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  1. Tinker Bell and Terrance had two beautiful fairy daughters; twins. Nissa was one of the twins. She was adventurous and wanted to see the world, much like her mother, and find as many lost things as she could. She was also a tinker fairy. She had light brown hair and green eyes, a face shaped like her mother's. She was close to her twin sister, though they still fought like siblings sometimes.

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  2. Pennie was the other sister, she looked like this She had a crazy facination with the Humans. She spent her time trying to figure out what the Humans used all the stuff for. She was kind of distant except for her sister, she and Nissa were very very close. So when Pennie gets them lost and stuck in London because of her facination, she hopes Nissa doesn't hate her for it.
  3. Nissa sighed, giving up on trying to get out of the contraption they were in. She wasn't upset with Pennie, but she could see her sister was upset with herself. "It's alright," she soothed. "We'll get out of here somehow." They'd gotten stuck in a toy box in a children's room. The lid was just too heavy to open. Nissa fluttered her wings and flew up to try again and panted. "It's just too heavy..."
  4. Pennie had tried her best, but it was no use. "I'm so sorry Nissa, if I hadn't been so interested in that stupid toy, the Human wouldn't have put us away with his toy" she felt terrible. They were going to be stuck in here forever! She would never investigate another Human object or see her Momma again.
  5. Nissa hugged her dear sister. "Pennie, it's okay. Let's just sleep in here tonight. I found a soft toy over there, somewhere. I'm sure the human will want to play with it's toys tomorrow. We'll make our escape then," she assured her sister and lead her over to the soft toy. She laid down in the fur of the teddy bear with Pennie; they were both hidden under a few other toys so their glow wouldn't attract attention to their hiding spot.
  6. "oh thank you Nissa, what on EARTH would I do without you?" she felt much better after lying down. She fell into a deep sleep, where she dreamed of home.
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    Nissa smiled. "We'd both be lost without each other," she yawned and fell asleep. She was woken up by the human's nanny waking up the child to get them up for the day. Out of instinct, Nissa pulled her sister into a corner, but the lid of the toybox didn't open. It didn't open until the child was off to school and the nanny was cleaning. She opened the lid to put toys away, and that's when Nissa made her move. She grabbed her sister and flew out with her, flying to rest on top of the chandelier in the bedroom. She motioned for her sister to be quiet and wait out of sight while Nissa watched the nanny. Thankfully, the human never looked up and eventually left, closing the door behind her.
  8. "thank goodness!" Pennie said. "I thought we would NEVER get out of there!" She flew around to stretch out her wings and then came back to Nissa "where to next?" she asked looking around for something to explore.
  9. Nissa flew down, looking at all the doohickeys curiously. "What do you think these things do, Pennie," she asked her sister, flying around the dresser.
  10. "I don't know...Let's find out!" she said and started to tinker around with a hotwheels car. "this thing is weird" she said and flew off to find something better to play with.
  11. Nissa laughed and flew off with her sister. She inspected a birdhouse. "This could be a home back in Pixie Hollow," she said and went inside to inspect it. It hadn't bee painted yet, but for the roof, and had two floors. "Well, if it had stairs," she giggled. and poked her head out. "Have you found anything of more interest," she asked her sister.
  12. "No, I think this might be something you cut with" she said fiddling with a pair of toy scissors. "Ohhh what's this?!" she wondered out loud. "It's soft...Nissa come see. I can mold it into shapes. yuck! don't eat it." she said laughing
  13. Nissa flew over to her and stepped on it. "Aah," she shrieked and pulled her feet out of it, giggling. "It's so weird... Do you think they use it to stick things together, like honey," she wondered curiously
  14. "No, I think it might be some sort of dough, like cookie dough but not to eat" Pennie said. "it's all different colors..its really cool!" she said excitedly and waited to see what her sister thought of it.
  15. "It is cool, but weird," Nissa agreed, still poking at it as she hovered next to it. "I wonder what they use it for..."
  16. "Something tells me that they use it for playing with, I don't know what it is but it just seems like something a kid would want to play with" Pennie said, wondering what else there was in this room. She flew around looking for something else to discover. She flew past the door and saw a light coming from outside. "Nissa, there is room to squeeze out under this door! Let's go explore!" Pennie exclaimed, already halfway through the space.
  17. Nissa blinked over at her sister. "Pennie, that's where the human went," she said and flew after her, though she was curious as to what was on the other side. "We don't know what the human will do," she scolded her sister gently, looking around cautiously. "Let's explore carefully. Keep an eye out," she warned. She flew up, keeping close to the ceiling. She noticed humans don't look up much, so it was the safest bet if there was nothing around to hide them.
  18. Pennie just followed her sister up to the ceiling and loooked around. "This is boring" she said flatly and swooped back down to ground level. "Much better" she said cheerily.
  19. "Pennie," Nissa frowned and followed her. "We're gonna get found," she mumbled, but stayed by her sister.
  20. "nah" said Pennie. "We are too small to be seen by that maid" Pennie seemed very nonchalant.