SEASONS of the year :D Which is your favourite ?

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SEASONS of the Year :D





Which is your favourite? Why?

Winter: its easier to warm up than it is to cool down, I find. Also, less beasties munching at me and snow angels are the height of fun. :3 Not to mention the pretty scenery...
Autumn! I love the changes in colors and I love wind/rain. Also Fall fashion season!
Winter, then again, where I live winter is pretty damn nice.
Winter. So much easier to sleep, no heatwaves or power outages like you might see in the summer, the bugs are usually dead or killed off by the cold, and my favorite holidays+my birthday within the same season.
I always have liked Autumn :3 crunchy leaves and nice, cold but not killer atmosphere ^^
I'll have to say spring. Always nice to get out of that cold icy binge of car stopping snow and chilling wind. Always good to see the grass again and the flowers are nice. Sure this may also be the one time of year I get sick but I can handle being sick just to be able to go outside.
I like summer because I get to go to the beach and have fun in the sand'n'water. I like being tan and I really dislike the cold >_>. Also, my birthday's in August. Forgot to add in my mom making Key Lime Pie at least once a week (I'm eating some right now, XD), and summer break.

For pretty much all the reasons everyone else before me has stated.

Plus you get winter break if you're in school.
Summer, it's when I get lazy and watch the world go by. Since other kids have their summer break I like watching them through my window.

[/not a creeper]
Wow, should I take a tally ?





:D Winter's winning :)
Plus, I had to my vote to Winter, too. I love the snow more than falling leaves, rain, or sunshine <3 Weird, right? I don't like freezing temperatures, but I'd rather have winter than summer :D But each season has its own beauty~ <3

If you were to choose to live in one season all year, would it be your favourite, or a different one? Why?
Autumn. Or as US AMERIKANZ call it, Fall.

I love the change. And the wind. And just everything.
All the other seasons are pretty neat, but they're all stationary. Fall is actively doing stuff. Dying leaves, falling leaves, wind/rain/fog/etc., color changing, and the like.
I guess the closest combatant in that regard is Spring, but I'm more or less into appreciating old life rather than embracing new life.
Spring: Winter, and all of its associated hassles, is over. It's cool, but not cold. I can finally start doing things like sleeping with the windows thrown wide open, I don't need heavy clothing to keep me warm anymore, don't have to preheat my car, no bugs yet, no motherfucking snow anymore, the days aren't too long, increasing the length of time I can spend walking around in the nighttime.

Plus, winter is many, many months away.
Definitely Autumn! The weather for me is perfect (generally) not too hot but not too cold. Plus it's perks that my birthday is in autumn XD Besides the scenery is really pretty in its turning phase before it's all dead and dreary! I don't know there is just something about autumn that I have always enjoyed over spring/summer/winter....
Here you have Hot, and hot and raining. So I'm either sweaty, or sweaty and wet.
Far, far, east. A mear 8 degrees form the equator.
Well Summer is my favorite, but I think a good deal of that has to be living in the PNW and having a mild case of SAD. I love being able to run around and do things without a coat or getting soaking wet. Granted if I had to live in one season only I might prefer Spring instead when everything is blooming and at the height of potential, but I love fresh summer fruits and veggies. Ideally I'd move to Hawaii and then visit up here on occasion for nostaliga and a taste of other seasons.
Call me a philosophical old fool, but I tend to favour both Autum, and Winter due to the belief, that the world is passing on the day to it's children, and allowing those that dwell here, the chance to experience the future of the world in both weather, and in opportunities.
You live at the Equator or something?

I live in a region similar to where Vay currently resides, so yeah.

Dry season is ideal for driving, but then again the heat can keep you in your house.

Wet season threatens you with bad driving conditions, floods, and rain penetrating your windows, but at least it heralds the cold - good for relaxing.

I am fucking stumped. I'll probably lean towards wet season.