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  1. Hi there, welcome to my thread. Please I would be grateful if you would read what I'm looking for to make sure we will work together.

    - Just to add in here I only ever play Female characters as my main player. I am more than up to controlling any NPC's.

    I have been out of rping for almost a year now, I moved house six months ago and the stress of it seems to have sapped my muse. I miss rping a lot though and I am looking for a partner to help me get back into the swing of it. I do work full time so I cant post everyday but I will aim for at least once a week.

    I write to the advanced level see sample (Open to see):

    Opening post on one of my favourite rp's:

    The day was warm and bright, the air was sweet with the first tantalising hint of spring in the air as the lord’s daughter stood in her room staring out onto the clear sky and smiling in anticipation of the festivities ahead. She was still clothed in her nightgown as she stood at the large bay windows that opened out onto her balcony, it was normal for her to take a few moments before allowing her ladies in, it was during this time that she could just think, just be herself. Then there was a soft knock on the door leading to her ladies rooms and she was brought back to the reality that she was Seraphina Oralia Cadenza De’Vance daughter of Lord De’Vance. Since her mother’s untimely death a few years ago Seraphina had been lady of the household and responsible for overseeing the smooth running of it. Again the knock came but this time a soft call followed it.

    “My lady Serafina, you will be behind in your day if we do not attend you soon.” She sighed but with a small smile, turning away from the window she looked back at her lavish bedroom. It was a pretty large room that was bright, airy and richly furnished, her four poster bed with crimson hangings, the vanity table made of polished mahogany complete with a large, expensive mirror and all the furs and tapestries that lined the walls kept the warmth in and the stones chill at bay.

    “You may enter.” Seraphina called to the ladies outside her door. Three ladies entered the room meekly, dressed neatly in long gowns in shades of russet, tan and amber, winter shades that Seraphina would be glad to see the back of. They began the morning routine of preparing their lady for court, bathing her and preparing her gown, while they worked her ladies talked about the preparations that needed to seen to for the festival. They helped her into a long dress of deep blue made from soft angora wool and trimmed with satin, silver thread and a spray of small fresh water pearls. The dress fit her perfectly, she had a statuesque form, willowy and slender she stood slightly taller than most women thanks to her father’s stature.

    Moving to the vanity table Seraphina took a seat on the small, cushioned stool and looked at her reflection in the large mirror while her ladies began fussing with her hair, running a comb through her locks. Seraphina loved her hair it was long and fell in soft curls down to her lower back, it was also the colour moonlight reflecting on snow, she had been silvery blond since she was born and had never darkened. Her attention then turned to her face appraising every feature, a straight nose, large violet eyes framed with dark lashes and small pink lips; she had skin the colour of alabaster and was not prone to blush like many young women. All in all she had a fair, soft complexion that matched her colouration, she was considered the jewel of the region and at court she was flattered and adored by all, much to her delight.

    Once her hair was piled atop her head in an elaborate coil of braids and her forehead bedecked with a circlet of intricate golden swirls set with sapphires and opals she was ready to attend her duties and face the day. Her first port of call would be to attend to her lord father who would be in session for the morning’s council and to know if he would need her aid for anything or else she should follow her own itinerary. Standing swiftly Seraphina made her way from her room and through the halls to the main hall, she was slightly behind schedule however it was not important, it was rare that her father would ever truly need her. Making her way quietly into the hall with her ladies following a pace or two behind her Seraphina came to stand beside her father, however the atmosphere in the hall was not as normal, to her surprise her entrance had gone unnoticed.

    “Father?” Seraphina spoke softly not wanting to startle.

    Things I like to rp, this isn't everything, just a taster:

    Mass effect
    Harry Potter - have an basic character idea for this.
    Animal based (Wolf, lion etc)
    Romance plots (As in romance is part of the plot not just there for the sake of it)
    Last of us
    How to Train your Dragon
    Lots of animes
    + Many many more things. I am always happy to see if we can work something out, so please either reply here or pm me and we can discuss ideas.

    So to sum up:

    Person I am looking for:

    - Preferably someone who plays advanced level.
    - Decent spelling and grammar
    - Someone who can write about 2-3 good sized paragraphs.
    - Someone who likes posting in the forum as I don't like pm rps.
    - Lastly someone who is friendly and understand that we are real people who normally have busy lives and jobs to go to and who doesn't stress if a post takes a little longer.

    What I am like:

    - I am a slow roleplayer, it may take me 2 weeks to post sometimes. BUT I never abandon a rp, I won't just let it die, I can keep it going even with long wait times. As lets face it we are all real people, who have jobs and home life.
    - I will write at least 2-3 paragraphs with depth and description.
    - I write in word docs first to keep mistakes to a minimum
    - I like to get to know the person I am rping, so if you're looking for a friend as well as a partner I'm your gal ^^
    - As above will only play Female characters as my main role.

    Please Pm me if interested
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  2. ^This, but with darker themes. If it weren't for dragons, humans would have been extinct a long time ago. A race of giants called "The Dark Ones" are kept back from human lands with the help of dragons, however, taming a dragon is no easy task. Many would-be riders/trainers die in the process. It's a necessary sacrifice to keep the Dark One hordes at bay.

    The Dark Ones are incredibly powerful because of their size and their ability to regenerate most wounds very quickly --most wounds because fire is a Dark One's bane, especially dragon fire. Wounds from fire heal incredibly slowly if at all.
  3. OMG so interested!! I haven't found anyone to do a HTTYD rp. Do you like to do character sheets or shall we jump right in.
  4. The training of Dragons and the battling against an evil foe will definitely be involved...and the similarities with HTTYD end there. We wouldn't be using the HTTYD world. I'm not envisioning a stereotypical Disney story. There might not be a happy ending here. Before we jump in, we should create a rough idea of what the world is like.

    Still interested?
  5. Still looking for a partner, I'm craving another rp :D
  6. bump with a link to my current rp for more info about my style: Current roleplay.
  7. @Elorwin
    Perhaps a Harry Potter based roleplay off of the Second Generation?
  8. @Sunshine & Whiskey I have actually just taken on a hp rp and I don't fancy two. Did anything else appeal to you?
  9. Hm, we could do something romantic but of course it will not be the whole plot as there will be romantic elements though. :)
  10. Are those the only things you like?
  11. What are your pairing options? Do you only play MxF or are you open to MxM and FxF as well?

    What gender do you prefer playing? Are you open to playing both sexes or just one?

    Would you like to create a plot with me? I'm currently craving something more slice-of-life and romance based.
  12. Hmm, since you already have a Harry Potter roleplay going would you fancy a Lord of the Rings one? :)
  13. @Sunshine & Whiskey - I really can't face doing two Harry Potter rps, if that is the only thing that takes your fancy I think we may have to leave it here but thanks for your interest.

    @Hunter of Shadows - That isn't a full list of my interests no, but its normally a good place to start. Anything take your fancy or anything you want to discuss

    @Shadow_Snow_Storm - I prefer MxF but I can do FxF, never MxM. I only play F as a main character but I can more than handle NPC's. I am not normally a fan of slice of life unless it has a twist, i.e. monster school or something (not an idea just so you know what I mean).

    @princessyuna - I would be very happy to do a LOTR rp, only problem is coming up with a plot. I have one or two very basic ideas just depends who you are planning to play.

    To everyone please PM me any replies. :D
  14. I stated that we can do something with a romantic genre but alright. Have a happy search! ^_^
  15. Preferences updated, as seen above I have now included that I only play female character as my main, didn't specify before, my bad. :D
  16. Sorry, then I'll be pulling out and unwatching :) Have a good day
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