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    "No more being negative, it's time to strut my stuff"

    Hello, I'm Vanessa I'm twenty years old, I love music and anime, video games, writing fanfiction and basically stuff that normal twenty year old people like. What I do for a living is make different types of tea blends. I am bi polar and am known for switching personalities between the normal kinda bland one and a happy go luck personality. I've been roleplaying for around 6 years now and have been improving.

    some basic info
    does male and female genders
    does yaoi, yuri or straight
    Willing to double / multiple characters / and do multiple rps at once
    Posts around one to six paragraphs with minor spelling and grammar errors
    Always online and never ditches partners (I want my partners to know that they don't have to worry about me quitting on them, because they've been gone a long time. I won't ditch if you won't)
    willing to use both anime and real pictures
    willing to use layouts.​
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  2. Original Ideas

    Weapons Master X Pilot
    Wood Elf X Human
    Beastmaster X Shapeshifter
    Angel X Demon
    Vampire X Nephlim/Angel
    Elemental X Elemental
    Demon X Human
    Ghost X Human
    Dragon shifter X Soldier
    Student X Teacher
    Bully X Bullied
    Model X Rock Star
    Model x Dancer
    Model x Ice Skater

    Master or Mistress/Slave
    School Boy or School Girl/Popular Schoolgirl
    Boyfriend or Girlfriend/Girlfriend
    Pregnant Girlfriend/ Girlfriend or Boyfriend
    Test Subject x Test Subject
    Vampire x Other magical being
    Werewolf x other magical being
    Human x other magical being
    Angel x Other magical being
    Fallen Angel x other magical being
    Demon x other magical being
    Prince x Spy of other country
    Prince x Prisoner
    Researcher x Test Subject
    Prince x Guard
    Arranged Marriage
    Cheerleading Captain x Rocker Boy
    Good girl x Bad boy
    Bad girl x Good boy
    Boss x Intern
    Prince x Worker
    Prince x Maid
    One Night Stand -Leads to- Pregnancy
    Samurai x Geisha
    Camp Director x counsellor
    "Groom" x Mail Order Bride
    Doctor x Paitent/Nurse/Soldier
    Therapist x Client
    Client x Psychic
    Geisha x Young Lord
    Escort x Client
    Geisha x Tourist
    Gypsy x Demon King
    Gypsy x Prince
    Fashion Designer x Model
    Samurai x Healer
    Samurai x Enemy's Daughter
    Samurai x General's Daughter
    Ice Skater x Trainer
    Ice Skater x Banned Skater
    Ice Skater x Trainer
    D.J x Vampire
    D.J x Werewolf
    Witch x Priestess
    Half Demon x Human
    Rave Girl x D. J
    Pokemon x Trainer (human form)
    Trainer x Gym Leader
    Pokemon x Pokemon
    Trainer x Trainer
    Gym Leader x Gym Leader
    Therapist x Client
    Therapist x struggling client
    therapist x therapist
    chef x baker
    chef x chef
    chef x apprentice
    princess x prince
    princess x maid of another household
    princess x peasant
    rich girl x struggling boy
    idol x fan
    fan x non fan of current show
    musician x shy girl
    band needing musician x shy musical girl
    model x understudy
    fairy princess x elf prince
    fairy princess x dark elf prince
    fairy princess x unwed fairy king
    fairy queen x elf king
    elf queen x fairy king
    spring sprite x winter sprite
    fall sprite x summer sprite
    Assassin x Apprentice
    Suicidal Girl x Best Friend
    Suicidal Girl x Guardian Angel
    Druggie x Best Friend
    Druggie x Drug Dealer's Son
    Druggie x Drug Dealer
    Gang Member x Scared Girlfriend
    Gang Member x Leader's Daughter
    Gang Member x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Fighter x Girlfriend
    Fighter x Protective Girlfriend
    Fighter x Pregnant Girlfriend
    Village Girl x Farmhand Boy
    Village Girl x Traveling Prince
    Village Girl x Abandoned Male
    Dancer x Non Dancer
    Magical Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Real life anime girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplayer Judge
    Cosplaying Girl x Cosplaying Boy
    Fashion Designer x Model
    Graduating Girl x Super Senior
    Graduating Girl x Vampire Senior
    Neko Girl x Cosplaying Wolf Boy
    Disney Lover x Non Disney Lover
    Delivery Girl x Normal Boy
  3. Fandoms
    Fallout 4

