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  1. So I've had my fill of group roleplays, and now I'm here looking for some One[x]Ones to soothe my ailing mind from boredom. I'd like to get no more than three started so I didn't end up biting off more than I can chew. Whelp, I hope I can find some awesome people to roleplay with!

    A few things you should know about me as a roleplayer:

    - I like to get more than just one sentence at a time, but I also would prefer no more than a paragraph from my partner. I write either three sentences or a paragraph at most. Maybe two if I'm getting really into the story.

    - If you roleplay with me and expect romance, please don't expect my characters to flirt all the time, or directly go after yours. Most of my characters are introverted and keep to themselves, though, a lot are still talkative.

    - I only do MxF and I prefer to play the male. It's so hard to play the opposite gender!

    - Since I only like doing Fantasy roleplays right now, I love making the world our characters will explore and converse in. It's a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoy.

    - I like for there to be regular talk between me and my partner to just joke around, plus, we could come up with things to include in the story!

    - I can post more than once a day, like, I can post like fifty times if my partner is as invested as me.

    - There's certain people I don't like roleplaying with, and if you don't present yourself with good grammar I wont want to roleplay with you.


    Here's a few ideas that I'd like to throw out there, but if you have one you want to show me, I'd like to see it.

    1. My character is a rookie knight in the King's Guard and the Captain is a ''no-bullshit'' type of woman that starts out hating my character, and mine fearing her. Though over time they eventually come to an understanding a form a strange friendship.

    2. Two childhood friends set out on an adventure to make their mark on the world. This would have lots of adventure and fight scenes in it, plus, I love it when I see a lot of blood and gore in my adventure roleplays.

    3. A werewolf hunter and a vampire hunter both team up to defeat the most dangerous creature ever seen by man, the Werepyre! Half-Werewolf and Half-Vampire, with the brutality and strength of a werewolf, and the intelligence and blood-lust of a vampire.

    4. We would create an entire fantasy world with gods and goddesses, kings and queens, war and bloodshed, and overall adventure! Though after we do so, we will turn it into a group roleplay, but still continue to add insane things onto it.


    Here's some ideas I had in mind, but don't have a definite plot for.

    Queen X Prince
    Cleric X Dark Mage
    Peasant X Elf
    Hero X Villain
    Adventurer X Adventurer
    Goddess X Human
    Thief X Assassin

    Oh, and I'd like to do an Attack on Titan roleplay right now. I think it would be fun.
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  2. [​IMG]
    I want to do a story based on this picture, but I can't think of anything. Does someone want to help me come up with something?
  3. Added a fourth idea.. I hope someone is interested in it!
  4. Added a few more ideas to the section where I don't have a definite plot.
  5. the gods and goddesses one sounds interesting, so does number 2 with the childhood friends. :)
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