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I'm not sure if this has been suggested before (sorry if it has), but I think a Searching for RP section might not be a bad idea.

A person would make a post, put the type of rp they're looking for in the description, and then individuals seeking more players could search through the list. Admitedly the ooc seems to get used for this sometimes, this is simply an idea for an addition to this section that might help keep things more organized. Let me know what you think. I hope it helps!

edit - I just noticed there is a thread dedicated to this purpose. So feel free to disregard this suggestion.


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Just to answer in case other people have this question too and have found it yet:

We have a single invite request thread now, (it's brand new!), where you can let everyone know you are hunting for roleplays and want to be invited!

And those that are only seeking one on one roleplays can easily post up a ooc thread with the one one prefix too. :D

Aaannd people can always post interest checks in Roleplay Talk if they wanna check and see if anyone is interested in a certain idea before posting an OOC.