    Paladin Danse x SoSu
    Nick Valentine x SoSu
    Piper x SoSu
    Curie x SoSu
    MacCready x SoSu

    Mass Effect
    Garrus x FemShep
    Jack x MaleShep
    Kaidan x FemShep
    Ashley x MaleShep

    Dragon Age

    Fenris x FemHawke
    Anders x FemHawke
    Zevran x FemaleWarden
    Alistair x FemaleWarden
    Morrigan x MaleWarden
    Lelianna x FemaleWarden
    Cullen FemaleInquisitor
    Dorian x MaleInquisitor
    Josephine x Male or Female Inquisitor
    Solas x FemaleInquisitor

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Roy x OC
    Ed x OC
    Greed x OC

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Tamaki x OC
    Kyoya x OC

    Harry Potter
    Harry x OC
    Ron x OC
    Remus Lupin x OC

    Final Fantasy VII
    Cloud x OC
    Zack x OC
    Genesis x OC

    Final Fantasy XIII
    Snow x OC
    Lightning x OC
    Hope x OC

    Black Butler
    Sebastian x OC

    Tari Tari
    Sawa x OC
    Miyamoto x OC

    Steven Universe
    Pearl x Rose
    Ruby x Sapphire
    Pearl x OC
    Rose x OC

    Hunger Games

    if there are any other fandoms, you want to do, just ask.
  4. Haunted

    When Muse A purchases a new home, they are quick to dismiss rumors of the residence being haunted. Even when the realtor declines to give them a guided walkthrough of the property because of strange occurrences the last time they showed the listing, Muse A just laughs it off as a silly joke. Everything weird that happens from the move-in day has a perfectly logical explanation as far as Muse A is concerned. When the lights flicker, Muse A chalks it up to faulty wiring. When a door slams, it’s obviously because of a draft. When their keys aren’t where they left them, it’s probably because they have a poor memory. Muse A is a firm believer in everything having a logical explanation; they definitely don’t believe in ghosts or anything of a supernatural nature.
    For years, Muse B, a poltergeist, has been trying to make contact with the living inhabitants of their home with unfavorable results. Typically, when Muse B’s done all they can to make their presence known to someone, making noises and moving items throughout the home, they end up scaring them off without intending to. Being stuck on this plane with no idea how to move on, unable to be seen or heard, is endlessly frustrating. Muse B is desperate to make a viable connection with Muse A who doesn’t seem so easy to frighten. After many failed trials, Muse B attempts to tap into Muse A’s mind while Muse A is asleep. If Muse B can meet Muse A in a dream, maybe they can convince Muse A that they exist and ask for help.

    Geisha Plots

    Muse A and Muse B are orphans who meet by chance on the street. With no one else to look after them, they spend several days fending for one another and gradually becoming friends because of their similar circumstances. When Muse A doesn’t turn up at their usual meeting point one night, Muse B is forced to assume the worst and move on. Years later, the unlikely duo meets again; Muse A has become a beautiful Geisha while Muse B has become a fierce Samurai. The two instantly remember the connection they once shared and begin to fall in love. Unfortunately, Muse A captures the attention of an abusive Shogun (Muse C) who will do anything he can to keep Muse A to himself

    Muse A is beloved member of the Imperial family. During a surprise birthday celebration, Muse A is presented with a beautiful performance by Muse B, a very popular Geisha. Muse B sings like an angel and is the most graceful dancer that Muse A has ever laid eyes upon. After just one evening, Muse A is enchanted by Muse B and insists on becoming their Danna (patron). Muse B will enjoy all of the luxuries afforded by Muse A’s riches upon the condition that Muse B be available to entertain Muse A whenever asked.
    Muse A is a young man from a poor family who has struggled for most of his life. Muse B is a young geisha-in-training (Maiko) when she meets Muse A. Despite having little in common with one another, Muse B is very nice to Muse A and Muse A never forgets this. So touched by Muse B’s kindness, Muse A vows to work hard and become wealthy so he can be worthy of Muse B’s affection.

