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  1. Hello everyone! First, thank you for checking out my search request, it's appreciated! Now on to the important things!

    Rules (there's just a few, no need to worry!):

    1. This came to my attention recently and it needs to be said. I am busy. I will not be able to respond multiple times a day everyday. That does not mean I will not attempt to, but if your hounding me for responses, or subtly cutting me down because of it I will drop you like a stone. Roleplaying is fun, and I do dedicate quite a bit of my time to it, but I do have family to assist and they are my priority. (In this case, my grandmother and my recently born niece.) I will be busy, but if you're understanding, you can bet that I'll respond to you as quickly as possible.

    2. Simple, be respectful please! I treat others as they treat me, and I won't tolerate being talked down to. We're partners, not enemies trying to control the plot. We should work together and be friends!

    3. OOC conversation is not required but it does help me make the story more enjoyable for the both of us! If I know what you like I can help put it into the rp!

    4. Please tell me if you no longer enjoy the rp. I will understand, I promise. :]

    Alright, no more rules! I have no current plot ideas, but I do have quite a few Fandom cravings! I do want these to be OCxCanon, but I can double up and if you want a canon couple to be in the rp, I'm totally up for it! Here is a list of what I would like to roleplay:

    Star Trek


    Marvel (mainly the movies...sorry, comics are expensive and I can't afford them)

    Supernatural (I stopped watching after Season 9 though)

    Harry Potter

    One Piece

    Sherlock (not a craving but it's always fun!)

    Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you! You can send me a PM or just message me here. :]​
  2. Hello Comrade! I was looking through and saw this post. I used to get on all the time, but then I stopped when school started back up. Now I'm looking for someone who doesnt demand multiple responses a day to help me get back into the swing of things. And I thought I might as well try you
  3. I tend to rp with mainly adults. It's more of a comfort for me. I'm sorry! If you would still like to talk I wouldn't mind that at all!
  4. I will do something Marvel with you if you'd like.
  5. That sounds good to me. Send me a pm and we can discuss a plot! :]
  6. You just do it with the star even if they get that star in 4 months with their 18th birthday
  7. Who would you prefer to play the canon character?
  8. I actually double up so we can both play an OC and a Canon character.
  9. I'm curious what is your post length preference?
  10. I was actually just looking at your post! xD Unfortunately I manage to get out a paragraph or two. Considering what you said in your own partner search, we probably wouldn't be a good match up. :/ At least in a sense of post lengths.
  11. yeah the most i can get out is at best 3 full sentences as i have a pretty busy worklife
  12. I know. It would have been awesome roleplaying with you though. I just tend to do better with paragraphs. Sorry :/
  13. Alright. I was looking at the marvel movies (because that's the only thing your list that I'm extremely knowledgable at lol) and I was curious if you wanted to a particular marvel movie
  14. I'm fine with any of them (I've watched all of them) though we could just do an rp in the Marvel Verse. It doesn't necessarily need to follow a movie.
  15. Alrighty, because I'm thinking of something maybe avengers or X-men
  16. I'm better at Avengers than I am with X-Men honestly.
  17. The Avengers are completely fine with me ^^
  18. Alright. Send me a pm and we can discuss it there?
  19. Still looking! :D
  20. Salutations! I was just wondering when you talk about an rp for Star Trek do you mean the tv show series?
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