would be needed. Though she hoped she would never have to use one against a human. She tried to use those skills to make her grandfather agree on letting her go out without being escorted by guards, but it was first when she was 21 that he agreed, though unkown to her, that was a lie.
  2. Logan Mason flipped through the bio he had received, memorizing the information before handing it back to his supervisor. "We are giving you this assignment not just because of your youth, but because you are not known to Miss Clemonte. You will pretend to be her classmate, majoring in the same things. You will not be in every class, she will catch on too fast to that coincidence. You will be on campus when she is, at all times. The professors will let you sit in their classroom connected offices, you can pretend you are doing homework, make up some story if she asks. You will befriend her, but you will not admit to knowing anything about her. You will be in contact with us, through text messages or phone calls. Call us "mom" if she is with you." Logan nodded and the supervisor smiled. "Keep her safe." He ordered, before dismissing the male.

    Logan shouldered the backpack with his college supplies, heading out to his car. He had closely shaven light brown hair, and dark green eyes. A few days of stubble on his face, a dark T-shirt, baggy cargo pants and sneakers completed the look. He definitely didn't look like a agent, more like any other student attending college. At twenty, he was the perfect age to watch out for Caroline.

    He parked the beat up Honda and headed in to his first class, glancing around for Caroline, not making it obvious, then sliding in the seat next to her.
  3. Caroline noticed how curious eyes looked her way as she walked through the corridors of the school. During her first day of school she had gotten the same eyes, but for a whole different reason. At that time it was because of her body guards following her everywhere she went. Now it was because no one was following her. Even though the stares made her nervous, she wouldn't let it show. She brushed her blonde hair behind her back and simply continued to walk, pretending to not have noticed.

    As she sat down in one of the seats, she looked impatiently at the clock. As usual Lucas seemed to be turning up late. It wouldn't surprise her if his bad habits eventually got him thrown out of school. When she took up her phone to text him, a guy she had never seen before sat down next to her. Had he always been in that class? She wasn't certain, but so far she didn't know many of her classmates names or faces, so she might just have forgotten about him.

    After she had sent a short text to her cousin she turned off her phone and put it in her bag. Hopefully that would make him hurry up a bit and escape another scolding. She then sat silently for just a moment before she turned to the stranger. "Are you new here?" She asked him a bit curious. Very few people had actually sat themselves beside her before, except for her cousin, and some people she got to know outside of the classroom. She would probably also have avoided a person with threatening looking guys tailing them everywhere.
  4. He looked up from where he was doodling on his notebook and nodded, a small smile appearing. "Yeah, I just transfered in. What about you?" He asked, turning slightly to look at her. She was beautiful, and add who her grandfather was to the mix and it was no wonder she was so wanted. He offered his hand to her. "I'm Logan." He introduced himself.

    She seemed nice enough, not like the rich heiress' that demanded attention and to be admired and waited on hand and foot. That was a relief, he didn't want to have to try to befriend someone that just wanted to be worshipped. First impressions could be deceiving though, so he didn't jump to conclusions too fast.

    The professor came in and he turned back, flipping his notebook open as the male started taking the attendance.
  5. "Here from day one. I'm Caroline." She introduced herself. It was a bit tempting to make some kind of x-men joke because his name was Logan, but she refrained from it. He would probably have heard them all anyways.

    Before she had been able to say anything else the professor came in and started the lesson. He was not the kind of person that allowed talking during class, so it was best to just stop their conversation at that. While he were taking the attendance, Lucas tried to sneak into the room.

    "So nice of you to join us Mr. Clemonte." The professor said as Lucas was in the middle of a step. He laughed nervously and hurried to the empty seat on the other side of Caroline.

    "Smooth." She teased him in a whisper. Lucas were about to counter her remark but stopped himself as he saw the guy sitting beside her. He must have been as surprised as her about someone actually daring. He looked around a bit and noticed that there were no security guards standing in the corner of the classroom as they usually did. "Where are.." He started but the professor immediately shouted "silence."

    It was just to wait until the lesson was over.

    Later rather than sooner, the lesson eventually ended. "Time to wake up sleeping beauty. Class's over." She knocked her cousin on the head, even though she knew he was awake. He always lied on the table during lectures even though he never actually fell asleep. "My next lesson is in here, so I don't need to wake up for another hour." He murmured, pretending to be asleep. He completely forgot about her guards being gone and thus forgot to ask about it.

    She just shook her head and rose from her seat and turned to Logan. "Hey, if you have time before your next class then I could show you around. I mean, since you just transferred here it might be hard to find everything, so if you want to." She said, suddenly noticing how she became a bit nervous. It shouldn't be too surprising though, the only other guy she had ever spoken to was her cousin. And her grandfather and father of course, but they didn't count.
  6. "Nice to meet you." He said, opening his mouth to speak again, but the professor seemed the no nonsense type, and he wasn't about to get kicked out of class and have to deal with the repercussions from his boss. He actually took notes, though they were almost un-readable. He wasn't an expert note taker here, but it would be an excuse to ask her to study with him before tests, so that should work out.

    If he noticed the look Lucas had given him he didn't say anything. He knew who the male was, he had read the bio and been briefed and shown pictures of all those who were not considered a threat. He didn't give the male any sign of recognition though, just listened to the professor rambling on.

    He closed the notebook. Finally the class was over. He remembered why he had disliked school so much the first time he went through it and apparently he had forgotten everything, because it almost seemed as if the professor was speaking a different language. He recognized a few terms but knew he was actually going to have to study if he wanted to make it look good. After all, he couldn't just fail, it would look odd, someone paying to go to school who didn't care about passing. After scribbling down what he was supposed to read for homework and silently cursing this assignment, he realized Caroline was talking to him again.

    So maybe the assignment wasn't all bad, she was definitely sweet and he had worked with people much worse to look at. All things considered, getting paid to hang out with her wasn't the worst thing ever. Not that he could think of it like that, professional and not crossing boundaries, that had been drilled into him. But how do you stay professional and act like a college kid at the same time?

    "My next class is in an hour as well, the Evolution of Modern English or something like that." He grimaced and it wasn't all fake. He had taken languages in school because he was a quick learner and picked up languages easily. But it wasn't just taking a Spanish class or something, no, in order to get a degree you had to also learn about the history of languages, and a whole lot of other crap. "I will definitely take you up on that offer. I didn't know there was so many different buildings, it took me twenty minutes to find this class, thank god I left early." That was a lie. He had memorized the map and layout of the school.