PARTNER REQUEST Searching for Soul Eater

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  1. I'm gonna be straight to the point here. I want a Soul Eater OCxOC roleplay. I want to play a male weapon, and I need you, dear reader, to play the meister. I'm fine with MxM and MxF, but I'm leaning more towards MxM here. I have a moderate plot to this, taking place a while after the whole Soul Eater series, in which several of the cannon death weapons go missing. It's up to our characters and a few side characters, all OC but could be related to the original cannon characters, to go on a quest to find them. I'm aiming for moderate romance to develop through this plot.

    I do not roleplay smut. I will try to the very best of my ability to give you at least two paragraphs per post, and at least one post per week. All of my posts will be grammatically correct, and I will check for spelling errors in my posts. My posts will always provide something for you to build your post on. I can generally produce three to eight paragraphs if given the proper time and focus. I expect the same from my partner. I want a partner who can give me a quality response that I can generate a coherent response from.

    Please note that I am enrolled in college, and I am a very busy person. I have numerous projects and essays that need to be taken care of and these will always take presidence over Iwaku and my Internet social life. I will try to stay on top of these in order to save some time for Iwaku, but life does indeed happen.

    If you are interested, please pm me.