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      Being of this world called the internet we are willing slaves to this world living our lives as what is known as, Complex Area

      Pirates we collect what we want, drink what we want, destroy what we want, we are a rebel of this land and waters. As well as the peacekeepers who keep their head high and fancy swords to our throats with their cubes.

      The peacekeepers are who keeps the peace in these cyber waters making sure that the pirates don't gain that doesn't need to be taking. We as the enforcement make sure these virus code lovers stay off private grounds and clean and make sure they never touch the cyber ore, a special beacon, the heart of it all. It is the energy source to everything from lights to keeping your ships afloat.
    • Follow the TOS here

      Don't make ridiculous characters that is over op and ect

      No mary or gary sues

      Have fun

      I don't want to see a bunch of cat people running around I need variety to make it interesting

      When it comes to close death experience with someone else's character make sure you two talk about it and agree to it

      Be fair

      Have fun

      This is character and story driven one shot so yea, being a active enough to continue the story is a must,
      but if you can't respond after a week tell us and we see from there

      I'll add more if needed


      Username: 'Phazer'
      Name: John Williams
      -- Mercenary

      Username: quadgrunt44
      Name: Glohan
      -- Muscle


      Username: 8004397
      Name: Daralis Carrington
      -- Solider of section C


      Side: Pirates or Peacekeeper
      Class: Poor Mid Rich
      Rank: Capitan, Right hand man, crew, ect
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  1. Username: 'Phazer'
    Name: John Williams
    Age: 25
    Sex: Yes, please (Male)
    Gender: Male
    Side: Pirates or Peacekeeper (Not any more, baby, I'm a free man, now!)
    Class: Poor Mid Rich
    Rank: Capitan, Right hand man, crew, ect Mercenary
    Weapon: Twin Cyber 1911s, large cyber machete, secondary, smaller cyber machete, combat knife
    Personality: Somewhat of a show-off, likes to impress others, overconfident at times
    Biography: Once an enlisted man, working for the peacekeepers, the man known as Phazer, didn't take kindly to the system, and the corruption with his superiors, letting off hackers and releasing virus spreaders for quick payouts. So, like any sane man would, he slaughtered the whole ship of Peacekeepers, stole the vessel for himself, and rammed through a barricade. Of course, he was nearly killed himself, but he was lucky, due to the hole he'd punched in the barricade, a group of pirates was able to get through, and drew the attention of the peacekeepers long enough for him to quickly dispatch of them. After that he was taken in by the pirates, and found he liked the life of a plunderer and murderer a whole lot more. At least these bandits and scum shared their loot, and were honest about it
    Big pic (open)
  2. It's Internet Piracy time! I feel it would be hypocritical of me to make a peacekeeper after all my theft of internet property :D I am right that this is set in a virtual world, aren't I? Just want to make sure.
  3. Username: [ ? ] (The username box was left empty except for the ?, but with "question mark" being a pain to say, most people call her Q)
    Name: Unknown, though there are many rumours about it.
    Age: Thought to be between 17 and 19, but once again, unknown.
    Gender: Female
    Side: Neither, though will more often side with pirates.
    Class: Unknown
    Rank: Unpaid mercenary, just doing it for the lolz.
    Weapon: Her mind, quite literally. She has a kind of hacking utensil, which allows her to alter the virtual environment. Her favourite trick is to briefly replace the avatar of her opponent with a small animal. Other cantrips include screwing with the target's control settings, switching weapons for origami swans and conjuring virtual flying battle tigers.
    Personality: Q is a pretty random person, with no clear objective or personality. She will change seemingly without any cause, one minute jumping around chasing nyancats, the next sat in a rocking chair telling tales of the "good old days".
    Biography: Will be revealed IC should the situation arise.
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  4. Username: 8004397
    Name: Daralis Carrington
    Sex: Female
    Gender: Uh.. Female
    Side: Pirates or Peacekeeper
    Class: Mid
    Rank: solider of section C
    Weapon: Stunner, Needlegun, PPG, Gravity Gun

    Personality: She is mostly a calm person she is trained to be formal, loyal and head strong. She is a simple woman she does not get into much activities outside her job. Being an overachiever she at times feels lost and fills herself of self doubt.

    Biography: Daralis decided to leave her home after finding out that her biological father (Drix) was a Peacekeer and mother (Andora) who is a Pirate. At age sixteen she joined Rhazé Space Academy then graduate at 20. She then enlisted as a Galactic Explorer at the Space Division for three years. Currently she is transferring to the Peacekeepers from a recommendation of her superiors.

    Writing Sample : Rhazé Academy (open)

    Daralis (18) is eating what she always eat on her lunch breaks: a loaf of bread, pasta, a cup of mix fruits, and her favorite cherry flavored soda. A young boy with short and spiky red hair leap on top of her table in the cafeteria then begun to juggle apples. "Good old Daralis still eating the same food ever since she first arrived at Rhazé. I'm surprised you not sick of pasta. I don't eat it anymore because of you." Daralis stops eating crosses her arms and looks at him smiling with an eyebrow raised. Having an idea how this will turn out . "How long have you we've known each other" he suddenly asked. "Two years she answered quickly. He started to get fancy by biting into each apple. He stopped juggling but not his pacing he finally says :"Wouldn't you say that we are close?" "What!-Yes you are a good friend. Where is this going Park.?" Park leans his head back annoyed." For the love of god call me Lucas please! Any way, Us being so close we come to understand each other. How we act, our dreams, needs, desires-" he went on to say but got interrupted my Darlis's AH HA!

