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  1. Hey! So, Awhile ago I started this RP based on the new Blizzard game, Overwatch, and we both did the stuff up till the moment I put the first post. After that I waited a LOOOOONG time, before I realized that he had left the conversation. So, I have decided to expand it a bit, as I was only going to look for just that, So I will be looking for multiple things now! Also, I never really got into Diablo so I'm sorry if you are a fan, and got a bit excited. I wish I had gotten further in Starcraft, but I haven't done anything past Wings of Liberty, so sadly, I will not be doing that, but I do have the basic knowledge of the charecters


    Heroes of the Storm: (I see this a crossover section for all of their games)

    Nova x Malfurion/Tyrande

    James Raynor x Jaina

    Arthas x Kerrigan

    World of Warcraft:

    Arthas x Jaina

    OC x OC


    Tracer x Reaper

    Tracer x Widowmaker

    Widowmaker x Reaper

    Mercy x Hanzo

    (Just something I would love to do.)

    Pilot x Civilian

    Pilot x Pilot
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  2. I would love doing an original pairing in the Warcraft universe! ^(^_^)^
  3. New thing that is Un-related to Blizzard's games
  4. Are you willing to pick up one more OC x OC Warcraft RP? I can go either male or female, Horde or Alliance races. :)
  5. @Teiah Of course! Send me a PM.

    I'm always willing for more :)
  6. I've got one for Warcraft too. I played a rogue for several years on an RP server. I kinda miss her and her backstory.
  7. Titanfall
    Pilot x Pilot

    Been looking for that pairing myself =3
  8. @Rion Alright :) Send me a pm and we can work something out.
  9. Still looking!
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