    Muse A is going to war and must leave their secret sweetheart, Muse B (a Geisha) behind. Though they are separated, the lovers manage to stay in touch by writing letters. As the months stretch on, however, Muse B’s letters become fewer and fewer until they simply stop coming. Muse A is heartbroken but must stay the course of war for several more weeks. When Muse A finally returns home, they immediately seek out Muse B to find out what has happened. Muse A is crushed to discover that Muse B is no longer a geisha and has become promised to someone else (Muse C) through omiai (arranged marriage); Muse B still loves Muse A but does not wish to go against the wishes of their family

    Aged to Perfection

    Muse A (barely out of college) meets Muse B (several years their senior) by chance when they jump into the same cab together during the morning rush. They quickly decide to share the cab and engage in small talk on the way to their destinations, which happen to be on the same side of town. Conversation flows easily and there is a definite physical attraction between the two strangers. When the ride is over for Muse A, Muse B generously offers to pay the whole fare. In exchange and somewhat on a whim, Muse A offers Muse B their phone number and the pair make plans to meet up sometime soon.
    Despite their age difference, Muse A and Muse B have a whirlwind courtship. They laugh over the things they don’t have in common and eagerly introduce each other to what’s popular for their generation: Atari vs PS4, Vinyls vs MP3. They spend every possible moment they can spare with one another. After several weeks,

    Muse A and Muse B make their relationship official. Muse A invites Muse B to a special dinner at which Muse B will be introduced to Muse A’s parents. When Muse B arrives and Muse A’s mother/father turns around to greet them, they’re stunned to come face-to-face with their same-age business associate/boss.
  5. Sample.

    Natalie didn't normally do this. In fact she was quite certain she never did this. She was very shy by nature so to begin with she didn't make a lot of friends. None really that lasted. But through some miracle or another she had made one that seemed more then eager to break her out of her shell. Though Natalie had never asked her to, she actually liked her shell, people were mean.

    Not all people but that was the reason why Natalie's entire family kept pushing her to make at least one. Now that she had one they all pushed her to keep her. This was her trying to do just that. This being going out with her one friend and her multiple friends. She had said it would be just them and they would go do light stuff until Natalie felt comfortable. But then Sam's friend had found out and wanted in, and then another who suggested it would be more fun to do something fun together, then another had joined suggesting a party or going out dancing, then the last one had joined and they had all decided that going out on the town and seeing what was happening would be best.

    Sam hadn't let Natalie bail no matter how she tried and how she tried. She feigned being sick, feigned that some family emergency had come up, tried the truth with how shy and uncomfortable she would be, then tried with having nothing to wear out. Sam had been very persistent. In the end all of the girls had ended up coming to her apartment and gotten her ready. They had applies make up, taken her waist length hair and put it in a high pony, put her into a 'cute' dark blue top with the sleeves off her shoulders and hugging her in what she thought of as revealing, added some an 'adorable' black pair of shorts, tights, and ankles medium height boots. They had then dubbed her ready for whatever happened.

    Natalie had tried not to let her nerves overtake her. Still she had no backbone enough to tell even one of them no. So out they were, out on the town looking for something to do. Natalie was very grateful that they at least kept her in the middle of the group so she 'felt protected' and tried their hardest to include her in every conversation. Sam had eventually bought her a shot, something Natalie didn't have a lot of experience with, and told her to drink it so she wouldn't be so nervous. Now they were two hours and eight shots in and Natalie was on the dance floor somewhere dancing with girls. She didn't know where they were and had stopped attempting to talk to them but in exchange for the whole dancing when one of them asked she wouldn't be given anymore alcohol and they would keep everyone else away. Which worked because she actually liked dancing, at home, alone.
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  6. still looking for partners!
  7. still looking for partners

  8. Hey! Would you like to do a Naruto rp?
  9. sure.
  10. Hey! I would like to do a RP with you, but not sure yet what I would like to do. I am interested in any of your first set of ideas. I am not big into Fandoms at all because I don't usually know enough information about any certain one to be able to have fun with it. :)
  11. sure, would you mind messaging me.
  12. Many of your ideas have piqued my interest, but I am the most interested in your original ideas that include angels, demons, vampires or werewolves.
    I would be open to roleplaying one of these with you if you're still interested.
  13. sure, would you mind messaging me.
  14. Neat. I might message you sometime.
  15. thanks
  16. still looking for partners!
  17. still searching.
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  18. I'll message you about some of your original ideas, just need to narrow my interest just a bit.
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