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  1. ~Seasonal Center~

    What is the Seasonal Center
    Right above the Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful and grand pagoda, built on a piece of land which keeps it afloat and in the sky. Lanterns and potted plants adorn the sides of it. And the lights inside almost never seems to close.
    Yet this is all unseen by mortals. Planes phase through, and the giant house is invisible to the human eye.
    And this building is called the, "Seasonal Center"
    But what's so important about it?

    Well, you see, the Seasonal Center houses the four great fox gods and their subordinates.
    They're the ones responsible for the weather, and other things.
    Each major god or goddess deals with one season they take care of, and leads his or her subordinates to help. I'll explain this in greater detail later.
    They all have unique rituals to follow when transitioning the seasons, messing it up could lead to some major consenquences.

    The Plot
    At present time, the plot can change from now and the future if this actually goes anywhere, and that's just the side plot. For now there are only three side plots; the introduction, missions and helping with the rituals. I'm even planning to have humans eventually see the pagoda itself. But the main goal in the entire thing is to figure out what secrets the four heads are keeping to themselves.

    The Gods and Goddesses
    At the moment, there are only four.
    Each leading a division which represents a season and is responsible for making sure said season runs smoothly.
    But since kitsune arn't the only supernatural things that inhabit the earth, as a sign of piece, each head decided to aid certain species. So it's very regular for them to get letters of assistance from said species.
    They all have other uniue responsibilities, and differs from each division.
    They all make decisions based on a majority vote.
    Punishment is also decided through this way.

    All of them are also of equal power, no one stronger than the other.
    But is stronger than those under them. They are the only kitsunes in the world to have nine tails.
    Not many know why this is, or how they achieved it. People speculate that they may be older than they say they are.

    The Subordinates
    To apply as a subordinate to a head, you must follow these requirements.
    You must be kitsune or one of the species the head helps.
    You must also not have had any human interaction unless it's for nutrition purposes.
    And finally, if the person applying is younger than 180 years old, than they must get the parents permission.
    These are the main ones, but each change depending on the head.
    Most of the people joining will be going as new subordinates.

    The rankings are shown through how many tails one has, or how many rings he or she wears.
    One being absolutely new and eight being a heads right hand man.
    No one will be able to pass seven yet, especially not early on.
    You gain tails or rings by your progress in the academic part of the Seasonal Center.
    That's right, the whole second floor of the pagoda holds many classrooms.
    All having one goal in mind, to teach your character how to control and strengthen their power.
    And if your lucky, one of the heads could spare some time to teach your class something.


    So this is what I need...
    Three willing people that will actually help me develop this into something.
    And I'd also like to be able to draw the characters once they're finished, of course, only if you'll let me.

    Character Sheet:
    *portrait or picture*
    Personality: (brief please)
    Species: (fox breed)
    Eye color:
    Responsibilities: (except for the obvious) don't fill this in yet
    Relationship chart: Or this

    If you'll allow me to make you a portrait, than fill this in please. Images would help
    Hair color: (I'm basing this on the breed, but you can choose the main color)
    Color/s of kimono:
    Designs?: (Right now, I'm only doing a head portrait)
    Tattoos: (Just one thing please)

    My character:
    Name: Aki
    Gender: Male
    Division: Autumn
    Calm, cool, and collected; Aki is a kitsune that doesn't allow many emotions to pass through. But even so, he is a good listener and is willing to share his wisdom with those younger than he is, if they want it. He usually goes with the flow when it comes to the other three, and will only object and state his opinion when asked or if he feels it's urgent.
    Species: Cross fox
    Relationship chart:

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