Searching The Skies -MxM-

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  1. Storyline-

    My character use to be the kings slave.... But he was different from the average slave... You could actually call him a 'pet' more like it. You see, my character has wings, long beautiful white wings. You could mistaken him for an angel.... But he is not. More like a freak of nature... He is the only one of his kind.

    My character, no longer wanting to be under the kings harsh care, escaped in the middle of the night. Hiding himself under a long black cloak and escaping on horseback, knowing the king would be searching the skies for his lost bird until he captured him once again... But my character did not want that to happen again. So stealing himself away into the forest further and further until he was completely lost....

    Until your character found him.... And your characters band of thieves. You were most commonly and infamously known as 'Robin Hood.' You have been stealing from the rich and giving to the poor for years now. Our characters meet when my character falls into your characters ambush. It was sprung on him before he even knew what was happening... More than a dozen bandits and Robin Hood himself was surrounding him.


    1. My character is the 'submissive' character when it comes smut. But that doesn't mean my character is an innocent little uke. I actually make my characters pretty damn feisty. :3 Just letting you know!

    2) 1-3 paragraphs. I do not do one liners. Also, I only write third person, please do the same. ^.^

    3) I'm fine with almost anything, so don't be afraid to ask me if you want to try something out! :)

    4) This will be taking place on a thread. Not pm's or emails!

    5) I prefer realistic pictures for this! :3 Anime is okay, but I really would like you to use realistic pictures. I really don't care what the person in the picture is wearing, as long as they look like they somewhat belong in this time period as well! ^.^

    6) Your characters name doesn't have to be 'Robin Hood' if you want, I used that because I was kind of basing this storyline off of him! :)

    7) Comment below it pm me if interested! :)
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  4. Lol, it's alright! :) pm me!
  5. I'm interested if your still looking
  6. I am. ^.^ pm me!
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