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    The port was still and silent during the early hours. The air was cool and moist, the smell of sea salt and fish was penetrating. Sunlight gleamed on the waters until a splash sent the drops flying up. What caused the splash was a large, white dolphin soaring gracefully through the air. Kleon Horus could see the mermen stirring beneath the waves with the dolphins, most likely hunting with them for crabs and shellfish. Today seemed especially peaceful, but Kleon wasn't sure whether it was always like this or if he just felt loathe to leave his home.

    He had descended from his manse on the hill earlier in the morning, eager to set sail with his crew. They would be strangers to him, he knew, all but Ramses. He set his cousin out even earlier to watch over the loading of goods on the Champion, so that some sneaky dockworker wouldn't think of palming a loaf of bread from their stores. He also instructed most of the crew to wake before he arrived on his ship, so he could greet them immediately.

    The specialists he had hired were instructed to stay at an inn nearby. A very lavish inn, fit for wealthy merchants and mercenary captains. Kleon had sent his servants to wake them and meet him on the Champion. That was a while ago, and most likely they were already assembled on deck. Kleon got up from the mossy rock he had been sitting on and continued down the stony shoreline to the docks. There he saw the crew just about finished with the loading, and his cousin Ramses watching silently over them.

    "Good morning, cousin. Fine day, isn't it?" he asked. His cousin grunted in agreement. Kleon couldn't help but smile. His cousin's lack for words at first seemed disrespectful, but now it was amusing, and Kleon's daily routine involved pestering Ramses with courtesies, only to be shot down with grunts and snorts.

    He made his way up the ramp and onto the deck, motioning Ramses to follow. There he met his crew assembled. Fifty sailors, Isene, merfolk and tree-men. Ten were doctors and wise-men and scribes, all dragonspawn. The ship's cook, Spice, was there as well, old and portly. And there in the middle stood the crew Kleon had hired.

    The family assassin was in line with them, one of the strange Mama Wata's from far down south. The merchant mermaid was there as well. Far to the north came their explorer. The Horus family was infamous for their love of magic and its practitioners, so Kleon had hired two of them, a mystic and a sorcerer. And finally there was the captain. She was new to him, and Kleon had the old captain reassigned to another ship, much to his grumbling.

    Kleon stood side-by-side with Ramses and stood straight. "Good morning, crew! It's a good day today, I can feel it. I want you all ready for the voyage, so get to it! Raise the anchor and open the masts, or whatever it is you sea-lovers do." To his specialists, he said, "Meet me in my chambers whenever you're ready. There we'll plot our first course."
    Kleon bowed and made for his chambers, with Ramses trailing behind him.
  2. Olivia watched and waited as her employer, Kleon if she remembered right, stood there doing his speech, though his 'sea talk' did annoy her a little bit. When Kleon finished his little speech with the overly large and strong Ramses nearby, someone who she did not want to get on's bad side, she turned to study the acting crew she would be commanding from this point on. She had lead a few ships over these large and expansive oceans but this was the first time she had seen such a diverse crew. There was the obviously human mystic, which she didn't find strange, and the relatively human sorcerer, but this was when things took a strange turn for her, though she couldn't talk seeing as she was a living marionette, but still. There was the snake-like Mama Wata who was their hired assassin, Ahksha if she remembered correctly from the crew charter. The Mermaid Alaska, which was their designated merchant, hence she resolved to leaving anything involving money to her. Then there was the obviously male Isenian, who to her looked relatively human. Then finally the overly large Ramses, whom had left with Kleon.

    Olivia turned to the people beside her before speaking "Hello all, i'm going to be your Captain from now on, i hope we can work together without any problems..." Olivia said stoically, though she did stay wary of the humans designated as her crew, their general races cruel treatment upon hers sticking inside of her mind.
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  3. Akumu listened to Klein, though she didn't appear like it. She stared up the ship, trying to spot it's highest points. Akumu had this strange thing about heights, where she wanted to see how high she could slimb. She wanted badly to just drop everything she was doing and reach the ship's highest peak, but she didn't. The only thing this girl held in her hand was a thick black leather bound book filled with spells she would try to learn in her free time.

    Akumu glanced over it her employer. She had worked for his family for two years, but this was her first time working for him. Her gaze slipped past him to his large buddy. She squinted at him. She didn't know what to make of him. He was big, yes, and muscular. But be looked rough, as if he had been beaten up as a child. She raised an eye row at the pair as they walked away.

