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  1. Hello there!

    I am on the hunt for new writing partners and I would be interested in a wide variety of stories. Traditionally I main a female character, but I love a world filled with all sorts of characters and settings. I'm afraid that all I am interested in as far as character relationships is male and female. I want a writing partner that is willing to flesh out characters, subplots, and anything else the story might need. As far as genre, setting, and things of that nature, I am entirely open as to what our story is about.

    I've been writing for twelve years now and I absolutely love the thrill of a new story and character development that happens within. I've done everything from Ancient Greek mythology to modern/fantasy. I do love elements of fantasy or supernatural in my plots and don't really find interest in real life role plays. Please shoot me a message if you're interested in talking about any sort of plot. I tend to like dramatic and heavy plots filled with suspense, adventure, and a touch of romance.

    Currently my taste is something modern/fantasy/supernatural based and very gritty and dark. I have a few ideas regarding characters in such a world and would be happy to chat. However, I don't have to go with this and would be willing to hear your ideas!

    Let me know if you're interested!
  2. Very Interested
  3. Hey Erica,
    I've been away from Iwaku for a while but I miss forum RP. I've been working on a character in my head for a few years now, nothing too solid mind you, mostly some concepts I want to play with, namely telekinesis and an x-men like discovery of powers. That said, gritty modern/fantasy/supernatural sounds like an interesting combination that I'd also be interested in playing. If interested in RPing with me shoot me a PM
  4. Hmm... i have some story ideas I want to do. Maybe we can talk about it? :)
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