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    Welcome to Foxy's slightly desperate Search. And yes. I will admit it's a desperate search.

    Okay guys, to the point. I'm seriously craving a Star Trek Reboot RP. I cannot explain how badly I seem to need this, because I promise you I will be happy getting a message from just about anyone that has to do with Star Trek. It's a little sad at this point actually.

    Anyway! Ignoring my oddness, here's a few rules.

    1. I AM IN COLLEGE. Please understand I have odd times where I can write often, or when I'm chained to a chair attempting to learn things. I also live in a house of six, so sometimes I'm just unavailable for writing a long response to our roleplay. That being said, I talk often on OOC conversations because like a lot of people my hand is usually glued to my phone and I keep in touch with those who want to chat.

    2. Please be respectful. I am patient, I try my best to be kind and understanding. If you have children, work, illnesses, pretty much anything that pulls you away from writing, I understand. The only thing I ask is that you understand I also have a life outside of my computer (not much of one, but I do have one) and I may not be able to get to my computer as often as I would like to.

    3. This is one I get bugged about occasionally, BUT I'm posting it anyway. I only roleplay with those 18+. Not only because majority of my rps contain mature themes but because I honestly just prefer talking to people around my age. Before I was on this site I did rp with some people younger than me. I regret it. Therefore there is this unmovable concrete rule that I will not budge on.

    4. If I'm playing a love interest for you, be ready to double. I actually prefer doubling. But yeah...I'm not just going to play your love interest and get nothing out of the rp.

    And that should be about it rule wise. In other words, Be Understanding, Patient, Kind, and willing to double. Sound good? Great. :]

    Oh yes, I also use emoji's in OOC talks. It doesn't carry over into my actual responses, but just throwing it out there if you happen to greatly dislike the smiles. Anyway~

    What I'm looking for is someone to pretty please play McCoy. I have an OC I would like to pair up with him and honestly, I'm happy if that happens. I can play pretty much anyone on the Enterprise, I'll be a little rusty at it (I've only recently played Pavel, Jim and Spock...admittedly, I'm a bit wary of playing Spock because I'm always wondering if he's OOC.) but I do my research and I try to play them as well as I possibly can.

    I'm okay with other pairings, OCxOC, OCxCanon, CanonxCanon. Let me know what you're looking for and we'll work something out! That being said, yes, M/F, M/M, and F/F are all fine to me.

    While I do love romance, I also like other genre's. I just need a bit of romance in the rp as well. It's natural to me to have romance in roleplays, but please don't think I have that dominating everything. I love action, fantasy, horror, trust me. I am open to a lot of things, except my trigger which is listed in my info. Pretty sure we can avoid said trigger easily though.

    I am open to AU's. I love AU's actually. So please feel free to bring them up when we talk! I also prefer roleplaying over PM's. It's just easier for me that way. I have little to no idea how to roleplay in threads...but if PM is a no go and you prefer email, I can go with that. :]

    I have no real plans for a least not a fleshed out one. I have plenty of skeleton ideas we can go with though, so just send me a pm! I will love hearing from you guys, I promise! We can build our own roleplay and hopefully become friends along the way. Just send me a message. :]

    Have a good day everyone! Or night...depending on whenever you're reading this....Please ignore my awkwardness. I'm usually slightly more normal than this. x-x

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