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  1. Hello, darlings! I am currently looking for a group roleplay, and I haven't quite found anything I'd like to join. Here are some things I'd like/what I'm interested in:

    -Group size: 4+ players
    -Character Sheets on the longer side (not completely necessary, it just helps me get into character and feel more enthusiastic ^.^)
    -Writing level: adaptable
    -Fantasy (preferably urban)
    -Acadamy life
    -School for Supernaturals/those with superhuman abilities
    -Horror stuffs :3
    -Slice of life

    Thanks for your time, lovelies! I wish you the kind of day you deserve ^.^
  2. I have a post-apocalyptic group roleplay that is in need of new players. The ones that had previously signed their characters up for it have gone MIA.
    Wuinderre-Expanse World Building Group Roleplay is about your characters being sent to an underground laboratory to become "The Divine Heart" people that the prophecy;
    "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
    Only the ones with the divine heart,
    May wield the power to build a new,
    An expanse for them and their people too."

    has spoken about. After a series of tests your characters will be put into a Cryo sleep for several years. Once they emerge they will have to find the rip and enter it to find a new world for the remaining humans on Earth to live on. More information and character sign up is found in the link above! ^.^ Thanks~
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  3. That sounds great! Thank you for replying, I'll go check it out ^.^
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  5. I'm starting a high fantasy RP sometime soon. There's only the interest check so far, but I can guarantee there's a ton of information on the way.

    Also, the CS's will definitely have tons of fields, as there'll be a whole bunch of different categories to place characters into -- races, elements, "persuasions"... lots of stuff! ^^
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  6. Hi! I'm starting a group rp that sounds right up your alley! It's an urban fantasy/horror which starts out with training the player characters to fight monsters.
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  7. Hey @-'ToxicGhostie'- , I have this unique albeit small Dark Fantasy RP that focuses on Dante's Inferno and other works of Old English and early centuries literature. It's set in Dante's Inferno, eons after Satan's ephemeral defeat. It's small, because it'll only star five players, including myself, and there are already four slots taken. If you're a fan of old literature and epic poetry, Dante's Legacy is the RP for you. :) It has a group size of 4+ players (5 maximum, but can be stretched to 9), well-written CSes, and with a group of people who are proficient in writing. Although it's a somewhat high and historical dark fantasy RP, it does have horror elements in it.
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  8. I'm not sure if your're still looking for group invites; but here's my group RP.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - The Relic Chronicles: The First Of Many
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  9. If your still looking I have a group rp I'm trying to start. It will be at 4 people if you join and it's kinda slice of life & academy/school life.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - School Of Life Sign Up

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