Season's Greetings

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    What's your favorite thing about the winter holiday season?
    What's your least favorite things about the winter holiday season?
  2. Favorite: The get togethers to put up the tree(s) and decorate (in December). The non-materialistic gifts of companionship and the completion of another year, hopefully without much drama. The fact that I get the 'excuse' to cook and try out crazy, new dishes (this is shared with Thanksgiving).

    Least Favorite: Stress, anxiety, and all the people. All the Christmas stuff being put out 2 or even 3 months ahead of December. Hearing Christmas carols on the radio and in stores since late October. Everything just being shoved down my throat and that I'm expected to be happy through all this mind-rape and input overload. (Could go on and on in the category so I'll stop here.)
  3. Favourite: Food, potential for gift giving, the overall "atmosphere" that takes over.

    Least Favourite​: The memories.
  4. I LOVE the atmosphere! The way it's supposed to be a time of family and friends and good cheer. The excitement surprises when exchanging gifts. The beautiful decorations, the nostalgia of memories from past holidays. I love the way people connect with good tidings, helping others, becoming closer as friends, family and neighbors. I have a lot of GOOD memories about Christmas, from before my parents turned Jehovah's Witness, and after when my bestie invited me to her family's holiday every year. I have a lot of bad ones and sad ones too, but it's always been the good ones that have made the holiday so special for me.

    I HATE how "good cheer" is only for those few weeks, and the rest of the year it's a "fuck you and everybody else" deal. >:/ People are only spreading good tidings during the holiday, and that sucks. I also hate the bitter, sad, lonely people that can't seem to find ANY happiness in their life, so they give out 101 reasons why the holidays suck and become big downers for others. I haaaaaaaate how winter holiday has become so commercialized that they start advertizing it three months before it's even time to. Every holiday has something special, and the fact that Christmas is now being marketed even before Halloween starts really pisses me off, and it kinda diminishes the specialness of the event cause it goes on forever.