    "I'm not buying you those hover boots. You had you money and you wasted it on that hair cut of yours instead of buying those shoes." Park bend down on his knees right in front of Daralis's plate. "Please help a brother out. I need those boot for the field test in three days. If I don't have the proper equipment I fail before I even preform" he cries. Daralis shakes her head not caving in to her best friends plea. "Yes and since I know you well your cries are all an act. You also don't change when you ask for money." Parks jumps off the table, and sits really close to her . "I'll pay you back." This made Daralis giggle longer then what she anticipated she clams down a little to say "You have a poor report on paying you debts. Remember Marelyn she helped you get your ID altered. After you guys broke up and she needed just 300 dollars from you and you never gave it to her." "Daralis that wouldn't hurt her she has money." "Not at that point her dad cut her off she told the both of us." Park widen his eye finally remembering that.

    "You know I don't really see her often anymore" he says while his index figure pats his lower lip. "That's because she had to drop out. That's not all, there is Trevor he liked you so much, and you used him." "Wait a minute ....Who's Trevor?" At that point Daralis raised up from the table grabbed her plate to walk towards the trash ben Park followed. "Ok so I owe some people but they are not you. I know you are going to make sure that I pay you back. Plus you are with me most of the time so it would be impossible for me to avoid you." After she slide her food in the trash she stood there for a minute which made Park a bit anxious. "You even borrowed from a homeless man" she says filled with disappointment. "What?! Now you are making that up." She spun around to Park slowly stepping close to him. "Winter of 2077 you wanted to give Micheal a gift. Your now boyfriend the person you should be asking instead of me." "I did but he said that I he said quickly realizing his problem. She continues: " You robbed the poor man of five dollars. You purchased that hideous key chain not retuning what was left over." Park scratches his head out of frustration " Okay I get it I'm a horrible person, but this is serious this could harm my grade.

    " Daralis just walks away unfazed by Park's dilemma. Park just sits at the table with both hands over his face. Daralis turns her head to right then shout : "There is another alternative." Park rose up from his seat grinning. He jogs closer to her. "I'm listening!" "Alright there are under ground cage matches that happen all over the slums of Drifindel, and the winner can obtain up to 10K . I'll give the coordinates to the place." Parks jumps back at the revelation of her possible arcane activities. "Daralis why do you know such a place for someone as just as you I would have never thought that you were interested in-" before he could finish Daralis back handed smack him. " She sticks her index figure in this face then says "Don't question my character. This is the only solution you have for quick cash. And stop calling me by my 1st name it's Carrington to you. Also if I catch you making frequent visits I'll arrest you." All Park did was nod while holding his cheeks.

  5. image.jpg
    Username: quadgrunt44
    Name: Glohan
    Age: Unknown as he never shows his face, has been serving for 34 years.
    Sex: Sounds like and identifies as a male.
    Side: Pirates
    Class: Mid, although he doesn't really know how money works.
    Rank: Muscle of the crew, whether it's moving heavy things or blowing holes in cyber monsters you go to him.
    Weapon: Hand cannon shotgun, can blow a hole though non-military decks with one shot.

    Personality: Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but certainly the heaviest sledgehammer. A hulking titan of a man yes, but certainly not a clever one. Takes almost everything literally so it's hard to crack a joke around him, yet extremely reliable if you want something done. He has a silent caring for his fellow crew members as well as a hidden passion for cooking.

    Just appeared one day and pledged his alliance to the pirates.
    (To be revealed though RP)

    Ah, yes. @Muno are you planning on playing a pirate captain?
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  6. @Karakui
    Accepted, but add at least a little history of her in the bio, like Crono did


    Pfft why wouldn't I ???
    I've been thinking about it though either I should be on the Peacekeepers side this time or both.......
    But I can't be greedy
    Or just have a little tryout thing for the Captains and Co Captains
    After getting enough crew members on both sides
  7. Perhaps have it so the last captain just got arrested so the crew is deciding on who the new one is going to be. As for the bio, I'll put in the rumours she's generated then.
  8. image.jpg
    Username: [<¥€|•~#} (a constantly changing line of gibberish.)
    Name: Unknown, he says his real name is too bothersome to say and to just call him Drim.
    Age: Unknown, appears very young.
    Sex: Denies having a gender but is commonly referred to as male.
    Side: To be determined. Is currently imprisoned by the Peacekeepers.
    Class: Poor, has no use of money.
    Rank: Prisoner 101 of FireWall Penitentiary.
    Weapon: Dark groups of pixels are generated around Drim constantly. At will he can turn them into black blobs with bright white binary zipping around on them. These blobs shift into almost any form he desires, be it weapon, shield, trap, or beast. He is limited in how much he can summon and control by size and complexity. Ex. He can form three swords but only one dragon.

    Personality: Although appearing very young Drim is incredibly intelligent. He can detect the most well hidden lies or motives and often can predict what's about to happen before it does. He rarely losses his temper and remains calm at even the most frantic times. That said, he has a darker side that comes with the spilling of blood. Upon seeing a open wound Drim will completely loose it, a psychotic slaughtering of everything he sees. This makes getting a paper cut around him deadly. He's never had a friend and is not very 'experienced' on the matter.

    Bio: Completely blank. Even the all-knowing monks of Mt. Google have nothing on him. He joined a crew of pirates that all died soon after his capture. Has been experimented on ever since with no known results.
  9. @Crono
    Of course Google
    Oh powerful Mt. Google lol

    Go ahead and edit that then
    True if we did that then the Second in Command would take over st the mean time
    Until we can figure out who's has the right to play as the Pirate Captain