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    I'm currently looking for some very dedicated partners to bring me back into the role playing experience. I tend to play male characters but if you wish for me to play female, I can do that. I love putting details in my posts about the environment or emotions of the current situation, so I may be a little slow in replying. I write as much as you need me to, but I do tend to write at least a chunky paragraph.

    I am not looking for partners who want strictly smut. I’m looking for people who can give me detailed replies, consisting of possibly gore, violence, action with relationship building taking the back seat to create an everlasting story. I want a partner, or more than one, that will be able to post daily and put effort into the moving of the story. I want you to post, and feel good about the post. Don’t pump out one by one super quick without trying. I want you to push this story forward with me and be excited about it. Don’t just write because you have to, write because you want to. You should be proud of your character.

    Bolded and underlined is what I am craving most, but that doesn't make it any different from the rest of the ideas. I also would love to hear your very own personal ideas.
    I am a role player that is willing to try anything, so lay it on me if you would like.

    • Free! - Mako / Haru, Rei / Nagisa, Rin / Haru, Rin / Sosu, Sosu / Mako, Sosu / Haru, Rin / Nitori
    • NBC Hannibal - Will / Hannibal, Will / Dr. Chilton
    • BBC Sherlock - John / Sherlock
    • Shingeki no Kyojin - Erwin / Levi, Eren / Levi, Eren / Jean, Jean / Marco, Armin / Eren, Armin / Jean
    • Loveless - Soubi / Ritsuka, Soubi / Seimei, Ritsuka / Seimei, Seimei / Nisei, Soubi / Kio
    • Sword Art Online - Asuna / Kirito, Suguha / Kirito, Sachi / Kirito, Lisbeth / Kirito, Silica / Kirito
    • I'm willing to do fandom based plots with our very own characters.
    • Student / Teacher
    • Prince / Prince
    • Animal Hybrid / Owner
    • Prison Mate / Guard
    • Noble Sibling / Noble Sibling
    • Sibling / Sibling
    • Parent / Sibling
    • Maid or Butler / Master
    • Victim / Murderer
    • Assassin / Victim
    • Scientist / Experiment
    • Ghost / Detective
    • Cop / Criminal
    • Old Friend / Married Friend
    • Runaway Groom or Bride / New Interest

    IDEA A

    Person A is wandering home from a quick trip to the local shop during a stormy evening and hears a soft crying in one of the alleyways near their home. After taking a quit gander, they find a small animal resting in an abandoned, yet soggy, cardboard box all alone. Scribbled on the front is the melting letters of "Free", and Person A can't help but feel bad. Shivering, and whimpering, Person A decides the only thing they can do is take it home. The animal is joyful when finding out about it's new owner, and is more than happy to eat and bathe for Person A without a mess. Placing the animal in it's own room, Person A goes to bed that night. Suddenly, in the morning Person A wakes up to the sound of crashing cans and crumpling bags. A weird being with the features of an animal, is scavenging through their cupboards!

    This is more of a fluffy plot, but will contain smut and gradual teaching - MxM or FxM

    IDEA B
    Virginity is a signal for innocence, and innocence is a characteristic people seem to love to destroy. It's fulfilling, special, and certainly a bit sensuous. Person A is a servant for Person B, and a very loyal one at that. Loyal to the point they will be willing to die at any moment if need be. Although, following orders and changing bed sheets can be a bit bland, Person A has a different sort of relationship pertaining to Person B. They are madly in love with them. Person B is happily married with everything in their life pointing in their direction, but.. when little Person A comes along, the lion can't help but go for the lamb. Young, innocent, and certainly still holding their v-card Person B somehow manages to throw everything he had away for this little lamb. An affair happens, and the cat is let out of the bag. Not just one, oh no, but several. Company debt, murders and several other problems arise. Person A and Person B, now together, decide to go on the run and live a new life specially made for the two of them.

    This is a more graphic and smutty plot. Kinks, BDSM, violence, and ruining of innocence - MxM or FxM

    IDEA C
    Person A and Person B are siblings, close ones at that. They have been through thick and thin, and have no intention of splitting up any time soon. They were raised at an orphanage from very young, and still not adopted even up to the point of their adult hood. People know what is wrong with them, and their fateful story of "house fire killing family, leaving children" is a mere lie. It was an accident, but their foggy minds still can't remember their own hands ripping the last breath of life from their parents - until the owner tells them the truth on the very last night they can stay. In a fit of denial and rage, the two of them kill the owner with their secret - their abilities. Having no idea what to do, the two of them decide to run, slowly uncovering their past, abilities and reaching out to those who are just like them as well as falling in love.

    This is a much more neutral plot, but contains incest, smut and fantasy. - MxM or FxM

    IDEA D
    Person A is sitting at the front of the plane, headphones locked against their small ears and blasting some music no one has probably even heard of. While Person B, is sitting in the back, leaning their head against the plane window and reading a book they picked up at the local bookstore back at home. Two completely different people, with completely different lives. But, you know how random and cruel death is. It swipes in and takes those without a warning, but somehow, leaves some alive. Person A, and Person B are those special people. The plane heading to Italy loses control, and crashes, smashing onto an island deserted in the middle of the ocean. It's wide, containing heavy forests, lengthy beaches and one single mountain at its center. Person A and Person B are thrown together in the fit of survival, but somehow.. find something very weird about the island. Awaking a couple days after the crash, all the dead are missing, but laying not too far from one another are the two of them. The luggage untouched, as well as their lives. What they don't know, is the island is filled with cannibals. Not the walking, talking kind that asks you before they eat you, they just do it. Human shrines litter the island, as well as their very own homes. Do Person A and Person B have what it takes to survive?

    This is a survival plot, but has a more horror aspect to it. Smut will happen, but gore will too. - MxM or FxM

    IDEA E
    A brain-altering pandemic is sweeping the world, infecting over 60% percent of the population, with a dangerous new disease. Since the outbreak, the world has gone into a state of panic— despite the governments effort to maintain control. As it turns out, in this new world, the undead are just as the dangerous as the living. Governments are corrupt, bandits run the streets, and an anti-government organization are constantly waging their own wars, and attacking quarantine zones as an act of defiance. Rewind, Person A and Person B just happened to be in the right time a the right moment and now are partners. Of course they know nothing about one another, or their past life, they just want to survive.

    This is a zombie plot, with a possible cure coming from one of the characters. Violence, gore and romance. - MxM or FxM
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  2. Oh wow, you have a lot of good ideas, I sent you a private message!
  3. Are you still looking to do something with the zombie plot? I'd like to add my own twists to it, but i've been craving zombies for a while and no one seems to want to play it out lol
  4. Idea D sounds great, I'd be open to that:]
  5. Still looking? If so I'm interested in either the student x teacher or prison mate x prison guard
  6. I'd totally be up for a BBC Johnlock, though I probably won't be able to post every day due to school starting and having a job.
  7. Is Scientist / Experiment still available? I got an adorable girl with unusual powers which i am craving to test.
  8. I'm caught between plot A and plot E. So whichever you want to do more, and which ever is still available, I'd love to discuss the details with you.
  9. i have an idea for the PrinceXPrince one ill pm it to you to see what you think of it
  10. HANNIBAL! Sorry, didn't mean to scream, but I haven't seen anyone else who rps that pairing. I love the thought of Will an Hannibal being together.
  11. If your still looking I'd love to do cop x criminal
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