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  1. Hello! I’m coming back after a long, tedious break involving work and while that was all sorts of busy, I can get back to writing just like I wanted. I'm currently looking for some very dedicated partners to bring me back into the role playing experience. Now before we get to the bottom of things, I'll tell you a little about myself. I tend to play male characters. If you wish for me to play female, I can do that. I love putting details in my posts about the environment or emotions of the current situation, so I may be a little slow in replying. I write as much as you need me to, but I do tend to write at least a chunky paragraph. I’m looking for FxM, but I can do MxM. I am not looking for partners who want strictly smut. I’m looking for people who can give me detailed replies, consisting of gore, violence, with relationship building taking the back seat.

    I want a partner, or more than one, that will be able to post daily and put effort into the moving of the story. I want you to post, and feel good about the post. Don’t pump out one by one super quick without trying. I want you to push this story forward with me and be excited about it. Don’t just write because you have to, write because you want to. You should be proud of your character.

    Now that that is out of the way, here are the plots I am really interested in. Let me know by replying or a message if you are interested. If a few of you are interested in the same idea, I am willing to do a group role play if you wish.

    Idea A: “The Last of Us” theme. One is immune, while the other isn’t and is taking them to the Disease Control Center across the country.

    Idea B: A woman has been running from the Hunter’s ever since she came out of the womb, all because of the blood she shares with the God that has been put in an eternal slumber. Rumor has it if the blood of God’s Children has been splattered, the slumbering God will awaken and bring peace and knowledge to the lands. What happens when a knight finds the woman and pledges to protect her and take her to the Guardians, but also is falling to the unlimited riches that will rewarded for handing her over?

    Idea C: A noble or apprentice, has been partnered up with warrior or knight in search of a special artifact. They must adventure the lands that have never been stepped foot on, and bring back such artifact to save the kingdoms they live in. The two, very different from one another, must deal with each other’s presence for the sake of their own lives and their families.

    Idea D: Humans and Elves have always hated each other in a passive-aggressive way ever since their ancestors stepped foot on the same land. The humans have half of it, while the elves have the other. But, who said they were content with living by one another? Wars have been fought, years have passed, and there is a long silence between the two. The humans formed a group called The Brotherhood, which are responsible for the affairs between both races. The Brotherhood, on the night of the full moon which a traditional festival was held to the gods of the Elven brethren, went into their lands, and slaughtered every single being that had the beautiful, never-aging appearance of an elf. The leader of the group was a true warrior. He was cherished by the people back at home for killing so many elves in such a small time span. He was determined, and strong as ever. He was the first to put his blade into the warm flesh of the noble Elven family but, something stopped him at the last one, the eldest daughter. Her features screamed elf, but there was something very human about her. She was beautiful, and the warrior, failed to kill her. He couldn’t. He took her, and ran off, regretting every single thing he had done. She, dazed and confused, had no choice, and still wonders why the gods did this to her. What will happen between the two?

    Idea E: A servant or knight is always loyal to their master, even when it comes to death. It’s basically a maid/butler/knight saves one of the noble daughters/sons and pledges to protect them until things clear up. In modern times, it can be an apocalypse, and in medieval it will be some sort of war.
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  2. I am interested in many of your ideas. Maybe the first one strikes me most as I have been playing 'LoU' recently? Regardless I would love to roleplay with you at some point!
  3. I'm interested in Idea B
  4. If you're still looking, I'd be interested in idea D.
  5. I'm also interested in Idea B, OR Idea C. I'm kind of a slow to respond, though, so if you want more than a couple responses a day, I'd understand if you said no. :|
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