    Her attention was soon moved to the marionette. She snorted out of habbit when she said she was the captain. Akumu didn't exactly like being given orders, but she liked getting paid so she had to put up with it. "So, Captain, whats your name? Or do you prefer we just stick with Captain? She said in her naturally bitter tone. Though, it was surprisingly high and almost girly despite her male looks. She often took people by surprise when she spike, since her voice was so much different from her appearance.
  4. Ahksha was initially surprised that Kleon had hired him onto the crew of the ship, though he did not voice it. Instead he simply obeyed, showing up even earlier than the hulking mass of muscle that was Ramses. He had only been employed by the Horus Family for little under a year, so he did not harbour the same ingrained fear of the man that others possessed.

    The snake shifter had stayed out of sight for a while, silently observing the crew as they arrived. There were several conversations running about him, though his limited knowledge of the common tongue did not allow him understand much, so he simply ignored them. As the specialists arrived, Ahksha was taken aback by the shere diversity, the most surprising being the captain. She was of a race that he was not familiar with which caused him to be a bit cautious of her.

    Soon after he had settled in among the specialists, Kleon arrived and spoke to them. He was rather embarrassed at his master's words, having been able to understand the basic parts of the ship.

    He knew it was probably best if he kept quiet as his language often brings confusion to those whom hear it but do not understand. However, when the small male spoke to the captain the Mama Wata felt his scales prick to attention.

    "Syakai ni Mabda" he said, his voice a strange combination of a hiss and whisper with a rolling rasp.

    His Valya had always taught him to respect those whom had more power than him, especially his superiors. People like his captain or master were people to protect and obey, even when they did not respect him in return.

    As he looked toward the boy, he flicked his tongue out, tasting the young man's scent. His eyes widened at the sudden realization.

    "Ni'a veepier?" he said, surprised.

    ((Syakai ni Mabda: respect your {female} Superior
    Ni'a veepier: You're female))
  5. Akumu blinked when the Mama Wata spoke. Through her years in the streets, she had seen very few of his kind. But, she had seen enough to be slightly familiar with the language, she could understand when spoken to she just couldn't speak in the same tongue as them. She wasn't that skilled, plus she figured she would never actually work side by side with a Mama Wata for a while. It took her time to process what he first said, and by the to e she understood he had spoken again. A grown if frustration appeared on her face as she thought through what he had said trying to decipher his language. She ungerstood the word 'female' and by the look of his expression he was surprised. So, Akumu pieced two and two together.

    "Yeah, I'm female. Got a problem with it?" She snapped rather rudely. Turning to face the snake-man, her eyes were fierce as if challenging him to make a comment on how she didn't look the female part. But, she paused a moment. In her head, she began counting backwords from ten, some stupid trick one of the Horus family told her to do when she got pissy.

    So, once she got to one, her gaze had turned more relaxed and almost bored. She thought through her actions and figured it would be better if she didn't piss off the people she would be working with and simply try to make the best of things. So, awkwardly, she backed down.
    "Never mind. Doesn't matter my gender, right? As long as I complete whatever jobs I have." She mumbled quietly and shifted her book from one hand to the other.
  6. Kazimir looked over his shoulder, surveying the crew around him. He had arrived early to explore the ship, he already knew it pretty well. But now he could get to know his companions. Kleon was attractive, but pretty standard, if a little bit suspicious. The strongman was boring, he'd seen and known men like him all his life, the north was full of them. The captain was interesting, he had never seen anything like her before. He tilted his head. The mystics were standard as well, but the smaller boy didn't seem to be a boy at all. Her posture gave it away.
    The assassin, however, was very interesting. He had never seen anything like him, either. He apparently didn't speak the common tongue, but the language he did speak was strange. He stepped a little bit closer to the others, keeping his eyes on the assassin.
  7. "You can call me Olivia..." The marionette said when Akumu calmed down enough for her to get an actual reply out. She hadn't seen a Mama Wata before, that much was true, but her people did understand their language somewhat just in case any visited their island. Unfortunately for her though she didn't learn it like the others, and only knew a few words, of which consisted of 'What is your name?', so she didn't understand a word Ahksha had said. She studied the crew for a few more moments, wanting to get their names and faces memorized just in case it was needed in the future, before heading to Kleon's Chamber to start planning their first expedition. She just hoped her expertise in piloting and commanding ships that she had gained over the years under the employment of other races was enough to lead this very diverse crew. She wasn't panicking, she was planning ahead, if her expertise wasn't enough than why not gain such experience now?
  8. Akumu gave a small nod, then turned and wandered away from him. She wasn't really one for greetings. It wasn't that she was trying to be rude, it was just that she wasn't all that social around new people. She wandered towards the edge of the ship, looking over at the waves in the water. She raises an eyebrow, then turns her gaze to the sky, looking at the top of the mast. She smirks a little, leaning against the wall preventing people from falling into the water. She rests her elbows on the wall and looks around soon spotting the cabin. She debated on whether or not she should head on in like her employer said but she decided to wait on the others. Besides, she didn't want to be the first one in there. It would be awkward, so she waited.
  9. Aou-bi spoke very little Ahksha's native tongue, her home dialect being very different made it hard for her to speak even the common tongue. She learned as she traveled, and had once traveled on cart with a mama wata once, which was the only reason she actually knew a couple phrases.
    She was very easily the smallest of the crew, or at least, one of the smallest. It seemed that Kleon had acquired a crew from all over the lands, making it a very diverse ship. The woman had found herself a place to stand by the railing, unused to traveling by sea and already was making a habit of chewing up her lip. At least she wasn't the only one with magic, so that would mean that she didn't have to do everything by herself.
    Aou-bi gave a polite half bow to whom she assumed was the explorer of the crew. "Hello." She started, trying to make a good conversation starter. Aou-bi never really was good around large groups of people.
  10. Ahksha was still surprised by the fact that the boyish woman in front of him was in fact a female when she spoke. He was glad that she seemed to understand what he had said, but outraged that she would believe that he would look down on a woman. Having been employed by the Horus family had at least gotten him to mostly understand the common tongue, though there were still many words he was unfamiliar with. Mama Wata's were a race that had fluid gender roles when compared to most of the other races of Isis. The women were even more commonly the leaders of a Pit and the men simply grunts.

