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  1. I'm seeking various partners for some of the roleplays listed below. They can be one-on-one but many can easily be modified to fit multiple people. You may request to see starters if you wish, as most are available. Below the title of each will be a plot synopsis. Please message me or comment on the thread if you are interested. Notes about the roleplay will be italicized and below the synopsis.

    The Grey King

    In the land of Gaia, most of the world is ruled by four kingdoms. The largest and utmost powerful of these kingdoms is the Grey Kingdom, and is the only nation ruled by a human monarch. Ichabod Thasius Grey, the thirteenth of the Grey Kings, has in only eighteen years turned what was once a regional nation on the the Northern Continent of Atlas into the greatest military and economic superpower in the world, controlling the largest amount of territory throughout the known world. Now twenty-two years old, he is now in an arranged marriage with one of the princesses of the nation of Oronil, based on the Southern Continent, Renas. Oronil was a highly isolationist state, using an ancient magic over the weather known as "Storm-Signing" to defeat all that opposed them. With the marriage hoping to bring peace between the two superpowers, the pair now finds themselves having to prove the princess' worth a political storm brews, possibly with a bloody downpour...
    You must be able to intertwine romantic development into plot for this roleplay. Though it is not the biggest stable of the roleplay, it is meant to play a large role in character development. More fantasy based, society is advanced while still keeping to many Medieval European customs, such as slavery, nobles, etc. The starter is available for this roleplay.

    The Holy Blades

    Long ago, in ancient Japan, the evil swordsmith Muramasa was commissioned to forge three dark and evil blades that would open a portal to Yomi when used by their oni clan. Agreeing, Muramasa forged the blades from a metal found in Yomi and had them enchanted with great and terrible power. When this became known to the gods, Tsukuyomi appeared before the legendary swordsmith Masamune, requesting him to make three holy swords of the same variety to be used by his champion to defeat the oni tribe, who called themselves the Koga Clan. Masamune agreed, and forged his blades from a sacred metal Tsukuyomi provided in a falling star. After they were completed, Tsukuyomi granted his blessing over Masamune's handiwork, the ronin called Kai Ayumu retrieving them and later becoming a lord by order of the emperor once the Koga were defeated. The blades forged by Muramasa were taken and hidden away for safekeeping as their maker was beheaded. The Koga Clan found themselves trapped in the mortal world, interbreeding with humans as their spawn planned their vengeance over the generations. It is now the Edo Period, and Kai Tatsuo now rules Quinlong Province. As the time came for him to marry he sought out a bride, seeking out a matchmaker. Little did he know, a child of the Koga Clan was among them as her brethren began to exact the revenge they had been planning for centuries...
    Romance is not mandatory here, as, for example, if you choose to play the Koga Clan maiden you could even pursue the route of an assassin. Please have a basic knowledge of Shinto mythology or at least be able to access some information on it for this roleplay. The starter for this roleplay is available.

    Return to the Inferno

    Seven centuries after Dante Alighieri visited the Three Realms of the Afterlife and as a result wrote "The Divine Comedy," Hell breaks loose as Satan manages to free himself from the ice before it is time for the events in the Book of Revelation to take place. In the year 2020 A.D., twenty-one year old Dante Ragnar is a scholarship student attending Harvard University with a major in archaeological sciences and is the last blood descendant of the original Dante. After God sends the spirit of Saint George from and Heaven and the spirit of the Roman poet Virgil from Limbo, the First Circle of Hell, to retrieve and guide the current Dante, the student finds himself tasked with sealing Satan away within the ice of the Ninth Circle. Clinging onto the writings of his ancestor for guidance as he absolves sinners and adds them to his ranks or punishes them and raises further scorn, he finds himself wielding a crucifix fashioned from the cross that Christ died on and a flaming sword typically only an archangel would wield. As he raises his absolved forces through Hell, he finds himself also taking in demons who wish to right their wrongs and be absolved into angels, to which God gives His promise they will be absolved should they prove faithful. Should he succeed, God promises him a seat in Heaven when the Revelation passes, a well as a gift that will make itself known to him in due time.
    This roleplay is based off of "Inferno," the first section of "The Divine Comedy," and not the video game "Dante's Inferno." However, you will understand some of the setting if you did play the game. The starter for this roleplay is available.

    The Thirteen Rings

    It was said that long ago there existed a band of sorcerers and smiths known as the Forgers, numbering thirteen in total. Together they came forth and created in this world the Twelve Great Rings, each containing the blood of each of the Forgers so that the Ringwielders (as they were destined to be called) could sense the presence of the other rings. Each among the Twelve was gifted with the powers of preservation and enhancement, increasing the Ringwielder’s corresponding attribute which of the Twelve they wore, along with the power to preserve whatever the Ringwielder held most important as long as their Ring chose to have them as their Ringwielder. However, the greatest among them soon slew the other Forgers once the Twelve were distributed and named by their creators. He took their knowledge from their corpses with a twisted form of necromancy, going to the Great Forge where the Twelve were made under Blackblood Mountain. It was then that he forged the One. It passed hands many time before being lost, and it would've been better had it stayed lost. However, a spellsword who refers to himself as "Vokun the Blackblood" soon discovered the ring on an expedition, and with it must combat the dark forces that wish it for themselves while a greater threat emerges...
    Most suited for multiple people. The starter is available.
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  2. The Grey King seems interesting; if it isn't taken I'd be glad to take a shot at it.
  3. @J_"Kraken"

    Alright, then! If you wish to see the starter or discuss this further please PM me.
  4. These all sound really amazing but I am most interested in The Holy Blades, as someone seems to have asked about The Grey King already. So I am more than willing to do any of these but the two mentioned by name strike me as most interesting.
  5. @Arius LaVari

    If you PM me I can send you both starters so you can decide.
  6. I'll be able to get with you about this later today, I'm currently heading out for a lunch event.
  7. Hello there! I see posts already but figure what the heck it can't hurt. If you are still looking for a partner for "The Grey King" please let me know. Thank you!
  8. I am interested in The Thirteen Rings
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