Secret mission

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  1. Laura had finally made her stupid grandfather promise her to stop making a lot of body guards walk after her 24/7. Since her parents died he had been very careful and never let her go anywhere without someone protecting her. It was very irritating to not get any time alone. She hadn't even gotten to be without her guards in school.

    Of course there was a big risk for her to walk outside alone, a lot of people would want the money her family had and some people in her family was so greedy so they even wanted the money that she were going to inherit. There was always a risk of being kidnapped or even killed, but she didn't want that to stop her from living a somewhat normal life. She could disguise herself so that she looked like a guy so it wasn't like she couldn't go out alone once in a while. But her grandfather usually never listened.

    She didn't know what had made him change his mind about the body guards but she liked the freedom she would have now. Finally she would be able to date someone without having people watching the guys every movement. Little did she know that her grandfather had hired a young secret agent to keep an eye on her and that he were going to start in her class.

    She sat in the classroom, looking out threw the window. It was a boring day but at the same time an exiting day. There wasn't a single body guard as far as she could see. It was such a relief.