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  1. Hello and welcome to my request for more partners!
    I shall start this up by telling you a little bit about myself I suppose~!
    Q: How many lines do you expect/want in a RP?
    A: Well this all depends on how good the reply it is! I mean, you can write a super good paragraph (4-5 lines) instead of a crappy two paragraph, so I say that I don't want a whole ton! I know we have days where we are not creative, or stuck, but I am willing to help you if you're stuck or confused! I take quality over quantity ;D

    Q: PM or Forum?
    A: Does not matter! Whatever you prefer ^^! I suppose this is a bit important to someone (I don't know...?) So whatever you want really ^^

    Q: Grammar and punctuation?
    A: Not important! Well, it is important so that I can understand what you're writing, but if I can understand what you are writing to me, then I'm fine with it! So... not picky it all ^^ (English isn't my first language, so don't expect me to be flawless ^^;)

    Q: How often do you want post, and how often do you post?
    A: I want at least one post each day, unless something happens, but you can always tell me then :D, and I post at least one post each day! I too try to give a quick message if something comes up. I'm not mad if you're not available to post one to me every day, and if you're busy then I'd prefer to know that beforehand, though if you still want to roleplay with me and can't post once a day that's fine too! Maybe we can find a time where we can get a good roleplay session filled with replies? :D

    Q: Long term or short term?
    A: I suppose I'm looking for them both. Some RPs are good short, and others can continue forever if the dedication is there xD I mean. I got a RP, that is still going, at 170 pages in PM XD So yeah, whatever you're up for xD

    Q: Drop out?
    A: If you no longer want to RP with me, loss of interest in the RP or maybe just too busy, then please tell me. I won't get angry, and if you tell me I will always be up to RP with you in the future! :D If you drop out, then I'm going to be a bit more skeptical I'm afraid ^^; I won't suddenly drop out of the RP either, so yay for that! Though I will tell you if I am too busy or just uninterested in our current RP.

    Q: What sort of writing style do you have?
    A: Honestly. I suppose I am a bit of an aggressive person, I like to guide the story, but there are times where I want to sit back and just be a bit more passive and just follow along the story. I also rarely plan my RPs, we have a plot and from there I tend to do random stuff, that I see fit, and you can do the same! Plot twists and surprises are welcomed! :D

    Q: MxM, FxM or FxF? What gender and what position?
    A: All of them! :D I really like them all ^^ I don't care which gender I am, since I am able to roleplay as both, and I suppose I am mostly submissive, but only in bed! If my character is submissive, in bed, that does not mean every day life! It's not a shy girl/guy that blushes all the time. It can be a bad ass annoying brat that thinks she/he controls the world! I am simply stating that I prefer to be the submissive one in the more sexual scenes ;D

    Q: Fade to black?
    A: I don't mind! If you don't want to or don't feel comfortable writing out these heated scenes of euphoric bliss, then that's fine with me ^^! However if you do like writing out these scenes then I do explicit. Which means there will be sexy details for you my friend ;D

    Q: Fandoms?
    A: I am totally up for some! I am a big fan of KH and comic stuff xD DC and Marvel! Just ask me and I might be up for it ^o^!

    Q: What is a must in a RP?
    A: ROMANCE. I just love romance, it's so cute and of course with romance comes drama! :D I also like action, adventure, fantasy and lots of other genres! I'm actually starting to like dark stuff a bit better now... As long as it isn't just dark and nothing positive. ;D

    Q: Anything else?
    A: Um... No? I am up for trying anything xD I have yet to find something I don't like, as long as it isn't extreme, and that is it for me! I suppose I should say my time zone is GMT +1, but I do my hardest to give you one reply no matter what ^o^!​
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  2. What are you looking for in the scientist/experiment
  3. Like what type of experiment is she? Or is that for me to decide?
  4. I am looking for a sort of dark romance kind of deal, and drama. Maybe the experiment/creation does not release she/he is not real? Or that the scientist losses interest in the experiment/creation, and tosses she/he away like a broken toy kind of deal? As I stated above, a very rough draft of what can happen ^^

    Oh and that is up to you to decide!

    It can be a neko, monster, werewolf, android... anything really :D That's why I didn't state it up above, since the only limit is your imagination^^
  5. Oh the experiment would not be happy to be discarded :D I like this idea.
  6. Should I PM you, so we can discuss this further ^^?
  7. Yes go ahead :)
  8. Would you be interested in an Avengers/Marvel/X-Men role play?
  9. Of course I am up for it ^^!
    PM me the details of what you were thinking of? :3
  10. Hey I'm interested in rping with you! Pm me :)
  11. I am on the look again~! Bump bump~!
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