    Shaking his head in negation of the platinum blonde's assumption, the snake shifter felt his scales prickle at the presence of someone new. Turning his attention toward the man, he could see a strange look of facination cross his features as he looked upon the Mama Wata. It unnerved him, moreso when the man moved closer.

    Ahksha had not been a very social person, even among his pit and the abundance of others made him uncomfortable. However he had given his word to Kleon, so he simply glared at the man inwarning. His pupils dilating into nearly paper thin slits at the action before he looked away.

    When the last female member of the specialists made her presence known with a polite, if not timid greeting, he turned toward her.

    "Hyello." He tried in the common tongue, his Menos accent taking over in the beginning.

    He didn't bother speaking anymore as he made a motion with his hands toward the chambers. He moved toward the doors quickly, his motions fluid and controlled before he almost silently openedthe door and slipped through.
  11. Kazimir jumped a little when the mystic spoke to him and looked away from the assassin, giving him a quick smile when he started to glare. "Oh. Uh. Hello." He turned and smiled, tilting his head a little. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the mama wata leave. "I guess we should go meet up with Kleon." He chuckled a little and gestured towards the door, turning and heading over and slipping inside.
  12. Akumu noticed others head inside. So, she leaned off the side and made her way towards the cabin. She glanced back at the remaining people, raising an eyebrow at them. This certainly would be an interesting trip. So many different races. It almost made Akumu feel like a plan Jane. Almost. She opened the door and slipped inside, staying towards the back of the cabin. She didn't want to draw any more attention to herself. She walked towards the corner and leaned against the wall, setting her book beside her.
  13. Olivia had already entered the room, and was leaning on a back wall. She looked up as others started entering before turning towards Kleon, she had an important question that she needed answered, and the only one that could provide that answer was Kleon. She looked over to where Kleon was before asking her most important question,"Before others start showing up, before we do anything, you must decide... Are we going to be partaking in Piracy, or no? I honestly don't mind either way but keep in mind the implications..." Olivia felt content with just waiting and watching, as the answer to this would determine many things that were very important.
  14. Akumu gave a sly grin, catching what the captain said. Honestly, she had hoped this marry band of sailors weren't just going to go about our business calmly and trade things. She had hopped they would cause a little trouble together, and the thought of piracy seemed to excite her young mind. Beside, why have a dark sorcerer if she couldnt do any, well, dark magic? She listened closely to see what Kleons answer would be. Surely a man like him, who had rumors of using poison to get to where he was, wouldnt have them do everything like moral citizens, right?
  15. Aou-bi followed the others into the cabin, and was among the last of the group to enter the room. Piracy, that was exciting. Not entirely unique, but it would provide them something interesting to do and gain a name for themselves. It would be interesting to get to know the other members and what their talents were. Kleon wouldn't have hired them for no reason, they had to be really good at something.
  16. Kleon had his legs supported by two velvet cushions by the time his team had entered his chambers. He was sipping a dark, near-liquid brew from some land to the far east. Ramses stood guard next to him, his cousin's axe sheathed behind his back. Ramses had taken off his armor and helmet, revealing his scarred face and black, beady eyes. Kleon was wearing silks and a feathered hat. He was just about finished with his glass of brew when the captain asked him about piracy.

