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  1. Hello, there!
    I disappeared for a while (oops) but am back and looking for some new roleplaying partners. Please read below and let me know if anything interests you!

    General Information
    I consider myself literate/advanced (multiple paragraphs per post) and am looking for similar. Good spelling, grammar, and creativity are all a must. I only do male-slash, and prefer roleplaying with someone who does not fade to black. I prefer romance in my roleplays, but it's never pre-established.

    There's a lot that interests me, so here are a few basic ideas in no particular order:

    Star Wars
    It would take place during the newer trilogy, but preferably with original characters (or Obi Wan x Anakin). Let's see what cool adventures we can send them on!

    I'm not an expert of the fandom, but would love a HisagixIchigo pairing. Yum.

    Prince x Wizard
    One of our characters is a medieval prince; the other is a young wizard who possesses magical abilities.

    Superhero x Mortal
    I have a few superhero characters I'm interested in trying out. Yours is a mortal of some kind.

    Superhero x Supervillian
    I don't have much of an idea for this, but it would be interesting to pair one of my lighter superhero characters with a particularly evil supervillain and seeing what happens.

    King x Servant
    Set in a medieval (fantasy?) time period, my character is a king and yours is a new, young servant brought to the kingdom to serve my character.

    FatherxSon and BrotherxBrother both interest me.
  2. I'd be interested in the Superhero X Mortal if you're up for it!
  3. I'd be into the brother x brother and king x servant ideas, either is fine by me :D