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  1. Hello!

    So I have made yet another thread in the hopes of potentially grasping somebodies, perhaps somebody in particulars attention into possibly Roleplaying with myself. You see, I have varied and certain tastes or 'likes.' And I know a few other people do too. Below will be two seperate lists, one of my requirements and the other of pairings I'm currently interested in. (It also has an interesting colour code to go with it ;))

    • Be literate, this is a must for me.
    • Sexual scenes, violence and sadism is a also a must.
    • I tend to write a few paragraphs- a novel, I expect the same.
    • I tend to match my partners post too, look above.
    • Communication! Communaication is key in any good Roleplay, talk to me!

    Lavender - Pairings I'd LOVE to do
    Blue- Pairings I'd be interested in
    Orange- Pairings I'd like to do, but not desperately
    In bold are the roles I'd like to play.

    MxM and MxF (Either is fine with me. I much prefer MxM, though.)


    Brother x Brother
    Teacher x Student
    Age gap- Younger, Older.
    Dominant x Submissive BDSM
    'Bad boy' x misfit
    Guilty inmate x Non guilty inmate
    Inmates (prison)
    Unstable individual x stable individual

    Depending on how I'm feeling, I tend to flick between playing a dom or a sub.
    But I tend to drift more towards the sub side- however, my characters are NOT
    feminine or the 'fluffy feel sorry for me' but generally rather sadistic.

    So finally, I'm looking for a Dominant partner to play a Dominant, male character.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.