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  1. Sooo...after a rather long hiatus because of demanding RL I finally have some free time again and would love to start up a rp or two, hopefully I can get some interest. :)

    So what I'm looking for:
    - F/F or F/M with me being the female
    - Intermediate to Adept writing level, meaning basic grasp of the english language and at least two or three paragraphs per reply.
    - Preferably little to no limits.
    - PM's please. :3

    And here for my pairings and settings, mind you I have at least one plot for any of my pairings so feel free to inquire if any catch your eye, though I obviously welcome suggestions and brainstorming too!!

    - Teacher/Student
    - Rich/Poor
    - Thieves
    - Serial Killer/Obsessed Fan
    - Foster kids
    - Celebrity/Stalker
    - Dad/Daughter or Siblings
    - Neighbours
    - Master/ Neko pet
    - Rivals
    - Kidnapping/Blackmail
    - Bandits
    - Mad Scientist/Test Subject

    A couple plotbunnies, all written from my character's perspective and open to change of course:


    - She loved chatting naughty online with strangers, even exchanging phone numbers, but what if one day, by accident, she sent one of her naughty messages to her real dad instead of her 'online daddy'? Will he take advantage of the situation or be upset with his daughter's behavior and see to her being properly disciplined and no longer being a flirty online nymph?

    - Similiar to the above but instead of her dad one of her online lovers grows just a little bit too obsessive and turns into a stalker?

    - She needs money, quickly. So many things to pay for yet so little time to get any. She can't ask her parents, they already were too poor, so what could she do? Perhaps she'd...have to prostitute illegally? Just once, just to get some quick money and then never again!! Will she be able to stay true to her word or does her life take a drastic turn?

    - Life in the orphanage was dull, strict and boring. She wanted to see the world and have adventures like all the heroes in her books. And finally the day has come that someone adopted her. Will her dreams finally come true or will things get even worse from here?

    - Being a neko in a society that looked down upon them wasn't always easy but fortunately she had a kind owner that never treated her poorly. That was until one day he suddenly stopped coming home from work, instead a couple strangers turned up to clean out her home. What has happened? Will she be able to escape and find her master or is life on the street too demanding? Can she perhaps find a new master who is just as kind as her old?

    - The teenaged girl had never been particularly interested in her dad's work. She knew he was some sort of government official but apart from that she had no idea what he was doing. Yet what happens when one day someone turns up to kidnap her and extract information about her dad? Can she convince him of her cluelessness, is he kind or cruel? Will she ever be able to escape and return home?

    - She loved traveling. This summer in particular was going to be great as she was going on a backpack tour through india. Will everything go as planned or is she confronted with trouble? What if she were to lose her money and passport, or, god forbid, kidnapped by locals?

    - She was an obedient pokemon, always doing her best in battles to not disappoint her trainer in spite of being far from the fighting type. Yet she always looses...can she become stronger somehow? Will her trainer continue to be nice if she is nothing but a useless burden or will he substitute her?

    - She didn't like boarding schools but what choice did she have when her parents sent her here? Being a kind a gentle soul life is not always easy, especially when confronted with mean students that view you as an easy victim and you can't run away? Can you work it out somehow, or does the bullying become too much to handle? And what if the bullies make you do things you don't want to or when your belongings suddenly start disappearing one after the other?

    - Even though the elders of her clan had always warned her of the white man and the settlers that occupied the shores, the young native american just couldn't help her curiousity. No way those settlers were as mean as everyone said. What if she decides to approach them? Can she make friends or will they try to take her as a hostage?

    - Just like her dad, who was a famous scientist, she had always had a thing for researching and was very curious. The one thibg she truly wanted to know was what was down in that basement beneath their home her dad was so secretive about. She had never been there but will she manage to one day sneak inside the basement? And if so, what if she discovers something horrible, or her dad even catches her sneaking around. Will they be able to continue life as it was before?

    - Life in the little seaside town was not nice, especially if you were homeless or extremely poor. She didn't want to live here anymore, she wanted out of poverty but the only way was to sneak onto one of the passing ships. Yet what if the ship turns out to be a pirate ship? Can she convince them to let her join their crew or will she become their pet?

    - Many bandits and outlaws roamed the lands. As the daughter of a farmer, living out of town and working hard every day to pay the landlord, life already was quite harsh. Yet one day the inevitable happens, bandits pillage their home, kill her parents and take her captive. Will she be able to escape, what choices does she have left?

    - Modern
    - Medieval
    - Western
    - Fantasy
    - Medieval Asia
    - 19th Century

    - MLP (Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie xOC, can also play as Anthros)
    - Pokemon (Misty, Maylene, Dawn, Pokemon or OC x OC)
    - Game of Thrones (Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Yara, Ygritte x Jon, Robb, Gendry, Drogo Oberyn, Jaime or OCs)
    - Skyrim (OCxOC)

    I think that covers everything. If anything catches your eye, feel free to pm me and I have plenty more plots and ideas. ^.^
  2. We can do pokemon trainer Ocs PM me for more ideas
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