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  1. Hey everyone I am back once again :D though some might not even care and that's okay! Haha, well currently I am looking for someone to rp with, I would lover something with more action or even a bit of an adventure. I don't want to do just the day to day life. Sometimes that is fine, but I would love to do something more then that. Sadly I have no ideas at that moment, but if you do and have something you are dying to roleplay, send me a message. I will see if we can work it out or not :D

    Some things that I like:
    Modern Fantasy
    High School
    Boarding School​

    That is just a few things I enjoy, if you don't see anything on the list you can still pm me, and we can try and work something out, thanks!
  2. I got lots of ideas if you interested to take a look.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.