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  1. Hi I'm Unicorn bunny. I'm looking for a few long term Roleplays. I can write any style. Longest I've written is maybe three paragraphs. I can do more if I get examples from you. I can work with any kind of writer though I prefer third person. Also I like Pms instead of threads I get Notifications a lot better that way.I want to have like a million roleplays going. I can go for anything really these are just a few idea's. I am still growing as a writer. I may make mistakes, but no one is really perfect. Some of my posts may be small but never one liners, the more interested I am the bigger my posts.

    I play male or female. I enjoy Yaoi or Yuri.

    I would like to do a shifter roleplay.

    Even one with just a pair of wolves starting a family. (I mean non shifters.)

    Also a slightly mad woman (mentally ill.) owns a cafe.(me) falls for a man.

    PhotographerXAnimal Trainer

    Ranch ownerX English rider.

    Military personX average worker

    CopX Assassin

    Mage princessXFairy or Goddess

    MercenaryXPrincess (Prince)


    ShifterX Human

    Two coworkers

    Boss X Coworker.



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  2. Hi! Are you only sarching for Yaoi and/or Yuri or are you fine with straight couples??
  3. I'm fine with straight couplings as well.
  4. Then I'm totally interested in the ThiefxDetective *^*... should we discuss the details in a pm?
  5. That would be preferred x3
  6. anything you wanna rp with me bunny
  7. Any you are interested in Love.
  8. Of course I am but you know me I really dont care
  9. I dont either XD
  10. how about the mercenary and princess?
  11. Sounds good babe
  12. you wanna pm me and we can work out character details?
  13. Yay! Hello! Rainbows! Cookies!

    If we could do it, I would actually enjoy the pair of wolves one. Unless you dont want to.

    More cookies
  14. I'm down for it babe!
  15. XD pm me love
  16. Even one with just a pair of wolves starting a family. (I mean non shifters.) This sounds awesome! ^-^

    Are you okay with that? :)
  17. I'm up for a shifter x shifter if you're free!
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