    "Piracy, eh?" Kleon arched his brow. "The Champion is surely more than a match for most vessels out on the sea, but the crew, save for you, aren't used to plundering and murdering the same way buccaneers are; the people of my port are simple sailors, no more. Maybe that should be a problem we should address, Captain? Surely you know where to find some men who don't mind slitting throats."

    Kleon pushed himself up from his throne of pillows and paced around the chambers. It was dimly lit, with most of the light pouring from the windows and only a few scented candles on a table. "I know how you all lust for blood, or battle, or gold. We will have it soon, when we can hire a crew fit for piracy. I'm certain I know a port or two that can offer these men."

    He opened a map and sprawled it across his table, lifting a candle up to illuminate it. He pointed to a port far to the south-east. "I'm not wise in the ways of sailing, but I can read a map well enough. This is the Breaking Bay. They say its a haven for misunderstood ne'er-do-wells, but its more accurately a cove of craven dogs and beggars. I do know a man there who owes me, and perhaps he can get us a crew fit for plundering."

    He stood straight. "If you want a bit of piracy, it seems to me we'll need pirates. So what say you, my faithful crew?"
  17. Olivia stared down at the map, it seemed that Breaking Bay was near Black Cove and some island called Colender, Black Cove was a favorite in piracy as a lot of trade ships went to and fro in it, so it seemed plausible that there would be pirates nearby. "Well, what's to say that this man that owes you won't betray us and mutiny?" Olivia asked while study the map some more, there were multiple islands here and there and some ports along the way, it looked like Breaking Bay was around 3 days and 2 nights away, but Olivia wasn't sure if they had enough supplies for the trip, though she was positive that their employer wouldn't send them off on a Suicide trip. "Well, first of all i need to know how many cannons this thing has, it's cargo and crew capacity, current cargo and crew, what type of ammo and how much of it there is, and if you can affo- wait, never mind that last one..."Olivia cut herself off at the last question, after all, if he couldn't afford it then why would he suggest it?
  18. Akumu had changed her attention from the Captain and her employer to giant man from before. If she remembered correctly his name was Ramses. She tilted her head and studied him. She hadn't seen his face before, so this was quite interesting. She tilted her head. The scars didn't bother her, she was simply curious about how he had gotten them. She squinted a little, a lot of then looked like the kinds you would get from beatings, other looked like you got them from cuts or burns. She raises an eyebrow curiously, her hands sliding in her pockets. She then turns and looks at the Captain quietly.
  19. "That man doesn't merely owe me. He needs me. He's wanted by three different merchant princes, each of whom have fleets of more than a hundred ships each. In his need he came to me. The Horus family was at war with them at the time, and so I wished to do harm upon my enemies by protecting their enemy from harm. If ever should he betray me, even kill me, I have nearly half a hundred ways to show his enemies where he is."

    In regards to his captain's other question, he pulled his drawer open and took a charter with all the belongings and fittings on the Champion. "This ship can hold near two hundred men, though we've got sixty excluding you and me right now. It's outfitted with fifty cannons, each amply supplied with ammunition. This ship may seem all glitter and gold, but it can hold its own. My father had this ship built by three of Isis' greatest shipwrights. It cost a fortune, grant you, but it will make that fortune back and more."

    He took out another piece of paper. "We've got sixty crew members. Fifty seasoned sailors. Five doctors. Two scribes. One wise man, to ask the gods for blessings. I don't think it helps, but the men do. We've got you six and me. For cargo we've got ample provisions of cheese and bread and rum and ale. Some spice and silk to trade for goods we might need as well."

    He folded the paper and put it back in his drawer. "Anything else, captain?"
  20. "None at all, seems we'll make the trip just fine..." Olivia replied, she thought from earlier because of his 'sea talk' that he might not have been prepared enough for the trip, but seeing and hearing what just happened she felt more than comfortable to trust Kleon, as the man knew at least what a ship needs. A few obvious things would need upgrading, like for example getting more types of ammo like Grape and Chain but every voyage and journey starts out small. "If i could, could i request to get a copy of that sent to my quarters? It will help and i won't have to bother you every time i need to see it to redo my calculations..." Olivia requested stoically, the man was smart and, dare she say it, handsome, but she'd rather not have to beat down his door ever day or so just to see what their current cargo was.
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