Searching for Partners for a Kink ideas. (Furries welcome) (F-list included)

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  1. So let's talk about me for a second. I play dom male or female, dom or sub. I'd be willing to play a sub male, though I'd need to discuss some ground rules about that first. Really whether I play a dom or Sub character depends on the thing we are doing (I'll touch upon that later) I don't do MxM. Not my style. But I will do MxF and FxF. I use anime reference pictures for my rps and request the same from my partner. When I post I usually try to match my partner, though for 1x1 rps, pumping out 3 or more long paragraphs is difficult. So I won't require really long posts, and would actually prefer of my partner didn't write short stories for every post. Grammar ain't that important, so long as I get the picture. I don't really require to much of you. A post a day would be fine. My schedule is going to get busy later on so if this becomes a long term thing, I will slow down a bit. I'll tell you when. So now, I'm gonna move into the part I was talking about

    I'm fine with many kinks, but first I'm gonna list some No-No's
    NO Urine or bodily function kinks
    NO butt stuff. Not a big fan tbh
    NO MxM. Not necessarily related to the above, but it's not my thing​

    ~More of you to love~
    MxF, MxF Anthro, FxF, FxF Anthro
    (Kinks: Weight Gain, Sub/Dom)

    For this one I'd like my Character to be the one feeding and more dominant, and yours being the one eating. For FxF pairings I wouldn't mind is both doing it, but it's up to you.

    Our characters are roommates in college. My Character is a culinary major, and is trying out their new skills in the dorm. Your character would start to get a little fluffy, and it will evolve into a full on pleasure for our characters.

    I want this one to be a really sweet romance. Like sickeningly sweet.

    ~Teacher's Pet~
    MxF, MxF Anthro, FxF, FxF Anthro
    (Kinks: Light to moderate BDSM, Mind Break, Master x Pet, Humiliation, Exhibition)

    I would be willing to be the teacher or student in this case. Though if I do have a few things I'd like to talk about before I play a male student really.

    A teacher has taken in a student as their pet for whatever reason. The student started off sweet and pure, but as time wears on, the teacher corrupts the student, making them sexed crazed and immodest.

    Obviously this one will involve some darker themes. So there might be some unsavory moments for some. We can talk more about that if you're interested.

    ~Innocence Fallen~
    Dom/Sub M or F x Sub/Dom F
    (Kinks: Hurt/Comfort, FemDom, Rape situations, corrupting innocence. Etc)

    This one is a bit more up in the air about what I want. But what I had envisioned was an angel falling to earth, and trying to get back. But she's found by the wrong crowd. As time goes in she begins to change. Becoming more dominant, and aggressive as she loses her innocence and becomes corrupted by the world.

    This may be the darkest of them all, so again. Be warned there may be things you don't like, so ask before committing.

    I'll post more as they come.

    Don't worry if someone took one already. I'd do a similar setting with different characters.

    If you have a few ideas of your own I'd be happy to hear them! Here are some things I'm into

    Weight Gain/Fat
    Anthro Partners
    Master x Pet/servant/slave

    Here is an F-List
    Kink List
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  2. Hey I'd like to rp with you. Maybe a DD/LG rp?
  3. Sure. You wanna discuss this more in pm?
  4. Sure I'll send you a PM
  5. I wouldn't mind the first one FxF. I'm trying to break out of my comfort zones. >_>
  6. I think the second one sounds interesting I also like the idea of master x pet/servent/ slave. i would really like to roleplay with you.
  7. Go ahead and shoot me a pm
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