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    Hello! I'm looking for a RP partner to keep me distracted becausefinalsarekillingme !! Currently, I'm interested in modern genre; with some twist. The only thing I'm asking for is a slow burn and a good grasp on characterization and development and decent writing and you're able to write at least 2 or 3 paragraphs per post. If we have to; then you have to be O.K in doubling (But you don't need to worry too much about this).

    I love playing different kind of characters; flawed ones especially, and I will like to ask if you do the same. The "Pure Goodie-two-shoe" or "Overly-shy kid who could barely mutter a word or two" or "Emotionless kid that is way too OP and is incapable of feeling things" makes me yawn.

    I'm not interested in MxF, so if you're looking for that, this isn't the right thread!

    I don't really have a plot in mind right now, so any ideas are good to me right now ^-^.

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  2. hi!

    i've gone over your resume and your rules in this thread, and i'd say we might work pretty nicely together! you can bounce on over to my own resume if you're at all interested in knowing a little more about me as a role-player.

    i do have a multitude of ideas to share with you, so please feel absolutely free to message me whenever. (if i qualify for a good partner, of course.) i have some good modern fantasies, along with some low-to-high fantasy things and purely modern realistic things. it's pretty neat.

    but anyways, thanks a lot for reading! i hope you consider me. ( ^ ^)
  3. Hello :D

    I agree! I red your roleplay resume just now and I believe we share the same roleplay mindset! I'll message you at the moment and love to hear you ideas ~

    And thank you for replying to my thread :)
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