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  1. Hello!
    Hello, I am Griever. and I'm in search of a One x One partner!

    Stuff About Me:

    Well, I'm not the best at grammar or spelling. I'm dyslexic so nothing perfect with me. I'm sorry if that kind of stuff gets on your nerves but I can't help it. I tend to mirror my partner, as long as you give me enough to reply to I can easily write from a paragraph or two, but I can be lazy at times depending on what mood I'm in and if I'm on my phone or not. I'd rather play the girl, but I can be the guy. I'm on at least everyday but not 24/7, unless I have nothing else to do then I'm pretty much on all day. I'm not picky on who i RP with just as long as you are nice. I really want to do a beastly RP but no one is willing to be the beast xP. If your interested please message me.x3 I can RP on anything, I'm not to picky (as long as its not Yuri) I have not limits on Violence/Language/Gore/Romance/ or Sexual Scenes. I would prefer to stay on this site though since I am more familiar with it. I usually like to have us play two characters, one male and one female so its even C: I am a very outgoing person so please don't be shy! When I am bored I tend to write A Lot, but I tend to lose my muse at times so please understand I wont always be able to write a lot. Thanks for reading!!

    RP ideas I would like to do!

    Any Dramatic Romance
    ►Enemy Romance (I have a nice Plot for this one)
    ►Bad Boy x Good Girl
    ►Human X Were animal (I have a good plot for this one)
    ►Vampire x human
    ►Guy x Guy
    ►Fallen Angel x Human
    ►BEN Drowned x My OC!!!!!!!
    ►Super Natural x Human
    ►Inuyasha OCs
    ►Injured Army Personnel x Live-In Nurse
    ►NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OC
    ►X-Men OC
    ►Sebastian Michaelis X My OC

    Thanks for reading and I'm open for any suggestions!
  2. I'd be interested in HumanxFurry, with myself playing the furry role. Or both of us playing the furry role. Or something. Both males, if possible. If not, hetero is fine with me. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. I have an idea involving X-Men. (Warning: It contains a Crossover.)

    [rainbow]I. Plot[/rainbow] ​
    • Harry Potter was the Boy-Who-Lived, an iconic hero to the wizarding world. He defeated Lord Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. His story is known to the public, along with his most trusted friends and loved ones. However, what happened if history forgotten an important piece? Unbeknownst to the world, Harry Potter had an older godsister. She is the daughter of Maia Black, twin sister of Sirius Black, whom died during Halloween, 1981. Her father, Dietrich Rosenberg, didn't want his daughter to be ensnared by the Ministry. As a result, her story was never recorded. She played an important role during the War, but faced many sacrifices, including her secret connection with Harry Potter.

      A few years later, she left the wizarding world, desiring freedom. She moved to America, settling near Salem Center, New York. After spending a few months in her new home, she uncovered a remarkable discovery; mutants. How could muggles evolve into fascinating creatures? Where did it all began? Unfortunately, she was dragged into another dilemma, forced to fight against humanity's prejudice against mutant kind. Will this break into another War?
    • Witch!Original Female Character x Mutant!Original Male Character
    • Witch!Original Female Character
    • ☒ This RP is mainly AU; not everything is strictly Canon. (However, that doesn't mean everything is completely changed.)

      ☒ I haven't watched the X-Men Trilogy for a long time. I'm going to alter a few things to fit my story.
  4. Sure sounds fun. I don't mind playing the human. Do you have any plots in mind?

    I would love to do this one! It's original and seems really fun!
  5. Ha, kks! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss it further!
  6. Id be up for a NAruto oneee
  7. Really? Yes, its been a while since I've done a naruto one c:
  8. Sweet. I don't really have anything for a plot though.
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